“The numbers never, but now they are there,” said the jubilant Australian. For 30 years, he will buy every week a lottery ticket, games, each Time with the same Numbers. This week has paid off his decades-long passion, a way to make two Changes.

Because the man from Melbourne has twice won in the drawing of Oz Lotto in Australia. He had accidentally bought two tickets of the lottery, although on different days and places – but with identical Numbers. (Double) gain: a total of 46 million Australian dollars (about 29 million Euro).

a man from Australia was about 18,900 euros in Loose

“When we informed the winner on his huge prize, he was not aware that he had not only won Once but two Times” quoted the British “Guardian” a spokeswoman for the lottery company. The man had assumed that he had bought tickets for different lotteries.

What is it with the gain, instead, did not know of the Australians. “I’m thinking about to retire”, quoted by the “Guardian”. Prior to that, he was doing perhaps a holiday. What is certain is that The cost of his passion, the lottery has Enthusiast with his profit in any case. After 30 years, he should have invested some of 30,000 Australian dollars (about 18,900 euros) in the tip Notes, estimates that the lottery spokeswoman.

sources: The Guardian