In the UK, has been sentenced a man to nine years in prison, after he had several times is his girlfriend, miss. The first Attack was carried out according to the British news site, “Metro” in April 2018. At the time, Danny beat B. his partner several times on the legs. The second attack followed in November 2018. “Trigger a Like for a Social Media contribution on the part of the wife was,” said a police spokesman on Monday.

The 35-Year-old had beaten up his girlfriend brutally, strangle her, and finally tried, her eyes squeezing, the judge said at the sentencing before the Canterbury Crown Court. To do this, he had used his thumb. The woman thought that her eyes would burst out. “She was so scared that she thought she would die,” said the judge.

Domestic violence

to protect yourself from the Ex, it brings its weapons to the police and is arrested

As he read the Details of the brutal Assaults, the defendant apparently no remorse. On the contrary: “I see that you smile when I repeat these facts again,” said the judge to the Bodybuilder looking. “You have shown no sympathy or empathy for those who are closest to you. They are selfish, angry and violent.”

excuses instead of repentance

According to the police, Danny B. didn’t beat up his girlfriend, but after the attack in his apartment held captive. “He said to her, you could not leave the apartment because she had visible injuries to the face,” said a police spokesman. The woman managed to inform a friend. This had finally alerted the police. The officials had to obtain by force access to the apartment of Danny B., reported the local news site, “Kent Live”. In court, he tried to talk yourself out eventually and claimed his girlfriend had fallen down.

According to the judgment of the investigator, Morgan Fitzpatrick said, according to the “Metro”: “I hope this sentence sends a clear message to the perpetrators: violent crime will not be tolerated. Victims should never be silent.” The police encourage all to be treated this way, to report.

sources: “Metro”, “Kent Live”