In a group home for needy people in the area of Gifhorn, in lower Saxony, have been asking residents for years sexually abused and mistreated. According to the Prosecutor Hildesheim from Friday, the couple, who supervised the group home sits, because of the allegations in pre-trial detention. The man should have needs in eleven cases, in child abuse, his wife is accused of the abuse of wards.

The investigation was triggered by information from the police and the public Prosecutor’s office in January by the display of a former resident of the group home. In search of evidence found as a data carrier, the suspicions against the couple. The couple led the group home for about 25 years. The police set up a special Commission. You should identify all of the earlier inhabitants of the group and ask.

police scandal of Lügde

Against 15 police officers from North Rhine-Westphalia was because of child porn and abuse

DPA victims identified were at the time still a child, age

It was not excluded that the investigation showed references to other crimes, said the Prosecutor’s office. The current standing in the room acts occurred, therefore, between 1998 and 2007. During the search of the store were seized media with a volume of more than 90 terabytes. The evaluation of all the evidence will likely take several months, it said.

for Further details, the investigators have not informed first. They referred to the reasoning on the age of the alleged victim. They were at the time predominantly at a young age.

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