Voerde: man pushes woman in front of incoming train end – victim dies

A 28-year-old man has encountered, according to police information at the station in the lower Rhine town of Voerde, a 34-year-old woman from the platform in front of an incoming train. The woman from Voerde was brought down on Saturday morning to the track bed and of the regional Express have been overrun, said a spokesman for the Duisburg police. Despite rescue efforts she died on the spot.

The 28-Year-old was detained by witnesses until the Arrival of the police. He should still be at the weekend, the detention judge. Could the reasons behind the fact, the police do not. The man came from Hamminkeln and the police was known, it said. A homicide took over the investigation. For securing the railway line blocked for several hours.

source: DPA

Bad Wörishofen: One Dead and several severely injured in Ghost rider-the accident

In the case of a serious accident with a Ghost driver on the highway 96, a woman died, four people were seriously injured. A motorist on Saturday near Bad Wörishofen in the Allgäu region is opposite to the direction of travel on the road, when he collided with an oncoming car head-on. The co-driver in the accident died at the scene of the accident, the police announced. The Ghost rider himself was seriously wounded. In the oncoming car four people, three of which are serious injuries suffered were including was a child. There are several rescue helicopters were deployed. Why motorists drove in the wrong direction, was still unclear.

source: DPA

Berlin: the wife is thrown behind the truck, is run over and dies

At the loading ramp of a Aldi super market crashed, a woman in Berlin and a backward-driving trucks has been overrun. For the pedestrian, the 55-Year-old succumbed to came in the night to Saturday to late on the scene of the accident, your injuries, the police announced. Therefore, the woman could not be identified due to their injuries first, without a doubt. The 51-year-old truck driver suffered a shock. The first findings indicate that the 55-Year-old fell at about 2 o’clock in the morning by a walkway to the loading area, where the driver of the goods wanted to deliver.

source: DPA

Hamburg: man dies after accident with fast E-Bike

In case of an accident with a very fast E-Bike is a man in Hamburg on Saturday killed in a car crash. He was traveling according to the police, with the S-Pedelec on the Tinsdaler Kirchenweg in the district of Altona, when he crashed. Rescue workers resuscitated him. He died a short time later in a hospital. How it came to the time of the accident, was initially unclear. The police found rat traps on the roadside. Whether this triggered the fall, was part of the investigation, it said.

In the case of S-Pedelecs, the S stands for Speed, so speed. While the pedal Assistance stops at the popular Electric bicycles at 25 miles an hour, it works for S-Pedelecs up to 45 kilometers per hour. During the day, light is in such a E-Bike duty. S-Pedelecs, is legally no more than a Bicycle, but as a small motorcycle.

source: DPA

Münster: father wants to save woman and dog from a river and dies

A father is drowned in Bavaria, in a river, as he wanted to save his wife and the family dog. The 42-Year-old was jumped on Friday night with his wife, three children and two dogs in the Münsterer Old, a tributary of the Lech, near Münster walk, as one of the dogs into the water. Since the Bernese mountain dog was pulled by the force of a so-called water roller under the water, jumped in the wife of the 42-Year-old into the river to save the animal, police said on Saturday. Her husband jumped in because she was in Distress.

With the help of 14-year-old daughter handed her mother a Branch, whether the man managed to save his wife. He, however, failed to get out of the water roller. Two other children of the couple who had brought help. Mother and daughter finally managed to drag the unconscious father to the shore. Forces attempted a revival and flew the 42-Year-old with a helicopter to the University hospital of Augsburg, where the father died. The family dog had been carried away by the current and later recovered dead. The criminal police are now investigating the tragic accident.

source: DPA

Rodgau: truck run over a young woman on a motorway service station

A truck driver has on a service area on the A3 site to be overrun in the South of Hesse, his co-driver and fatally injured. The 36-Year-old is ranked on the grid system Weiskirchen Nord in Rodgau backwards, and the 23-Year-old overlooked, we informed the police on Saturday. The young woman succumbed on Friday evening at the scene of the accident and your injuries. How the accident was initially unclear. The truck driver, blood was collected sample. The driver and the victim are both from Romania.

source: DPA

Oberammergau: Again a Wanderer in the deep fell and died

While Hiking in the Ammergauer Alps in Bavaria, is a man in the deep fell and died. Hikers found him on Thursday in the vicinity of the mountain Aufacker in Oberammergau, the police announced on Friday. Despite first-aid measures, the man died at the accident. He crashed, according to the probably 50 meters of the steep forest terrain in a rocky Creek bed. The identity of the man was initially unclear. The investigators estimated the age at about 70 to 75 years. According to the statements of witnesses who met him earlier at the Summit, knew the man in the area. He told them he was trying to make the Tour of the Aufacker as once per week.

Only this week, a Berliner, was crashed while Hiking in the Bavarian Alps, from greater height and died. Rescuers found the lifeless Wanderin below the 1500-Meter-high high-Lerch summit in the vicinity of Staudach-Egern roof and recovered the body on Wednesday. Also this week, a 36-year-old man in the Wetterstein mountains in Bavaria has been killed in a crash.

source: DPA

Dortmund: With a Tempo of 190 and five children in the back seat on the way

In the rear compartment of the car, five children crowded, only two were buckled in, the two huddled behind the driver and front passenger seat: This frightening discovery made a police-civil police in Dortmund, after they had been overhauled by a man (30), with 190 kilometers per hour in a Tempo-80 Zone.


A police officer photographed the announced on the back of the bench set up want children

©police Dortmund DPA

As the police on Friday, was over the VW the night before, “flying low” rustled. Finally the driver from Düsseldorf, in the Dortmund city area. The youngest of the five siblings in the back room was only two months old, the other two, seven, eight and eleven years. The driver was a Relative of the mother – who was sitting in the passenger seat.

source: DPA

Regensburg: car drivers have to deliver, Faust beat battle on the highway

Out of anger over a driving maneuver of the other two men on the highway 3. The 29-Year-old and his 46-year-old contractor had not been for several kilometers “obviously, with the way of driving of each other’s agreement”, police said on Friday. In a traffic jam just before the exit Regensburg-University of the Younger rose on Thursday from his car, went to the car of the 46-Year-old and punched him through the open disc in the face. He got out and hit his opponent so that he fell to the pavement and briefly unconscious was. The police took the two brawlers of the highway, the 29-Year-old was treated for a laceration on an outpatient basis in the hospital. The men now expect Ads due to injury.

source: DPA

Lübeck: woman dies after fall down stairs at Niederegger

The woman fell on Monday in a branch of the Bay of lübeck Marzipan manufacturer niederegger, a personal flight of stairs, did not survive the accident. The 69-Year-old died on Wednesday in a hospital. The reports of the “Lübecker Nachrichten”. Therefore, it came on Monday afternoon to the tragic incident. The stone staircase on the first floor is provided with a latch, and a note “no entry”, also confirmed the police. The first investigation, according to the woman leaning against the Fence, lost his footing and plunged head first down the stairs.

source: “Lübecker Nachrichten”

Trier: rally-driver plows into group of spectators – six injured

At a rally Festival in the Eifel, a participant with his car drove into a group of spectators and six people were injured. The driver of a classic car from Ingolstadt lost on Thursday in Hörscheid (volcanic Eifel), apparently in a curve, the control of the car and ran off the roadway, the police announced on Friday. This transit of the 55-Year-old, therefore, a butterfly net and came upon a Meadow to a halt. A couple from the Netherlands suffered the reported serious injuries and had to be taken to the different hospitals. Four other people were slightly injured. The driver of the car and his passenger had remained unharmed. The cause of the accident by police and prosecutors.

On Friday, the organizers announced on their website that the rally will continue. In addition, the seriously injured had been operated on and is in a stable condition.


The driver of an old Audi lost on Thursday in control of the car and crashed into a group of spectators. A couple from the Netherlands was seriously injured.

©Jan Huebner DPA

source: AFP

Bonn: girl falls through the shattered windshield of the Bus

A five-year-old girl is in Bonn, through a broken pane of glass from a moving bus have fallen and been severely injured. The police announced on Friday, had leaned the girl against the glass window in the rear part of the bus, when this suddenly broke. The child collapsed on Thursday afternoon from the Bus and suffered cut injuries to the torso and a laceration to the head. It came in a hospital. The eight-year-old brother of the girl was a witness to the accident.

After the first investigation by the police, the affected windscreen of the bus had been damaged, possibly shortly before, or under-voltage advised. Accordingly, the bus driver was encountered during a driving maneuver with the disc against the Branch of a tree. The 43-Year-old continued his journey, however, to assess without the damage.

source: DPA

Neuruppin: five-year-old drives a little sister to

With the car of the father of a five year old kid has to drive in Brandenburg, his little sister. The girl suffered severe injuries and was placed with a rescue helicopter to a hospital, as a neurppiner police spokesman announced on Thursday. The Boy had started on Tuesday night in a District of Märkisch Linden (Ostprignitz-Ruppin) unattended in the car of the father. The car drove, accordingly, with a jerk forward, because a gear was engaged, and captured the four-year-old sister. The police are now investigating on suspicion of violation of the Supervisory and duty of care.

source: DPA

Viernheim: 15 tons of ice to melt on the highway

ice age a Hessian highway: In the case of an accident on the A67 15 tons of Ice-cream landed on the roadway. During the ice thawed, locked the police on Friday morning at the motorway junction Viernheim two tracks in the direction of the South. According to police, the 44-year-old driver of the Eistransports had been overlooked, presumably, a breakdown Truck, stand on the side strip. He was the side hit the truck, wherein the wall of the ice cream Truck was damaged. The ice cream driver broke out with his truck through the fence and came on the green strip to the Stand. Both drivers were uninjured, the damage to the police is estimated to be around 250 000 euros.

source: DPA

news of Thursday, 18. July:

Dortmund: shooting in a hair salon – apparently clash between rockers and clan member

In the case of a shootout in Dortmund (see message below) it has acted according to media reports, may have been a dispute between a rock group and a Lebanese clan member. In the case of the dispute in a hair salon business on Thursday morning, a man was shot and injured, the police announced. After the offender was wanted in the afternoon.

The “image”newspaper and the West reported on German radio that the perpetrator was possibly a member of a Lebanese clan. The victim was part of a rock group of Bandidos. The police have not confirmed the reports.

source: dpa

Bochum: Multiple people stabbing hurt

In a late-night clash between two larger groups, two men in Bochum with a knife liveensgefährlich were injured. How police and prosecutors in the North Rhine-reported in the Westphalian city on Thursday, were the background of the conflict is still unclear. Accordingly, were involved in the night to Thursday in the Bochum district of Hamme two larger groups in a dispute. Several people were injured by knife wounds, including two men aged 29 and 33 years. The authorities spoke of a “complex Situation”, which had been calmed by the use of “large forces”. The investigations to run because of an attempted Homicide.

source: dpa

Hürth: man torched house with a cannabis plantation from

In the case of an action against weeds a 66-Year-old in North Rhine-Westphalia Provided a cannabis plantation with done. The man sat at his action with a gas Burner, a house on fire, as the police reported on Thursday. He alerted the fire brigade. When the rescuers entered the house in Hürth, they met in the apartment of a 29-Year-old on a professionally-equipped cannabis plantation with around 50 plants. The he need for the company’s own requirements, said the 29-Year-old to the police. The plants were, nevertheless, ensured.

source: DPA

Heilbronn: truck drivers spit have been insulted firefighters – Chaos in the emergency lane

After a traffic accident in the vicinity of Heilbronn, police and fire in the emergency lane and spat on. A fire brigade vehicle, wanted to the crash site by driving, the police announced on Thursday. However, I refused, the driver of a tractor trailer, to the right to Dodge. As the fire brigade wanted to drive for him, and they were called the forces out of the cab and spat on. Particularly tragic: In the accident, called the fire Department, arrived, the 55-year-old driver of a Van died.

in addition, another vehicle went through the emergency lane – the inmates wanted to catch, according to their own information on your flight. “If you show the police the flight tickets, you will be allowed through,” believed to be the occupants to know. The police said a total of “chaotic and unbelievable conditions” in the jam before the accident. And the Chaos has consequences: According to police, about 100 drivers do not have to expect because of the failure to comply with the emergency lane, as well as the disregard of the Overtaking through the heavy traffic with Ads.

source: AFP

Düsseldorf: Luggage belts broken, the gate

vacationers and business travelers at the düsseldorf airport have vacated to on Wednesday, two Times on problems with the clearance set. First of all, fell in the night and early in the Morning until 8.45 PM, five of the seven areas of the baggage handling system at the Airport, as the airport announced. Around 2500 pieces of Luggage were initially, partially planes without Luggage. Of the technical malfunction of the Luggage conveyor system also, Boris Becker was affected according to his own information. “A lot of bags/suitcase came at the airport in düsseldorf is lost, so is mine …,” said the Ex-tennis star in the short message service Twitter. According to the airport, the remaining pieces of Luggage should be introduced to remedy the fault in the System, aviation security under the control of the airlines as soon as possible to the destination to be transported.

On Wednesday afternoon, a gate of the largest in North Rhine had to be vacated-Westphalian airport for a short time. According to first findings, a group of travellers had opened a secure door in the security area by emergency button. On the initiative of the German Federal police has been cleared then the gate B, searches, and nearly an hour later, again opened to traffic. Also passengers whose Boarding was not yet finished, had to leave the aircraft, to a security control on. Were affected about a thousand departing passengers.


Not a day like any other day at the Düsseldorf Airport: Only five of the seven baggage belts fell out, then the passengers pressed the switch to a security door.

©Federico Gambarini, DPA,

source: AFP

Dortmund: shot in the hair salon, the perpetrator flees

In the case of a dispute in a hair salon, it came on Thursday according to the police, to a “firing”. A man had been injured. The suspect, according to police on the run and will be sought with a large array. How hard the wounded Person was injured, according to police initially unclear. The police said the scene of the crime in Dortmund city centre is spaciously: “We currently anticipate that a danger for the visitors to Dortmund’s city centre.”

source: DPA

Walluf: Trio steals 40 E-Bikes and get caught

More than 40 E-Bikes to the value of about 200,000 Euro thieves, according to police information, have download in the night of Thursday from a Bicycle in the Hessian town of Walluf stolen. In the night the police caught the three men as they cleared 30 electric bikes from a truck in a Garage in Wiesbaden.

In the case of a house search, investigators found in addition to drugs, the car keys of the delivery car. In the car, twelve more stolen E-Bikes, said a police spokesman. In the case of the alleged offenders if it were an 18-Year-old, a 33-Year-old and a 36-Year-old, all of which were initially in custody.

source: DPA

news from Germany, from Wednesday, 17. July:

Dessau: Amateur footballer collapses during Training and dies

At the first Training after the summer break is on Tuesday a player in the football League team Dessauer SV 97 (Saxony-Anhalt), collapsed and later died. As the “mitteldeutsche Zeitung” reported on Wednesday, slumped to the ground, the 30-Year-old in loose, warming suddenly. Accordingly, he was resuscitated by paramedics, however the player died late in the evening in a hospital. His club responded in dismay: “A very sad message, which with the right words to describe. Stefan was a quiet and level-headed man who was never in the foreground. Through his affable manner, he was therefore estimated at all,” reads the Facebook page of the Dessau SV.

Yesterday, on 16.07., died of all, completely unexpected, our “Habi” in the Training. Very sad news,…

Posted by Dessauer SV 97 on Wednesday, 17. July 2019

source: “Central German newspaper”

Munich: construction worker shoots nail into the leg

A painful day of work, a roofer, had on Wednesday in Munich. The man had been busy working on the roof of a four storey building with redevelopment, informed the fire brigade. He had driven with a compressed air nailer a nail into the thigh. Since the worker could no longer go on the scaffold to the bottom, he had to be from the ambulance service on the roof supplies. Subsequently, the firefighters got the man on a ladder gently to the bottom, from where he to the hospital had been.

source: AFP

Duisburg: gas canister explodes, a small child is in danger of life

An eleven-month-old child in the Explosion of a gas canister in one of Duisburg’s apartment dangerous to life had been violated. The police announced on Wednesday, detonated the canister for a camping stove in the morning from unknown causes. The 22-year-old mother of the child was hurt accordingly. Both of them came to the hospital. According to the Doctors the infant was in danger of life. At the scene of the fire brigade and police were deployed. It was unclear whether incorrect handling or a technical Defect was the cause of the Explosion. By the pressure wave from the Detonation of a window pane was broken, the shards were thrown out on the street and damaged at least one car.

source: AFP

Aachen: woman hears strange voices in the house and calls the police

Because of foreign votes in her apartment, a tenant in Aachen, Germany, has alarmed the police. The older woman wrote the noise in the night from Wednesday to burglars, as the guardian reported. The officials, however, could give the “location” quickly to make it clear: The caller had simply forgotten, in your living room, the TV will turn off. “It can happen”, – stated in the police report. The summoned officials calmed the frightened woman and donated her comfort.

source: AFP

Aschaffenburg: man obtains hundreds of nights spent in Hospital

A resident loser 28-have Years, to in recent years by an invented disease, several hundred nights spent in Hospital by devious means. Alone in North Rhine-Westphalia, the man had stayed within a period of three years, more than 400 Times in different hospitals, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office on Wednesday in Aschaffenburg, Germany. This will have benefits in the value of several hundred thousand euros difficult. The man flew up the information that in April in Erlenbach am Main. He was there under the pretext to have an accident at work, had a head injury, to the hospital record. In addition, he claims to be as an employee of the Deutsche Bahn policyholder for accident insurance the Federal government and the railway, which is a cost transfer to be secured. In fact, the 28-Year-old spent a night in the hospital the other day, a patient’s cell phone stolen and then want to disappear. Police officers were able to take him but still on the hospital grounds.

further investigation revealed that the suspect was, apparently, in the entire Federal territory with this mesh on the road. In most cases, he had to leave the clinics after Breakfast again. Again and again he should have also stolen items. The investigation of other crime scenes to take. The man is a fraud and theft suspect in custody.

source: AFP

Quierschied: young people save 61 Years of life

Three young people on Tuesday, probably life-savers. One of them noticed late in the evening, a triggered smoke detector in a house of the municipality Quierschied (Saarland), the police announced. The 14-Year-old rang the bell several times to alert the occupants of the house. Because of him, no one opened, called the young people the fire service. The door with violence, and saved, opened a sleeping 61-Year-old from the leave smoke-filled apartment on the upper floor. A 59-year-old woman and her dog were led from the ground floor to the outside. According to the initial findings of burnt food could have been in the oven caused the fire.

source: DPA

Düsseldorf: Technical breakdown, provides for case-Chaos

Because in the meantime, five are out of seven baggage belts, were on Wednesday, hundreds of suitcases of passengers in the departure hall of the airport of Düsseldorf. On the Homepage of the Airport, it was confirmed that in the Morning for several hours, only a limited number of pieces of Luggage and the loading was checked. Reason was a technical fault. “Experts are working on the re-commissioning of the plant”, – stated there. In North Rhine-Westphalia in the summer, since Monday holiday. The airport Düsseldorf is the most important international hub in Germany’s most populous Federal state. In may there just under 2.3 million passengers were counted.

source: Düsseldorf Airport

Dittenheim pilots during the landing approach,

not far from Dittenheim crashed, killed in an accident on Tuesday, a paraglider fatal. As the police reported on Wednesday, rushed to the man in the afternoon of as-yet unknown cause while landing in an uncontrolled manner to the ground. Despite resuscitation measures by paramedics and rescue service, died the man still at the scene. The air accident officer for the police inspection of Rothenburg Ob der Tauber took over the investigation. The office of the public Prosecutor in Ansbach, ordered the position of the glider.

source: the police headquarters middle Franconia

news from Germany, from Tuesday, 16. July:

Herford: young people are rioting on the camping

the police at a campsite in Herford (North Rhine-Westphalia): There were noticed late Monday evening, drunken young people through their loud and threatening behavior. As the police reported, drove the eight young men between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age with a car again to the campsite and drank alcohol. As you were vomiting in a Playground, asked neighboring vacationers to rest. Then the Situation escalated. According to the police, threatened an 18-Year-old a 39-year-old mother from Borchen with a stun gun. Then he threatened the people present, jumped in his car and drove with significantly more speeding in his VW Passat on the tent space. A witness alerted the police. The officials seized the Wagen and took the young man into custody. The rest of the young people had to undergo a breathalyzer test and got a place of reference.

source: police Herford

police carries dead cyclists from the Rhine and are looking for witnesses to

early Monday evening, police recovered in Jestetten a body out of the Rhine. In the case of the dead Person is a 71-year-old cyclist, the wheel of the man was found near the banks of the Rhine between Altenburg and Jestetten. The investigations for the exact cause of death is currently ongoing. In the course of the investigation, the police of Freiburg is now asking to Use from the population. To whom the cyclist is noticed on the Bank of the Rhine on Monday, or who can contribute other relevant information, is asked to contact the traffic Commissioner Waldshut-Tingen at the phone number 07751 89630.

Suhl: pensioner goes to paramedics of los

A pensioner is attacked during a rescue mission in the Thuringian town of Suhl on the paramedics. As the police reported, had been called in the forces with blue lights and siren to a medical emergency. A 77-year-old local residents about the noise generated by the sirens of the rescue vehicles so incensed that he complained loudly about it, the medic berated and insulted. In addition, he pushed the paramedics and had them almost two minutes to reach your actual site. The Senior now gets a display, among other things, for defamation.

source: police Thüringen

Pirmasens: workers trying to stop rolling Truck and is

injured in a Serious accident in the rheinland-Pfalz, Pirmasens. There was in the Morning around 8.30 am, a flatbed Truck independently. Two workers tried, according to the police, to stop the car. To jump well when trying to the leader of the house, was injured the 45-year-old owner of the company to the legs so hard that the rescue helicopter had to be alerted. His 29-year-old employee was slightly injured. The truck eventually came up with the leader of the house, floating to a corner of the house to Stand.


The accident Truck came to a house on the corner of the Stand

©police Pirmasens

source: police Pirmasens

Wörrstadt: man transported to the coffee table unsecured on car roof

A strange case for the police officers in Wörrstadt in Rhineland-Palatinate. A 66-Year-old male transported to his coffee table on a busy trunk road – on the roof of his Smarts, backed up with a through the side window stretched Hand. Something we have not seen yet, the rarity value,” said a police spokesman on Tuesday about the incident in the Rhineland-Palatinate. The small car was noticed by the officials on Monday afternoon on state highway 420 in Wörrstadt near Mainz. From the trunk two rustic Cabinet doors have herausgeragt, on the roof of the table was – not on a roof rack lashed down, but only on a wool blanket stored. The driver had been traveling alone, and have backed up during the travel with the left Hand on the table, a spokesman said. The was probably not like that is the only reason, because he was quite heavy. The driver had not been guilty, the spokesman said. “How should I do it otherwise?”, he had asked for. He had to unload the table and a fine get.


The motorists had secured the coffee table with only his Hand through the open side window (red circle).

©police of Rhineland-Palatinate DPA

source: dpa

Amberg: After a fatal shot to the man in the car hunter stands in front of the court

Because a shot from his rifle killed the passenger in a car, you must answer a hunter in the Bavarian town of Amberg, Germany court. Clearly signposted, the defendant moved for the trial on Tuesday, the Events from his point of view. The public Prosecutor’s office shall present to the man of negligent homicide to the load.

Accordingly, the defendant initiated in August 2018 in Nittenau at Regensburg a hunt with several hunters were wild pigs out of a corn field drive. Here, the 46 is supposed to have issued a-Year-old a shot that hit the side window of a passing car and the 47-year-old passenger hit. The victim slumped down in the passenger seat immediately, the 61-year-old driver of the car could not help him.

source: dpa

Pforzheim: 14-Year-old resisting arrest

A 14 is-Year-old in baden-württemberg, Pforzheim on the night of Sunday after a confrontation against his detention to the military. As the police reported, was involved with the young person previously in a verbal dispute, “in which knives were held”.

A witness had reported the dispute that occurred in the vicinity of the police station, in person at the station. When the officers arrived on the scene, ran away with the group. “In pursuit of the 14-year-old Accused could be detained”, the official. He was at the time of his arrest, resistance, spckte according to the report, a policeman and insulted him and his colleague “the Worst”. A Test revealed a blood Alcohol level of 0.6. Up to the time of pick-up by the parents of the Teenager came to be in custody.

source: police Pforzheim

Darmstadt: thieves harvests industrial hemp in the value of 50,000 Euro.

Obviously professional thieves have been harvested in the state of Hesse industrial hemp to the value of about 50,000 euros. As the police headquarters in the South of Hesse announced on Tuesday in Darmstadt, Germany, gave the thieves in the Monday night access to a plantation in Geinsheim and harvested an area of 15 to 20 square meters.

The police are searching for a car with a Hamburger licence plate, which was observed in the vicinity. Industrial hemp is not used for medicine or as a narcotic, but for textiles, hemp oil, or hemp milk.

source: AFP

Geschwenda: public intelligence in connection with dead baby

To clarify the identity of a in April, found dead infant asks the police for information from the public. Also, the investigators hope to have information concerning the identity of the child’s mother and asks the following question: “Who knows women who were between 2017 and 2018 is pregnant, but no longer a child have?” In addition, officials released pictures of clothing and hope for information. Images and contact information are at the below Link.

source: police Thüringen

Aschheim: police are looking for Armed

The Munich police are continuingn after a potentially armed man, alleged to have been at a Hotel in the suburb of Aschheim seen. “We need to consider and are looking for witnesses,” said a police spokesman on Tuesday. In the case of the man it could also be someone who could carry a firearm. There is still no information on a possible fact. Now all the people should be consulted, which could have seen in the Hotel or in the vicinity of something.

An employee of the hotel had alerted the officials on Monday, because he wants to have seen in front of the building a man with a firearm and mask. The police evacuated the building in an industrial area and searched through it until the evening. The information of the witnesses had been “very concrete and very credible”. In the use of approximately 130 officers, including special task forces (SEK) and a helicopter were.

On the question whether that was proportionate, replied the Bavarian state Chairman of the trade Union of police (GdP), Peter Schall: “We don’t know at these stakes, how it develops, whether it is rubbish or a busybody.” Therefore, the police had to be on the safe side. After the requested Person was not in the Hotel, we also need to search the area.

source: dpa

news from Germany from Monday, 15. July:

Pirmasens: 20-Year-old wants a car with printed flowers

pay A young woman was arrested on Friday in a car dealership, after they had tried to pay for a car with counterfeit money. As the police Pirmasens and the Prosecutor’s office said two bridges, had the 20-Year-old, 15,000 euros in cash, which turned out to be quickly as a flower. Therefore, it was simple copies of the 50 – and 100-Euro notes, which had created the woman, apparently, on your home inkjet printer. There, officers found more counterfeit goods to the value of 13,000 Euro. According to police, a fresh expression of false Bank notes put in the printer.

source: AFP

Oldenburg: men meet in a Fast Food Restaurant each other

in Front of the eyes of at least two small children have left at the weekend in a Fast-Food Restaurant, two men have their pants down and mutually satisfied. An alarmed police patrol found the 34 and the 44-year-old Oldenburg without pants while seated at a table. Visitors of the restaurant, reported the officials, therefore, of the sexual actions of men. When you Find the identity of the police officers noticed that the Suspects were under the influence of alcohol. One of the two had to be brought to the ground and fixed, after he had refused to show his ID and the officers in relation to aggressive. Because sexual acts can meet in front of children the offence of sexual abuse, were taken for further investigations.

source: police of Oldenburg

Brunswick: man out of anger of air rescue

the car Because he felt disturbed by a rescue operation in the middle of the night, has left a man in Braunschweig, Germany in an ambulance the air out of a tire. The local residents have felt running the engine in his night’s sleep disturbed, police said on Monday. Therefore, the 56-Year-old had gone to the truck, opened a valve and the air drained. An employee of the ambulance service noted this, and urged the angry man to the side. However, a second rescue had to be requested the car to be able to the patient in emergency care. His annoyed neighbor, a criminal case for damage to property and suspicion of the destruction of important means of labor now faces.

source: DPA

Uhyst: Tank empty, man’s car pushes on the highway

Who loves his car, pushes. Having run out on the highway the Fuel, has pushed a man at the weekend on the A4 in Saxony his car from a construction site and a ten-Kilometer-long traffic jam caused. The police announced on Monday, the 43-Year-old on a one-lane section of the A4 in Uhyst are, from rose then and pushed his car out of the site. His passenger had to take with the police, according to another motorist to a nearby gas station to fill a petrol canister. A fine do not need to fear the “car-gate”. “Wouldn’t have made the man that would have been his car the risk of accident. In addition, he had prevented the Move may be an even longer jam, so the police. Without a lesson, he doesn’t come but. As long as he’s not the previous, however, he must bear the costs for the police operation. The due-spot cautionary fine, in the amount of 25 euros he had already paid, said a police spokesman.

source: DPA

Melsbach: Rare millipedes are looking for houses home

thousands of centipedes are currently looking for houses in Melsbach, Germany, home. According to one expert, it is originally from Southeast Asia, the root end of art. A local resident spoke Monday of a “giant plague on the wall”. He tried to find his house sealed and to fight the 20-to 25-Millimeter-long animal with a vacuum cleaner. But it came from the outside, always new. There is no exterminator with Fumigate help. Previously, among other things, SWR and “Rhein-Zeitung had reported” about it.

climate change got to do the Invasion in Melsbach anything, because they survived normally in Germany, outside no Winter with only a single day of Frost, said Thomas Wesener from the Zoological research center Alexander Koenig in Bonn, Germany. The animals in Melsbach could have possibly wintering in a nearby mulch place or another protected place and can multiply. Wesener stressed that centipedes are useful animals, such as earthworms, dead wood and Leaves into Humus transformed.

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Garmisch-Partenkirchen: 36-Year-old stone mountain plunges in the weather in death

A 36-year-old hiker killed in an accident on Sunday in the weather stone mountains deadly. The man from Garmisch-Partenkirchen was the police with his 28-year-old companion on the way of the chess hut to Frauenalpl as he is in the roadless terrain to Slide about 100 feet in depth rushed. A doctor and a mountain rescue team found the victim on a rubble band could no longer help him but. With a rescue helicopter, they recovered the dead and brought his companion into the valley.

source: DPA

Recklinghausen: Unknown claws Guinea pigs

Unknown to have stolen at the weekend, several Guinea pigs from an animal Park in Recklinghausen (North Rhine-Westphalia). The police announced to the Animal thieves in the night to Sunday over a fence on the grounds of the animal Park and then the enclosure of the rodents have broken up. How many animals are taking, the offender, was initially unclear. A surveillance camera should have filmed the break-in five Suspects. The police is currently looking for possible witnesses.

source: DPA

Kempten: tractor run over two children – both

are dead In an accident with a tractor at the weekend in the vicinity of Balderschwang in the Allgäu region, two children were killed. The ten-year-old Boy and a 13 years old girl from Austria were along for the ride in a transport container at the Front of the tractor, the police announced on the night. Probably because of a bump in the road the kids out of the Container fell and were run over by the tractor.

The two had made on Saturday evening, together with two other children, also from Austria on a Alpe a exit. The scene of the accident in the Swabian district of the upper allgäu is located directly on the border. In the loading shovel, the two later children killed and a 12-year-old girl who remained unharmed, but severely traumatized by the sat. At the wheel of the tractor, a 13-year-old Boy, apparently the son of the owner of the Alpe. Investigators from Bavaria and Austria were also after the accident, in the night hours.


A policeman inspects the tractor, from the on Saturday two children and then run over

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source: dpa

Bergkamen: man falls with gun about girl offenders with An unknown sex offender who should be in the Ruhr area, with a gun on a 15 – Year-old attacked, is on the run

next on the run were thrown. “The manhunt is on. We hope that, even witnesses,” said a police spokesman on Monday morning.

The young people had been attacked, according to police sources on Saturday night in Bergkamen, near Dortmund, on the way home from the train station by a stranger and sexually abused. According to police sources, the perpetrators of the 15 beat-Year-olds, presumably with a gun several times on the head. The man should be taken “extremely brutal”. The victim was in hospital, said the police spokesman on Monday morning.

investigators are searching for a about 30 years old and about 1.80 meters tall man. The culprit had short hair, was wearing a dark Jogging trousers and spoke with an East European accent.

source: police Unna

Westerstede: man wants to E-Lok with a private car

towing to repair his mistake when Maneuvering a E-Lok, wanted to take a train dispatcher in the night on Monday to use his own car to help. As the police reported, had the 61-Year-old, the locomotive accidentally routed onto a side track without catenary. Instead of a Diesel locomotive request for towing, he decided to drive his own car in the tracks to pull the incorrectly parked locomotive on a railroad Track with catenary. He came with all the wheels between the rail sleepers and got stuck. Now he required a tow truck. Risk for the operation of trains was not, according to the police, because by this time there was no traffic.

source: police inspection of Oldenburg

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