Australia has stunning landscapes, exciting history and stunning beaches. In addition, each lot of cute creatures – Koalas, kangaroos, Quokkas. Unfortunately, quite a lot of unpleasant and dangerous animals: In Australia, the ten most poisonous snakes in the world live, in addition to sharks, jellyfish, and poisonous species of spiders. No wonder, therefore, if you do not react to the sight of a spider in the house especially left.

A man from Perth was understandably also a little excited, when he discovered a large spider in his living room. His reaction to the sight of a crawling beast out of the earth things that he truly couldn’t count.

passers-by stopped the whimpering Baby cries

Poisonous spider

Canadians will be bitten by a Black widow – the Doctors send him back home

Walker, who ran on this day by the road in front of his house, heard the screams, crying and a male voice that shouted repeatedly: “Why can’t you die?!” Concerned passers-by called the police and reported a loud crying Baby and an aggressive man who was probably voted violent. “The caller went to the house of the guardian and repeatedly heard a male voice ‘Why don’t’ you die. A Baby was inside screaming … the caller knows the residents personally, have seen them but occasionally go for a walk,” announced the police on Twitter.

The officials were hesitant at this worrying sign, not a long time, and stormed the said house. They feared bad scenes – a father doing this to his small child Bad. The image that presented itself to the police, however, was a completely different: The Baby slept peacefully in his room, while the trembling and father tried to kill in the living room is a large spider. The man was apparently more pronounced Arachnophobia.

“no one was hurt – except the spider”

Twenty minutes later, the officers reported via Twitter, an Update on the Situation: “The police officer spoke with all parties Involved and found that the husband was simply trying to kill a spider (he suffered from a serious spider fear). He apologized for the inconvenience he had caused to the police. No one was hurt – except the spider.” The report ends: “No further police action is necessary.”

source: The Guardian / Twitter


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