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One dead and six injured by gunfire on the island of Corsica (18.46 PM)report: German security agencies warn of Huawei (17.44 PM)Left castigates Venezuela line of the Federal government, (17.17 hours)Juncker: vote in London increased the risk of a hard Brexit (16.49 PM)Lost football star Sala: pillows from the aircraft in Normandy washed up (16.12 PM)

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+++ 19.46 p.m.: Several foreign journalists in Venezuela arrested +++

in the Midst of the government crisis in Venezuela, the country’s authorities have arrested two French journalists. The Reporter, Pierre Caillet and Baptiste of the Monstiers were arrested on Tuesday while filming the presidential Palace, said circles of diplomats. Also your producer in the South American country has since been detained by the police. The two Frenchmen worked for the transmitter TMC (Télé Monté Carlo).

had filmed The journalists held a rally for President Nicolás Maduro, said the Venezuelan journalists ‘ Union SNTP. There is, as yet, no contact with the detainees. Previously, two of Chile were taken according to the SNTP is already niche journalists and their Venezuelan companion, also at the presidential Palace. While the Venezuelan colleagues came after about twelve hours, were recorded both for the TVN work of Chilean, Rodrigo Pérez, and Gonzalo Barahona, for the time being. Later, it was the Chileans should be deported after 14 hours in the custody of Venezuela, such as the Chilean told the foreign Ministry that the arrests sharply criticized. You had been accused of having a “safety zone,” hurt said one of the Venezuelan companion to the broadcaster TVN.

+++ 19.24 clock: Thuringia makes the influence of Lobygruppen on laws to the public +++

Thuringia makes the influence of interest groups on the formation of laws to the public. The local Parliament has decided with the votes of the red-red-green coalition a law that writes the documentation of the emergence of the laws of participating organizations and individuals agreed with binding effect. The opposition factions of the CDU and the AfD, the bill was rejected.

the only organizations who participated with written comments – for example, in the case of hearings will bring Documented in the law drafting. A draft law originally intended provision, provides for administrative fines for breaches of the duty of Documentation, was left out in the version adopted. To access the Documentation requirement for laws, which according to the 1. March be on the way.

+++ 18.46 PM: One dead and six injured by gunfire on the French island of Corsica +++

On the French Mediterranean island of Corsica a man was shot on the open road and a people were killed and six others injured. The offender was holed up in a building in Bastia, in which he is living, said a spokesman of the Prefecture. According to information from police circles it is the Protect a convicted man in the sixties.

Among the wounded was also a police officer, informed the Prosecutor’s office in Bastia. Security forces were on the ground, the motives of the perpetrator were unclear at first. Gang crime or terrorism, were the investigators but first of all, it was from police circles

+++ 18.25 PM: Pence is traveling to the Munich security conference in Germany +++

US Vice-President Mike Pence will attend the Munich security conference. As the White house announced that he wants to keep it there is a speech, and in bilateral talks, among other things, the desire of the U.S. government for a fairer distribution of the burden within Nato.

Recently, it was considered unlikely that Pence will travel to the conference by the 15. to 17. February takes place at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof. He was already in 2017.

Before the security conference, will join Pence in Poland, at a controversial conference on the middle East, which is criticized by opponents as Anti-Iran Meeting. It is expected that several West Minister from the USA and Poland organized event of the European outdoor remote.

+++ 18.13 PM: President Maduro swears the soldiers to the defence of Venezuela, a +++

in the face of growing pressure from the U.S. government on Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro, the soldiers to the defence of the country is sworn in. “I call on the armed forces to a major military renewal, to ensure that the North-American imperialism has never set foot on our territory,” – said the head of state, during a troop visit. “We should use the opportunity presented by the Imperia list is of Aggression of the government of Donald Trump, to develop a higher consciousness and a clearer military leadership.”

In the power struggle between Maduro and the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó has put the U.S. government on the side of the opposition leader and sensitive sanctions against the socialist government in Caracas adopted. Maduro is afraid of a U.S. military intervention in the South American country. From Washington it was said: “All options are on the table.”

+++ 18.02 PM: man fires at passers-by – at least five injured in Corsica +++

A man has opened on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica fire on passers-by and at least five people injured. The shooter had holed up, then in his house in the port city of Bastia in the North-East of Corsica, the Prefecture said. A man was after the incident late Wednesday afternoon in a “worrying” condition.

According to information from the broadcaster, France 3, it should be in the Protect a 70-year-old man. On photos was to see how heavily armed security forces secured the area around the house where the man had holed up. The authorities asked residents to avoid the area.

+++ 17.44 PM: report: German security agencies warn of Huawei +++

In the debate over the use of Huawei technology, the 5G-structure, have warned the German security authorities, according to a media report before a deployment of the technique of the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer. The mobile radio network of the new Generation is part of the critical infrastructure that must be protected, reported the ARD-capital Studio, citing safety circuits.

The authorities were, therefore, in several confidential rounds bear in mind that in the Huawei technology, so-called “Backdoors” placed could be backdoors for espionage or sabotage purposes. Currently, there are keine references to “Backdoors”, these were, however, not exclude. Add to this that the risk with every Update, insist on a New one.

The former President of the Federal intelligence service (BND), Gerhard Schindler, told the ARD-capital Studio: “Who provides this technology is also able to intercept whatever communication, to educate. You can install security systems, you can minimize the risk, but the risk remains”.

+++ 17.17 PM: “crazy logic”: the Left castigates Venezuela line of the Federal government +++

The Left has accused the government, the conflict in Venezuela by the party of President Juan Guaidó fuel. The otherwise “completely position free” foreign Minister Heiko Maas was struck in the side “of the fascists Bolsonaro and the wall manufacturer Trump,” criticized the Parliamentary Secretary of the Left, Jan Korte, in a Current hour in the Bundestag. Maas and the rest of the Federal government to recognise as the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro and US President, Donald Trump Guai as interim President if the controversial state is not proclaiming new elections chief, Nicolás Maduro (56) to Sunday.

+++ 16.49 PM: Juncker: vote in London increased the risk of a hard Brexit +++

The risk of an unregulated British EU-exit has become in the view of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is greater: the vote of The British Parliament for re-negotiations with Brussels raise “the risk of a disorderly exit,” said Juncker before the European Parliament. Renegotiations Juncker rejected.

+++ 16.27 watch: Alleged crash of a football player Sala – machine-parts-discovered? +++

About a week after the Disappearance of the footballer Emiliano Sala in a flight over the English channel, equipment may have been found parts of the machine. On the beach of the French commune of Surtainville, on the Atlantic coast two seat cushion face had been flushed, which “belonged” to the business airplane of the type Piper Malibu, said the British air traffic authority of the AAIB.

The two pads were discovered on Monday, a first study has now been carried out. Sala and his Pilot since 22. January missing. During the flight across the English channel, the single-engine Propeller aircraft, with the 28-year-old from the French city of Nantes to Wales and Cardiff was flying disappeared from radar screens. Sala himself had expressed the evening in a voice message of concern, the plane could crash. He was after a million transfer on the way to his new club Cardiff City.

+++ 16.12 PM: Lost football star Sala: pillows from the aircraft in Normandy washed up +++

French search teams have discovered on a beach in Normandy cushions, which are probably from the crashed plane, with the of the football player Emiliano Sala to the UK, wanted to travel. The the BBC reported.

Sala and his Pilot missing since a week. During the flight across the English channel, the single-engine Propeller aircraft, with the 28-year-old from the French city of Nantes to Wales and Cardiff wanted to fly disappeared on Monday evening from the radar screens. Sala himself had expressed the evening in a voice message of concern, the plane could crash. He was after a million transfer on the way to his new club Cardiff City.

+++ 15.23 PM: Greenpeace warns of nuclear waste-the mountain +++

Greenpeace has warned of a world’s growing mountain of nuclear waste. It is a “global crisis” at the time of disposal, the threat of the environmentalists in Paris declared. According to a report by the Organisation of radioactive Material are piling up in the world, around 250,000 tons of high-without proper plans for disposal or storage. The majority is located in the cooling pond on the site of nuclear power stations in about 15 countries.

limits, therefore, among other things, the French nuclear waste reprocessing plant at La Hague on the English channel. Greenpeace had flown over the site last week, with drones, and a smoke bomb ignited, in order to make on the lack of protection of the cooling pool’s attention.

a Massive problem there is also in the United States, says the report, which looks at the Situation in seven countries, including Japan and the United Kingdom. In U.S. nuclear power plants three to four Times outsourced “so many used fuel rods as originally planned”.

For the highly-beam nuclear waste it’ll give more “, in no country in the world has a solution,” stressed the authors. “Nuclear power without a solution for the waste is like a plane without a runway,” said Greenpeace expert Yannick Rousselet.

+++ 15.14 at: Ghosn suspected conspiracy behind his arrest, + + +

The former Renault boss Carlos Ghosn sees against him into allegations of criminal misconduct as part of a plot by his rivals. Some people have shown his strong leadership as a dictatorship, to get rid of him, said Ghosn in an Interview with the economic newspaper “Nikkei”. With his departure, you have to have a closer interweaving of the French car manufacturer Renault, with its two Japanese partners Nissan and Mitsubishi to prevent.

The plans he had discussed with Nissan President Hiroto Saikawa in September, Ghosn. According to the sheet it was at the interview in a prison in Tokyo to have the first Interview with Ghosn since his arrest.

+++ 15.05 PM: the Federal government is against renegotiation of the Brexit agreement +++

The Federal government claims the British government refuses to negotiate again about the Brexit Treaty. “The Opening of the withdrawal agreement is not on the agenda,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert in Berlin. The European Union had issued demands for renegotiations on the eve of a rebuff.

“welcomes The Federal government that the UK has made under the house to want the EU without an exit agreement to leave. This is, in fact, long been our Conviction,” said Seibert. We have also taken note of the need to house more clarity about the future handling of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is now the Prime Minister, Theresa May, the EU negotiators in Brussels “concrete explanations”.

+++ 14.35 PM: process against the alleged crown jewels thief in Sweden has begun +++

A young Swede needs to answer today because of the theft of historical jewels in the crown of a Cathedral before the court. The court process against the 22-year-old defendant began in the district court of Eskilstuna. Attorney Reena Devgun said, according to the television station SVT that they had found traces of blood in the Cathedral, which belonged to the man. Defender Johan Eriksson, announced that his client will make a statement. The 22-Year-old denies the charges.

Brazen thieves steal Swedish crown jewels from the Cathedral


The Swede had been arrested in September 2018 by the police. He is accused in the indictment to have at the end of July, together with another man three items from the Cathedral of Strängnäs, West of Stockholm stolen: the crown and the Orb of in 1611, died Charles IX. of Sweden, as well as the crown of his 1625 deceased wife, Queen Christine of Holstein-Gottorp. The crown jewels are still missing. Do you have an estimate of 65 million Swedish crowns (EUR 6.3 million).

+++ 14.33 PM: Taliban gain more control in Afghanistan +++

In Afghanistan, the radical Islamic Taliban have expanded their influence and their territory, apparently. Between July and October 2018, the Afghan government had lost at least seven of the more than 400 districts to the insurgents, it said in a report by the special inspector of the U.S. Senate for the reconstruction of Afghanistan (Sigar). The government had to Say, therefore, in 53.8 percent of the districts, the Taliban controlled at least 12 percent. The remaining areas were considered in October 2018 as competitive. The Sigar report, according to the Afghan troops has shrunk thickness: 308.700 soldiers were still in use, which was the lowest level since 2015. According to the Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani, were killed in 2014, at least 45,000 Afghan security forces.

Currently, the USA are in negotiations with the Taliban. Amongst other things, to a withdrawal of international troops, a cease-fire and the question of how to prevent that Afghanistan is a safe haven for terrorists.

+++ 13.55 PM: the fisherman at the human host on La Réunion fatal +++

injured A fisherman has been killed in an estuary on the French island of La Réunion in the Indian ocean by a shark. The predator had attacked the 41-Year-old in the Morning, as he stood in the water, informed the authorities. Rescue workers could not revive the man, he died of his serious injuries. The accident occurred at Sainte Rose on the Rivière de l’Est, a river on the East coast of the island.

in Front of La Réunion, it always comes back to deadly Haiangriffen, most of the victims are surfers and other water sports. The authorities had therefore taken 2013 precautions and prohibited areas.

+++ 13.49 PM: hatch calls for Monitoring of his Ex-party AfD +++

AfD-founder Bernd Lucke calls the party by the protection of the Constitution. “There are people and organizations in the AfD, whose loyalty to the Constitution can doubt,” he told the weekly newspaper “die Zeit”. Lucke called the AfD “a latent xenophobic, German nationalist party with right-wing pockets”. Therefore, the domestic to watch the secret service, parts of the AfD “rather than the pins, perhaps to disaster.” Again he would not.

His greatest error was to have the former AfD leader Frauke Petry familiar. “I knew you hardly, but she was committed, intelligent and presentable. That’s why I promoted you.” In a vote they had taken from him in 2015, the party Chairman, whereupon he left the AfD and the party Alfa founded. Since November of 2016 Luckes party Liberal-Conservative reformers (LKR).

Legal action

Why “network policy”, the AfD-threatening opinion published has and what the party

says The Portal “” published by the protection of the Constitution report to the AfD in its entire length. The party wants to file a report, the Federal government also is considering legal action. The editorial counters with a left.

By Daniel Wüstenberg +++ 13.38 PM: “Gorch Fock” is to be made in between step floatable +++

the rehabilitation of The ailing “Gorch Fock” is to be continued until the sail school ship of the German armed forces back in the water. A corresponding decision was confirmed by the CDU-defense politicians Ingo Gädechens in Berlin on the edge of the defense Committee. The ship will be renovated by the Elsflether Werft shipyard in a Dock in Bremerhaven. An explosion in Costs and the allegations of corruption are a burden on the project.

refurbishment or scrapping?

costs out of control, ran crisis summit decides on the fate of the “Gorch Fock”

fateful day for the “Gorch Fock”: The cost of renovation of the three masters are completely out of control. Instead of ten million, the repair will cost 135 million euros. A crisis summit in Berlin to decide the fate of the tradition of swift.


In the Ministry of defence has been decided to make the ship buoyant. The remediation should only be completed if there are reliable Promises of a maximum price of 135 million euros. The renovation had been started with a cost of just under ten million. Meanwhile, almost 70 million euros were spent. In order to make the ship buoyant, will rise the cost of 80 million euros.

+++ 13.24 PM: Life imprisonment for the fatal head shot at Ex-partner +++

For a fatal head shot to his Ex-girlfriend in front of the eyes of the four children of a 38-must-Year-old to prison for life. The regional court of Braunschweig sentenced him for murder and dangerous bodily injury. The man from Westerkappeln, North Rhine-Westphalia is said to have shot and killed in may of 2018, his former partner in Salzgitter, after they had gotten the custody of the children and him only a right of access had been given. The 30-Year-old died at the scene. Her sister survived a shot in the hip, another projectile missed the head of the grandfather, almost. The shooter and his victims came from Kosovo.

+++ 13.05 PM: fire powered cat with oxygen +++

firefighters in Düsseldorf have saved in case of a fire, a cat, and then supplied with oxygen. Passers-by noticed the fire in a top floor apartment and chose the emergency call, the fire Department reported. The use of forces brought the flames under control quickly. People were not in the fire on Tuesday evening in the apartment. Only the cat was hiding, according to the fire scared in a corner. The rescuers brought the animal into the open and after the initial supply of oxygen in a veterinary clinic.

+++ 12.54 PM: plane defect: Steinmeier’s return flight from Ethiopia is delayed +++

Because of a defect in the government’s pilot of the “Theodor Heuss” Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier will fly back as planned from Ethiopia to Berlin. The technical Problem of the A 340 will work with high pressure, it said in Addis Ababa. Originally the flight was supposed to start at 12.50 PM (CET). From the office of the President, it was said, in the case of the Defect if it were an “air problem” that could be resolved at the airport of Addis Ababa.

The 55-person Delegation, which Steinmeier since Sunday was accompanied, initially, in the Hotel. Steinmeier was already sat in 2014 as foreign Minister because of a defect in the aircraft for hours in Ethiopia. The government plane, the German armed forces had made in recent months by numerous Defects of the headlines.

+++ 12.27 PM: Conte: migrants from ship “Sea-Watch” can soon get off +++

The migrants on Board the blocked rescue ship, the German aid organization, the Sea-Watch may after almost two weeks on Land. Seven EU countries had agreed to the inclusion of migrants willing to, said Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. In the next few hours could begin the Disembarkation of the migrants. Germany also wants to take Refugees from the ship.

The “Sea-Watch 3” had 47 immigrants in the 19th century. January Libya. It was several days before the Sicilian coast, in front of the anchor, but couldn’t enter the port. Italy throbs for a long time on an equitable distribution of migrants to other EU States.

+++ 12.18 PM: Less birds in your garden +++

In Germany, gardens in Winter, fewer birds than in the past. Friends of nature included in the nature protection Federation of Germany organized the action “hour of the winter birds,” less Tits and blackbirds, as Nabu told. The Top five of the observed winter birds were passerine, the great tit, tree Sparrow, blue tit and Blackbird.

The total number of pro garden reported birds was 37.1 under the long-term average. Only in 2017, the number of 34.4 was even lower. In 2011, almost 46 birds per garden were reported. “The reason for this significant negative Trend, especially in the mild winters,” said Nabu CEO Leif Miller. There are less birds coming into the gardens, because they were in snow-free forests still enough to Eat. It must, however, be carefully observed, whether there is an actual decline in the number of birds.

+++ 12.07 PM: the fleeing motorist crashes right in the middle of Hamburg with a tanker truck along +++

On the run from the police, a drunk driver is thrust in the middle of the city area of Hamburg with a tank truck. The 28-Year-old was injured in the night, the officials said. The Truck had luckily been only slightly damaged, the Tank remained intact. Previously had already a COP with a jump in front of the escape vehicle in safety. The official was injured slightly in the Hand.

The motorists had withdrawn in the St. Pauli entertainment district, a traffic control and was followed by several patrol cars. He ran several red lights. In addition, he lost even the control of his car and fell on the sidewalk, the police announced. Finally, it came in the district of Altona to the collision with the tanker. Officers brought the refugees to the hospital. An alcohol test revealed a 1.41 per thousand. In addition, the suspicion of drug use existed. The driver of the Truck was uninjured.

+++ 12.06 PM: the court holds family for “insult-free” Zone +++

In the family circle, should fall in the case of dispute, fierce words, without one of the Involved legal consequences to fear. With this justification of the family as an “insult-free sphere” has been rejected by the higher regional court in Frankfurt claim of a husband against his mother-in-law. The man had demanded that his mother-in-law could no longer claim in front of other family members that he is his son miss, said a court spokeswoman.

Ahead, a violent marital dispute in year 2016. At that time, the wife of the plaintiff, their mother had a cell phone-Video to storage, to which the man should have his son pushing him to move faster. This was not then only a criminal complaint against the son-in-law, but sent the “history of abuse” to her own mother and her sister. The man wanted to assert before the court that the mother-in-law is not allowed to repeat these allegations any longer. As before, the land court is also the court of appeal considered the closest family circle as a “personal space” in which to speak freely. Therefore, Comments that could be classified outside the framework as defamatory would be protected.

+++ 12.04 PM: government growth reduces forecast Altmaier, head of the relief +++

calls for The Federal government expects this year with a significantly weaker economic growth in Germany. Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said in Berlin, against the wind. He cited reasons such as the unclear situation with the Brexit, and trade conflicts. The CDU-politician said, the most important thing was to improve the framework conditions for the success and competitiveness of Germany. A relief of workers and companies belong to.

Although the German economy is the tenth year in a row, on a course of growth, so Altmaier. The Federal government is expected for 2019, but only an increase in the gross domestic product of 1.0 per cent. In its autumn forecast, the government had assumed an increase of 1.8 percent. In the total year 2018, Europe’s largest economy had risen, according to a first estimate from the Federal statistical office, by 1.5 percent, respectively, compared to 2.2 percent in the previous two years.

+++ 11.42 PM: a 21-fold murder trial: tenant admits Cause of the Explosion +++

After the devastating Explosion and the collapse of a residential building in Wuppertal, one of the tenants has confessed to the crime. He had to kill, and the gas line open, said the 54-Year-old during the trial. He is accused of 21 counts of murder attempt. “I ask all residents to forgive me. I know that I carry the responsibility. I didn’t want that.”

The force of the Explosion had hurled a resident on the street. He hovered in mortal danger, and care is since been the case. The prosecution accuses the defendant, to have the Explosion insidious and dangerous to the public causing. A total of approximately 30 people, including small children and teenagers, had in the night of the 24. June 2018, at a stroke your home is lost.

+++ 11.38 am: Maas does not want to allow Isolation of Ireland to the Brexit +++

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas has been in the Brexit debate clearly behind Ireland. In the question of the future of border control “in Germany and the whole of the Union on Ireland’s side,” said the SPD politician of the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “We will not allow, that Ireland is isolated in this matter.” Maas stressed: “We are ready for talks.” The Position of the Federal government was clear: “The exit contract is the best and only solution for an orderly exit.”

The British house of Commons yesterday voted evening for renegotiations to the exit agreement with the EU and at the same time against a tough Brexit turned. 317 members voted to replace the so-called Backstop-a scheme for Northern Ireland in the Treaty. This is the catch-all solution for the future frontier between the British province of Northern Ireland and Ireland. According to her, the UK would remain without a follow-up agreement in a customs Union with the EU.

Brexit-Chaos in the house

backward roll, or the contortions of Theresa May

The British Prime Minister suddenly wants to trade with the EU-Brexit Deal post. Everything to zero. It is a politically easy by transparent maneuvers.

By Michael Streck +++ 11.33 PM: a number of field and meadow birds decreases dramatically +++

The number of field and meadow birds in Europe has declined, according to a recent study in the last decades dramatically. The stock declined from the beginning of the censuses from 1980 to 2016 and 57 percent, such as from data of the European bird monitoring programme PECBMS wide. Of the decline of the lapwing, and the gold Bunting, a typical inhabitant of the fields with arable and grassland were affected, for example.

As the main reason for the development of Petr Vorisek, who is involved in the project, the intensification of agriculture. “You should agri-align subsidies so that a close-to-nature agriculture will be promoted,” said the zoologist from the Czech Ornitologi society on Wednesday. In addition, the effects of climate change are becoming more noticeable.

+++ 11.30: defenders of “El Chapo” interrogate the only witness in only 30 minutes +++

In the process against the Mexican drug boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán have begun its lawyers in New York, with its witness interviews and were after a half-hour. Her only witness to the FBI official, Paul Roberts, who was interrogated in February of 2017, one of guzmán’s cocaine suppliers, testified against his former Boss. Guzmán’s defenders tried to shake the credibility of the drug dealer – with the help of Roberts, the had made during the interrogation notes. The lawyers argued that parts of Cifuentes’ testimony not based on its memories, but on investigation files, the U.S. government, which were to him by a corrupt U.S. Navy officer. In her cross-examination disagreed with the prosecutors. Roberts, the Translator or Cifuentes himself had made a mistake, in the case of the alleged US Navy officer, it is acted in fact of a Colombian

Guzmán must answer in New York, among other things, for drug-smuggling, arms trafficking and money laundering, and with a life-long prison sentence.

trial of drugs Baron

Ex-Bodyguard grabs: El Chapo killed at least three times, even – in the most gruesome way

A former bodyguard of El Chapos has the defendant’s drug Baron in the process in New York. He was a witness to three murders of his Ex-boss, and he described the gruesome details.

By Daniel Wüstenberg +++ 11.30 am: Three men have 23 children on the campsite, miss +++

On a campsite in Lügde in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the district of Lippe to need three men, 23 children sexual abuse and child pornographic have made. It’s going to be more than 1000 individual actions, said the head of the Commission of Investigation Camping, Gunnar White, in Detmold, Germany. The victims were 4 to 13 years old. The three Suspects – 56, 48 and 33 years old – are in custody. Several media had previously reported about it.


Three men arrested

child abuse on the campsite: investigators speak of more than 1000 actions

The case of year-long child abuse at a campsite in North Rhine-Westphalia huge dimensions. About 23 children are likely to be affected, according to investigators. The most important facts from the press conference to Read in the star-Liveblog.

+++ 10.58 PM: poachers steal little penguins in new Zealand +++

In new Zealand have stolen the Unknown last week, three little penguins from their Nest in the vicinity of Napier, a city on the North island of the Pacific state. One of the animals – with a size of not more than 30 centimeters, and the smallest penguins in the world – was found a few hours later dead, such as the national nature conservation authority announced today. Of the other two, each track is missing. The thieves – believed to be two men and a woman – used her act of a crowbar. One of the animals was slain, according to the authority. The other two wrapped the offenders in towels and drove them away. It is suspected that the animals should be brought out of the country.

little penguins are protected in new Zealand strictly. The thieves threaten to, if you are caught, up to two years in prison and up to 100,000 new Zealand dollars (the equivalent of about 60,000 euros). Dwarf penguins and more hard-to-be usually as a Kilo of. The animals are active at night. Their nests they build in the vicinity of the coast, like in the bushes or between rocks. Among their natural enemies, sharks and sea lions

+++ 10.54 am: a wife and four children in India because of alleged witchcraft + + + killed

In an Indian village woman and her four children were murdered with machetes – because the perpetrators were the mother to be a witch. Six men had been detained and had confessed to the crime, informed the police in the East Indian state of Odisha. Background the death of a twelve-year-old, who had died of a disease was reported. A medicine man who had treated the child, said the family, therefore, a 30-year-old resident of the village had occupied the girl with a curse. Then verschleppten, according to police, the father and the uncle of the dead twelve the woman and her kids-year at the age of one to ten years. Their bodies were discovered last weekend in a fountain in the vicinity of your house. Among the arrested is also the medicine man.

Every year, according to official Figures, more than 100 murders in India for alleged witchcraft. In several States, including Odisha (formerly Orissa), there are laws against witch-hunting.

+++ 10.52 PM: 15-Year-old panic +++

triggers with firecrackers explosion in the bus, A 15-Year-old has detonated in a bus in Bergisch Gladbach, near Cologne, a new year’s eve fireworks and, thus, a panic is triggered. The police announced, occurred the incident, already a week and a half at the bus station of the North Rhine-Westphalian city. Due to the Detonation of the bus driver slating accordingly, although the steering Wheel and was briefly shocked, but was able to stop the Bus safely. After the doors were opened, fled to the passengers in a panic. Several older people have complained of shortness of breath, a youth ran away crying.

investigators are now looking for Victim to the fact that the state of the 15-Year-old now remorseful in the police. Against the young people being investigated for assault, breach of the explosives act and dangerous interference in road traffic.

+++ 10.48 PM: Turkish justice shall arrest warrants against dozens of pilots +++

The Turkish public Prosecutor has issued arrest warrants against dozens of pilots who are suspected of membership of banned Gülen movement. As the Prosecutor’s office in Ankara announced that they have a total of arrest warrants against 63 Suspects, including 46 helicopter pilots in active service, two former pilots and 15 civilians. The police fahnde currently, according to the Suspect.

Enes Kanter

the fear of death and repudiation: The history of the NBA Stars who turned against Erdogan

Enes Kanter is one of currently five Turkish basketball players in the NBA. In his homeland he is still an Outcast, because he is against Erdogan. That is why his family wants to know nothing more of him. Now he even has the fear of death.

The government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the movement of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen accuses the government moves and to be behind the attempted military coup of July 2016. Since then, tens of thousands of alleged Gülen were taken the trailer out of the military, the police, the judiciary and the administration in a fixed or dismissed. There are still almost weekly raids against the religious brotherhood.

+++ 10.40 am: Due to terrorist suspicions: searches also in Ludwigslust +++

The terrorist investigations against three suspected Islamists from Iraq, the Holstein in the Schleswig-rich neighbouring state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. According to information from the German press Agency, is also the apartment of a man in Ludwigslust was searched in the Morning. The Person in question does not apply so far as a suspect, have probably been in contact with at least one of those arrested, it said.

I have Heard that the special forces of the Federal police and the Federal criminal police office were assisted in the use in Ludwigslust also of forces of the national police. There are about 20 civil servants should be from the North East have been involved. Also in Baden-Württemberg, there were in connection with the case of house searches. The three men from Iraq are, according to the Federal Prosecutor’s office on suspicion of a terrorist attack being planned in Germany.

+++ 10.36 PM: Cabinet brings Bafög-Reform +++

students and students from poorer families to receive more in the future Bafög. This provides for a draft law to the Cabinet on the way. In addition to an increase in the flow rates should be also the circle of Bafög-recipients is larger. The Federal government wants to spend up to the year 2022, a total of 1.8 billion Euro. The number of Bafög-recipients has been falling for years. In 2017, the state training float aid only to some of 557,000 students and approximately 225,000 students. This negative trend wants to reverse the government now. The Opposition, however, has serious doubts that this is possible with the new Bafög-Reform.

+++ 10 am: U-the Committee on the consultant affair in the Ministry of defence comes +++

The adviser affair in the Ministry of defence is the subject of the investigation Committee of the Bundestag. The establishment of the panel, it was decided with the votes of the Opposition in the defence Committee, the news Agency AFP learned from opposition circles. The representatives of the Grand coalition abstained.

The Committee of inquiry to investigate the question of how it came to the irregularities in the award of consultant contracts in the Ministry of defence. There million dollar contracts in circumvention of the procurement should have been awarded the right, even the accusation of nepotism is in the room.

+++ 9.38 am: 23 years after the children’s murder arrest police Suspect +++

Approximately 23 years after the murder of a ten-year-old the police have taken a Suspect. The man was yesterday in Saxony, arrested, informed the police now. He should still be brought before a judge. The 76-Year-old was strongly suspected to have in August 1996, in Jena, the then ten-year-old Ramona Kraus close to a shopping centre and at an unknown location, killed and raised. About a year and a half later, a hunter discovered in Treffurt the school bag of the child. A few days later, body parts were found.

To the attention of the investigators, the man was caught thanks to the work of the so-called Soko old cases to the state police inspection in Jena, Germany. This has been explained to others many years back killing crime.

+++ 9.02 PM: the Netherlands, approximately 600 children of asylum – + + +

After years of futile asylum procedures can now stay around 600 children and their families in the Netherlands. The coalition was agreed on in the night in The Hague after a long controversy to an exception for minors for rejected asylum seekers. After that, children and young people living for years in the Netherlands and here at home have not be deported, longer. You get a permanent residence permit, even if you are not entitled to asylum. With the compromise, the four coalition parties had prevented a crisis for the government.

The now approved derogation according to government estimates, approximately 630 children and their families. Their asylum applications had been rejected after a year-long process.

+++ 8.52 PM: special forces take three terror verdächtiin the Schleswig-Holstein festival +++

The police in the Morning three men in Dithmarschen in Schleswig-Holstein because of terrorist suspicion. It is, according to the Federal Prosecutor in Karlsruhe to Iraqis between the ages of 23 and 36 years.

had Previously reported the “mirror”, the refugees would have to be downloaded according to the findings of the investigators already has a bomb building instructions on the Internet and started to gain from new year’s eve rockets, black powder. In addition, they would have ordered an igniter in the UK. Specifically, one of the Suspects is said to have expressed to want as many “non-believers, but not children”.

+++ 8.43 PM: “Empire”Star Jussie Smollett is the victim of a beating attack +++

The American actor Jussie Smollett, who plays in the series “Empire” is at night, beaten by strangers in the street and insulted. “We take the investigation very seriously, and expect a possible hate crime,” police said in Chicago, according to US media. The two attackers would have offended the 36-Year-old racist and homophobic, an unknown chemical substance on him poured, and a rope around his neck tied. According to the “” shouted the Slogan of US President Donald Trump, “Make America Great Again”.

Smollett in a hospital. He was shocked and angry that such a thing could happen, he told CNN. The American broadcaster Fox, which broadcasts the series, responded affected. Producer Lee Daniels said in an Instagram- +++ 8.05 watch: consumer sentiment, to the beginning of the year awarded +++

consumers in Germany are still in a buying mood. They anticipate further increases in income and want to spend therefore much money as the market research Institute GfK said. The economy do you see as the economic researchers and the government, but in the downturn. The determined by the GfK consumer climate for February rose to 10.8 points.

The personal income expectations continue to be determined by the continuing good situation on the labour market. The high and still growing level of employment in connection with the shortage of skilled workers in a number of industries, the bargaining power position of workers in Collective bargaining, said the GfK. And by rising wages, the retirees whose pensions are indexed to wages growth.

+++ 7.24 PM: Arctic cold covering the Midwest of the USA +++

the Arctic cold across parts of the United States: The National weather service of the country, has announced for today, “one of the coldest Arctic air masses, since a younger tribute.” In nearly a dozen States from North Dakota to Ohio, the coldest temperatures are expected for a Generation. In the third largest US city of Chicago it’s supposed to be colder than Parts of Antarctica. Millions of US citizens were warned of the dangerous sub-zero temperatures that could fall in the Midwest of the USA to minus 23 to minus 40 degrees Celsius. For a Region in the state of Minnesota was announced due to cold winds, a wind chill cold of up to minus 54 degrees Celsius.

the reason for the cold wave is a vortex of Arctic air, detached from the usually to the North pole in a circular vortex of air. Companies instructed their employees to stay at home, many schools remain closed. Hundreds of flights were canceled In Atlanta in the southeastern state of Georgia about 300 flights were canceled in Chicago and more than 400 flights. Also on the canadian Toronto airport, 200 flights were canceled.

+++ 7.20 PM: Andreas Gabalier: “I guess I’m some down-to-earth” +++

The folk musician Andreas Gabalier is to get to the Karl-Valentin-Orden, and of the criticism of it unimpressed. “If a pair is Individual upset, the don’t know me personally at all, not itchy then at me,” said the Austrian singer (“Hulapalu”) the “image”-newspaper. The medal is awarded annually by the Munich carnival society responsible for designing in memory of the comedian Valentin (1882-1948). Gabalier should receive it on Saturday.

The Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäum criticized the socio-political stance of the folk musician. This is right-wing, populist, clearly a homophobe and a misogynist. “I guess I’m some down-to-earth, but I’m not going to change for these people,” said the 34-Year-old. “A couple of naysayers, I leave my success story is not broken talk.” He did not expect more respect, on the allegations but more. Also, Alt-Rock-‘n’-Roller Peter Kraus (79), to present the award on Saturday, defended Gabalier. “I know Andreas as a nice, polite and respectful colleagues,” he said to the blade.

+++ 6:53 PM: Heavy Smog brings Bangkok’s pupils days out of school for a +++

Due to the constant smog of Bangkok, many students in the Thai capital next week for school. The city Council ordered the teaching of more than 400 public schools, is terminated with immediate effect due to the air pollution. Affected tens of thousands of students.

Bangkok, more than eight million inhabitants suffering since the beginning of the year, extremely bad air. The so-called air quality index is crossing the mark of 150. From this point on, the Outdoors is considered to be “unhealthy”. Currently, the value of which is at 183. Meanwhile, Thailand’s capital is one of the ten cities with the world’s worst air.

+++ 5:45 PM: Thai Student falls in search of cell phone Signal death +++

In search of a better mobile phone Signal is down, a Thai Student to death. The 21-Year-old fell during a Online game with friends in the capital city of Bangkok from the balcony of a hotel, the police announced. The Student had come to Bangkok to participate in a tournament of the popular Online game “Arena of Valor” (“Arena of Valor”). In the Hotel he wanted to play yesterday evening for a round with friends. According to their statements, he went out on the balcony, because the Smartphone only had bad reception.

Suddenly, moving in the Online game his character at all. When the friends returned, they discovered that the 21-Year-old from the balcony was plunged into the depths. His cell phone lay beside him. The Student came from the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Notes on a suicide, there is, according to the police, no.

+++ 5:05 p.m.: More than half of tested satchel fall through +++

Poor testimonials for a lot of satchel: an investigation of the Stiftung Warentest are twelve of 22 satchel. The reason is the lack of optical warning effect when the Majority of the models, such as the tester said. Only eight models were performed with “good” – these satchels for 219 to 250 euros are visually striking and convincing in daily use.


founder Sven-Oliver Pink

How Ergobag the satchels re-invented – and an industry-changing moment

So that children on the way to school to see well, would have to Shine your satchel garish, warned the auditor, with a view to the results of the study, published in the new issue of the magazine “test”. Just school, beginners were often right, and ran suddenly into the street. Currently, the standard of the Foundation allows only yellow and orange-colored signal areas were test according to. These colors glow even in the daytime, especially bright by the human eye faster than others.

+++ 4:34 PM: the extreme Right met on several occasions to the shooting training abroad +++

the German right-wing extremists have taken in the last few years to shooting training in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. The response of the Federal government to a Minor Interpellation of the left party in the Bundestag. It is stated that the Czech authorities had forwarded to the Federal criminal police office (BKA) in June of 2018, “a collection through visits of German nationals in the Czech Republic”. To the right-wing extremists guestbook entries of various shooting ranges have been named””.

According to the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, the Federal police had on may 24. September 2017 with the special forces, the GSG 9 cars of members of the neo-Nazi group “Combat 18” Germany after the entry of the Czech Republic, searched and “a small quantity of ammunition” were seized. As is clear from the answer, know the Federal government out of a total of twelve Shooting of right-wing extremists in other European countries since the 8. December 2015. In Germany, the security received to authorities since the 9. November 2017 Wind of a total of five Meetings of right-wing extremists, the shooting exercises. The “vast majority” of this had been carried out under instructions in dealing with firearms on a publicly-accessible shooting facilities in Germany and in other European countries.

+++ 4:24 p.m.: animal names children’s names are always similar +++

The most popular dog names in the year 2018 is also in the favor of young parents, at the very top – this is especially true for the female form. As the pet register, told Tasso, Luna, Bella and Emma, the rankings for females. In cats, Lilly/Lilli, Luna and Lucy are the most popular. The most popular Name for male puppies Balu/Balou sounds more like an animal, however, Bruno and Max find themselves in the Top Ten of the males. Background could be, that Pets are now seen as full-fledged members of the family. According to a study by the Veterinary University of Hanover the half of the pet owners referred almost your four-legged friend as a “child-substitute”.

The Hobby-name researcher Knud Bielefeld observed at the same time, that of parents for their offspring more and more frequently choose names that are also suitable for dogs or cats. “Children’s names are now much shorter than in the past and always sound lalliger,” he said.

name meaning: These 10 children’s names fit strong girls Fullscreen

Hermine (Mimi)

Hermione, an old high Name, which is often used in its short form, Mimi is. Hermione is derived from Hermann, and means “the fighter”.

© +++ 4 watch: Gwyneth Paltrow of skiers million in compensation sued +++

US actress Gwyneth Paltrow (“Iron Man”) has been sued by a skier in the U.S. state of Utah on a million in compensation. The 46-Year-old was on a slope in Park City “out of control” skiing and got him hurt in a collision, the plaintiff – a physician – in the court documents claim, according to US media reports.

Paltrow was also after the alleged Crash and have committed to “accident escape,” he quoted the US magazine “People” of the writ. In the case of the incident in February 2016 that he had suffered a brain injury, the man claims. He is demanding that the Oscar winner (“Shakespeare in Love”), a compensation of more than three million US dollars. Paltrow’s spokesman for the team denied the allegations, according to the “”. The suit is “completely unfounded”, it said in a statement.

+++ 2:45 PM, US soul singer James Ingram the age of 66 has died +++

The American soul singer and Songwriter James Ingram is dead. Actress and singer Debbie Allen, a longtime acquaintance and colleague, confirmed Ingram’s death, the US broadcaster CNN. You’ve lost your “best friend and creative Partner,” wrote Allen on Twitter. The two-time Grammy award winner was 66 years old.

Ingram’s “strong voice and his masterful compositions” have dominated the music scene, it said in a communication to the “Recording Academy”, which annually presents the Grammy awards. The coveted music awards had won Ingram in the 1980s for the R&B Song “One Hundred Ways” and “Yah Mo B There”duet with Michael McDonald. He was a total of 14 Times for a Grammy nominated. Further Hits took Ingram with Patti Austin (Baby, Come to Me) and Linda Ronstadt (Somewhere Out There). He also worked with music greats such as Ray Charles, Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.

+++ 2:21 am: USA first asylum seekers from Central America back to Mexico +++

The United States have begun, Central American asylum seekers in anticipation of their US-to send court dates back to Mexico. Thus, an arrangement of a President Donald Trump will be implemented, such as the U.S. Embassy in Mexico confirmed town. On the Mexican border arrived asylum seekers from Central America, not to remain for the duration of the asylum procedure in the United States. The US government argues that 90 per cent of asylum applications were ultimately rejected by judges. Many asylum seekers would, however, diving during the procedure in the United States and not to the court date to appear.

most migrants come from the violence and poverty-plagued countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, and get over the Mexican border into the United States. The Return of refugees is encountered in the United States to sharp criticism. Activists argue that in the uncertain Mexican border region, the refugees had been tortured, raped and murdered. Also, Mexico’s government has criticized the actions of the United States, granted for humanitarian reasons, temporary visas for asylum seekers.

+++ 1:07 p.m.: Each third, unemployment benefits for a full meal +++

that seems to be lacking, Almost a third of the unemployed in Germany, according to the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”, to be able to not regularly a full-fledged meal. According to have expressed in an EU survey, 30.3 percent of the German unemployed. In addition, a third of all citizens over the age of 16 in Germany (30.4 percent) had not seen during the survey in 2017, will be able to manage unexpected expenses in the amount of 1000 euros from its own financial resources, such as a car repair or a new washing machine. Almost 16 percent of all households lacked, therefore, claims to money, to drive a year for a week in the holidays. This proportion has fallen according to the report, in the past few years. In 2014, he was over 21 percent.

The Figures come from the EU database, SILC, has evaluated the Federal Statistical office at the request of the left party, and based on the self-assessment of the households surveyed.

+++ 0:39 PM: number of dead after dam bursts in Brazil rise to 84 +++

After the dam break at an iron ore mine in Brazil, the number of confirmed deaths has risen to 84. 276 other people were still missing, the civil protection authority said. The number of dead is expected to rise accordingly. “The Chance to find Survivors is very low,” said fire Department spokesman Pedro Aihara the news portal G1. The last Survivors had been recovered on Saturday morning.

Deadly mud avalanche

dam break in Brazil: police two employees of the German Tüv Süd takes


The dam at the Mine Córrego do Feijão, the Brazilian mining group Vale, was broken on Friday. A mudslide had rolled through parts of the facility and adjacent settlements near the town of Brumadinho in the state of Minas Gerais and had buried people, houses and animals. Yesterday, the police arrested five Suspects, including two engineers from the Tüv Süd. The Munich-based company had pools in the past year, the dam of the restraint is reviewed twice.

+++ 0:28 PM: Venezuela’s Supreme court barrier against Guaidó +++

Venezuela’s Supreme court imposed a Departure, a departure barrier against the self-proclaimed transitional President Juan Guaidó has imposed. The court froze the accounts of the opposition of Parliament President, as President of the court Maikel Moreno said. Against Guaidó’ll be determined, because he had ripped illegally, the office of head of state, Nicolás Maduro. The court followed with its decision, a request of the Venezuelan attorney-General Tarek William Saab.

In Venezuela, a power raging battle between the head of state, Maduro and Guaidó, had declared last Wednesday to interim President. The United States and several other countries recognized Guaidó. Russia and China support continue to Maduro. The President can rely so far on the support of the army and the judiciary. Attorney General Saab is a trailer Maduros. Also, the Supreme court supported the government of the left nationalists.

+++ 0:10: Guaidó calls on Germany and the EU to impose sanctions against Maduro +++

Venezuela’s self-appointed transitional President Juan Guaidó has called on Germany and the EU to sanctions against the head of state, Nicolás Maduro. “We need more sanctions from the EU, as they were also of the United States decided,” said Guaidó the “image”-newspaper. “We are in a dictatorship, and there must be pressure. More and more people will be murdered. In addition, it is clear that the Regime is absolutely corrupt.”

Several EU States, including Germany, have Guaidó pledged its support and Maduro an Ultimatum, within eight days to hold elections. Otherwise, also want to acknowledge you Guaidó officially. Maduro has rejected the deadline.

mad / fs / sos / DPA / AFP