KRUN: 49-Year-old dies while Canyoning in upper Bavaria

A 49-year-old man died in a Canyoning accident in the finzbach gorge in upper Bavaria. The man had probably plunged in a Rappel into the gorge in kruen near Garmisch-Partenkirchen and was injured fatally, police said on Saturday. A Canyoning group found the man on Friday at noon in a pool below the Rappel. The exact cause of the accident is still unclear, but that there is no evidence of the involvement of a third party.

While Canyoning, Swimming in the gorges by Climbing, or rappelling in the rule of top-to-bottom by steps. This alpine experience and good swimming are required skills.

source: DPA

Rimbach: man sets for children a scary story – a concerned local residents to call the police

a shooting at a camp fire with children have triggered in the lower Bavarian town of Rimbach a police operation. Concerned residents had alerted the officials, as they said on Saturday. Turns out, had been stalking a man for the children is a horror story, and on his estate with a traumatic pistol in the air fired. He noticed on Friday of the consequences of his actions: He has to answer now because of a violation of the weapons law.

source: DPA

the news from Germany of Friday, 9. August

Grimma city hall with fecal matter smeared – WHETHER sentenced to a stop

Grimma’s mayor Matthias Berger has a color and Kotanschlag to the city hall of the city in the run-up to an election campaign event of the AfD sharply condemned. This was the dull violence of stupid people, said the party chief of the town in Saxony, on the Friday of the German press Agency. “This is a crime against the society,” he explained.

the Unknown had smeared during the night to Friday the town hall in Grimma (district of Leipzig) with paint and faeces. Investigations were launched, the police announced in Leipzig.

On the left of the Internet platform “” showed up on a Friday morning, a supposed claim of responsibility. The AfD-election meeting, among other things, the Thuringian land-in-chief Björn Höcke on Friday evening in the town hall was cited as a reason for the fact. The Letter would be taken into account in the investigation, said a police spokesman.

source: DPA

Schneverdingen: Elderly woman after a carriage accident, is no longer in danger of life

After a carriage accident in the Lüneburger Heide, a seriously injured woman no longer floats according to police sources, in danger of their lives. The 79-Year-old was flown in a life-threatening condition in a Hamburg clinic. In the accident in Schneverdingen, five more seniors were seriously injured and twelve slightly. About their condition is no information available at present, said a police spokeswoman on Friday. The cause of the accident was probably a technical Defect.

The accident occurred on Thursday during a trip to the senior group from Lehrte near Hannover. The Coach was on a slope too fast, had hit a boulder and was turned over to it. A large contingent of helpers took care of the injured. First investigations on the cause of the accident indicate a technical Defect such as brake failure.

source: DPA

Fintel: three years old, comes to the farm killed

A three-year-old Boy is killed in a accident on a farm in lower Saxony Fintel killed. The police announced on Friday in Rotenburg an der Wümme, became the child go unnoticed in the work area of a tractor-mounted machine, the laid foil on a larger quantity of Silage.

According to officials, the tractor was operated by a 58-Year-old than the three year old was delivery on Thursday afternoon, suddenly in the work area and the machine recorded. He was injured so severely that he died at the scene.

source: AFP

Nuremberg: world war II grenade, explodes in the apartment

A grenade from the Second world war exploded in the apartment of a 35-Year-old in Nuremberg and has hurt the man badly. He had been looking for in a forest with a detector according to the metal and the intact explosive devices were found, such as the Bavarian Landeskriminalamt (LKA) announced on Friday. At home, he wanted to clean up the grenade. In this case, the Fund exploded piece, the man suffered injuries to both hands. The LKA warned not to take the explosive suspicious items in the Hand – Finder should choose instead, call the police. Police and prosecutors are now against Nuremberg due to a violation of the explosives act.

source: dpa

Olsberg: six-year-old on the summer toboggan run hard

injured In Olsberg-Bruchhausen in Sauerland in NRW was injured on Thursday a six-year-old in an accident on the summer toboggan run hard. As reported by the police, the Boy was a passenger in the sledge of a 39-Year-old on-the-go. Behind the Duo, another Team was driving. For reasons not yet understood cause the sled clashed in the target area. The Boy was seriously flown injured by rescue helicopter in a special clinic. The 39-Year-old was slightly injured. The investigation is run.

source: district police authority district hochsauerlandkreis

Dortmund: the driver turns to the Ghost driver accidents in salvation alley Fullscreen

A motorist turned after an accident in the emergency lane and driving back in against the direction of travel

©Feuerwehr Dortmund

In Dortmund, a wrong driver caused a serious accident. The 69-Year-old was on the highway similar to street Brackeler road removed quickly against the direction of travel on the road and collided with the car of a 56-Year-old to the front. Such as the police and fire Department reports, were trapped both women in their vehicles. One of them was seriously injured, the other hard. The driver of a following vehicle, the one of the accident cars waking up, was slightly injured. Through the rescue and recovery work, a traffic jam formed behind the scene of the accident. “After the directions to the work site for the use of force by the police and the fire brigade by the model formed a rescue lane is easily possible, not had a traffic participant, unfortunately, the patience, the lifting of the road closure to be seen, and tacked on the two-lane road and drove back through the emergency lane,” reports the fire Department.

The injured were after the initial treatment at the accidentby rescue helicopter and ambulance to nearby hospitals, on the street, then released again. Why, the accident cause was contrary to the direction of travel on the road, was not known.

sources: fire brigade, police Dortmund

Dessau: girls at the lake

In Dessau drowned a five-year-old girl has died after a swimming accident. Bathers recovered the previously missing child on Thursday from a lake. The girl was initially resuscitated and an ambulance taken to a hospital. On Thursday evening, the five-year-old died in the hospital, the police announced on Friday. How the accident is now being investigated.

source: AFP

Soltau: Re-serious carriage accident – 18 injured

In a recent carriage accident in the lüneburg Heath, 18 seniors have been violated. The police announced in the lower Saxony town of Soltau, has suffered a 79-year-old woman on Thursday life-threatening injuries. Six passengers were severely, as well as a further twelve slightly injured, as the Team was in Schneverdingen, on a slope, out of control. It crashed into a boulder next to the road and tipped over. On Board an 18-member senior citizens group from the area of Hannover was therefore. A large contingent of rescue workers cared for the wounded. The dangerous life of the injured 79-Year-old was flown with a rescue helicopter in a Hamburg clinic.

According to officials, the 38-year-old employee of a local carriage company guided carriage had taken on too much travel, and was killed in an accident on the downhill section. For more information on the cause of the accident it was initially. Only on Wednesday four were injured in a similar carriage accident a few kilometres away in the village of Egestorf 13 seniors, seriously. Also there is a excursion team was on a downhill road out of control and then overturned.

the cause of the rope was, according to police information, a cracked Brake. The 51-year-old coach leader had tried to steer the vehicle in a side strip to slow it down thus.

source: AFP

Plauen: Drunken Bank, threatened staff with a spear

A drunken man has threatened in the Saxon town of Plauen, a Bank employee with a homemade spear. The 22-year-old Bank employee crack the 54-year-old attacker the weapon out of his Hand, the police announced. Police took the severely deranged offender on Thursday. The spear consisted of a shaft and a fifteen-centimetre-long double edged blade, was ensured. Injured it was not.

news of Thursday, 8. August

Ratzeburg/Schmilau: motorist crashes under the influence of alcohol against a tree – the passenger dead

it has happened On a country road between Ratzeburg and Schmilau (Schleswig-Holstein) in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, a fatal traffic accident. As the police informed, was a 22-Year-old against 0.20 at from still unknown causes in a curve to the left and to the right of the roadway and hurled in the episode with the passenger side of his car against a tree. By the impact of the 15-year-old co-driver of the man is dangerous to life has been violated and, a little later, in hospital died.

At the accident the officers found a possible reason for the accident: Thus, a Test revealed a breath alcohol level of 0.6 per mil in the 22-year-old driver. He was taken in consequence of a blood sample and his driver’s license has been seized, it is said. The man now expects a preliminary investigation on suspicion of negligent homicide.

source: police Ratzeburg

Troisdorf: kids, when driving a car

caught, Allegedly, they wanted to listen to the Radio in the car and suddenly losgerollten small cars back to back: Two boys have been caught at night driving a car in Troisdorf near Bonn. The children at the age of 12 and 13 years, drove against 3.00 o’clock in a Parking lot at a high school and forth, the police announced on Thursday.

As a witness alerted officers arrived, be assumed that the lights on the suspect car. The 13-Year-old sat at the wheel and a little plausible story dished out. The Boy had indicated that he did only want to listen to the Radio. Have loosened but the hand brake and the car was losgerollt. You would only want to put back.

“The details of his 12-year-old passenger were also not plausible,” said the police. The police car closed the small. It belonged to an aunt, whose car had taken the key of the boys. The police brought the two friends to their mothers. Damage was try as a result of driving not to have occurred. The police suspect the motive is boredom.

source: DPA

Ludinghausen: Unknown shoots for days with steel balls in shop Windows and cars

In Lüdinghausen in the münsterland district of Coesfeld shoots since the days of the Unknown with small steel balls and has done already some damage. As reported by the police, were damaged on Saturday, several glass panes of residential houses and a car door by the gunshots. Between Sunday and Tuesday of the Unknown took Aden a roll and another car in sight, in the period from Monday to Wednesday, were damaged by the projectiles in three window panes. People have not been injured. The police since then to Protect the search of the unknown. Notes can be sold by phone 0 25 91 / 79 30 .

source: police Coesfeld (I), (II), (III)

Rostock: wife pulls in the Baltic sea-Bad lethal Vibrio infection

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is an older woman after a bath in the Baltic sea to the consequences of an infection with health bacteria of a harmful or died. As the Baltic sea,-the newspaper writes with reference to the state office for health and social Affairs, should have heard the Dead on the risk group of immune-compromised people. The pathogens are so-called Vibrios. The sheet according to still a further four people were in this year, the consequences of an infection with the Baktierien ill. Exactly where the Deceased was infected, it has not been announced with regard to data protection.

Vibrios are rod bacteria, which multiply at sustained water temperatures above 20 degrees strong. You can enter through skin lesions in the body and lead to in people with chronic underlying diseases and the Elderly severe wound infections and Sepsis. The bacteria come in wide parten the Baltic sea and other regions of the world. Diseases caused by these bacteria are in Germany, but very rarely. According to information of experts could spread the pathogen but due to the low salinity and climate change on the Baltic sea coast.

source: “Baltic sea newspaper”, LAGuS

Eggesin: police separates snake and toad

As the snake tamer has a wife in Eggesin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern called the police for help. On Tuesday, you will be alerted according to the police in Ueckermünde the guardians of the law, because a snake in your garden just tried a toad to devour. You have fear, your dog could be the next victim of the reptile, she informed the officials.

locally, the struggle for Survival was confirmed, according to police. A “megalomaniacal grass snake” had made apparently “approach with a big Hunger” to a toad. The officials were able to extricate the toad the more slender snake, and a field in the vicinity of expose. The snake had “verzischt independently”, – stated in the police report from Wednesday.

source: AFP

Münster: plow the car on slit – passenger Car-driver easy

injured in an Unusual accident in Münster: When sudden steering maneuvers of a tractor driver, a plow to the tractor has slashed an oncoming car on the driver’s side. The 61-year-old Car driver was the incident with light injuries, as the police announced on Thursday. The 35-year-old tractor driver was reported to be out of initially unknown cause in a curve straight ahead and forced the oncoming Cars to Dodge on the green strip. As the man at the wheel of the tractor noticed his mistake, he was troubled, and pulled the steering Wheel – ausschwenkte whereby the plow and the Car met.

source: AFP

Itzehoe: Two senior citizens in Schleswig-Holstein in the event of accidents on railway crossings killed

Two seniors are the crossings on Wednesday in the case of accidents with trains in railway stations in Schleswig-Holstein have been killed. In Heath, a 70-year-old motorist died after a police report after his car was captured while Crossing the tracks of the regional train. In Techau, an 81, was captured-year-old cyclist from a moving train. As the police in Itzehoe said, wanted to drive the car drivers on Wednesday afternoon with his car, in spite of the approaching train on a level crossing. His vehicle was captured and thrown. Rescuers freed the Senior and took him with life-threatening injuries in a clinic. He died there later. The 24 passengers and the train driver were uninjured. The railway track was more than locked for two hours. The cyclist had tried, according to the police in Lübeck, also on Wednesday afternoon, to cross, despite the so-called half barriers of a railway crossing. The current investigation is that he went around the Block and was covered by the train. He died at the scene of his injuries.

source: AFP

Offenburg: firefighter sprayed with fire-extinguishing water kittens in Need of sewer pipe

The good news for the World day of the cat: A kitten is in Distress in Offenburg from the firefighters ‘ lives have been saved. Employees of a nightclub had heard a whimper in a manhole, and finally, the little cat discovers how a fire Department spokesman said. The animal squatted in about four meters deep in a sewer pipe and found no way out. “The forces managed to, after a few tries and several litres of extinguishing water, the rinse about four to five weeks old creature from the tube and save his life-threatening situation”, – stated in the message. A veterinary doctor provided the chilled and exhausted kittens.

source: dpa

Berlin: suspect object near the Ostbahnhof in Berlin – remote tracks

Because of a suspicious object, several tracks have been disabled at Berlin Ostbahnhof on Wednesday evening. Were affected, according to a railway spokesperson, the tracks 1 to 3, which are used for long-distance trains. The S-Bahn, was not affected by the Partial closure of the station. Later, the police gave the all-clear. The railway spokeswoman said, the tracks were released again.

According to a police spokesperson, it was in the suspect object to a piece of Luggage that could not be assigned. Specialists of the Federal police to investigate whether a danger existed.

source: dpa

Hamburg: Defective brake probably due to a carriage accident

A defective brake may have caused the accident of a Carriage in the vicinity of the village of Egestorf in Hamburg with 13 injured. A police spokesman said on Thursday, according to initial investigations. At the time of the accident was abandoned on Wednesday in the district of Harburg, one of two horse-drawn Carriage from the street and on a paved road turned over. Four passengers suffered serious injuries. The Kutscherin, and the two horses were unharmed.

source: dpa

Heilbronn: once Again, the strike against the car theft gang,

investigators in the state of Baden-Württemberg, another blow to a gang of suspected car thief is successful. There are at least 279 of the individual actions had been explained, informed the state Prosecutor’s offices in Heilbronn and Mosbach. The thefts – including navigation devices and car stereos, should have caused a damage of several million euros. For more details on the Lithuanian Suspects are expected to be announced on Thursday (14: 00) in Heilbronn.

were involved In the investigation in addition to the two state’s attorney, the baden-württemberg and the Bavarian police communities, the Federal criminal police office, the European police authority, Europol, the Lithuanian safety authorities and officials from Belgium.+

source: dpa

Passau, Germany: investigations in the crossbow case is not finished

in mid-may, three people died in the Bavarian city of Passau by arrows of a crossbow, three months later, the investigations are not finished yet. The final report had not yet said a spokesman for the Passauer Prosecutor’s office. The findings after killing a 30-year-old woman, both 53 – and 33-year-old companion in a guest house with a crossbow and shot then himself. The investigators expect to see euthanasia or suicide. The motive for the crime is still unclear.

employees of the Board had the three on 11. May, dead in their room found. They had traveled the night before. Two days later, the police discovered in the apartment of the 30-Year-old in dersächsischen Wittingen the bodies of two 19-and 35-year-old women. The investigation into the cause of death according to the Prosecutor, Hildesheim.

source: dpa

news from Germany from Wednesday, 7. August

Engelskirchen/Overath: two years on the regional train captured, and difficult to

injured In a single-track railway line in the Bergisches Land, near Cologne, recorded on Wednesday a regional train a two year old boy and seriously injured. The child was brought in with head injuries in a local hospital and the rescue helicopter in a Cologne clinic, as the Federal police announced.

the First investigation, according to two fathers were at the time of accident with your children on the railway line between Engelskirchen and Overath walked. They were thus on a fishing trip and wanted to get to the tracks along to your angel.

in Spite of a rapid braking of the driver could not prevent the collision of the regional train with the boys. The engineer and other parties involved in the accident suffered shock and were taken care of in a hospital by a chaplain. The investigations of the Federal police to the tragic accident at last.

source: AFP

Hamburg: a man is said to have raped a stray tourist

In Hamburg police after an unknown man raped her on Sunday morning (between 8 and 10 PM), a Thai tourist. As stated in a press release, had approached the non-local victims of the suspects in the district of St. Pauli, because it had lost its companion during the celebrations of the eyes.

Because the 42-year-old tourist was going back to the Hamburg area, have you offered to the man, to bring you to the Central station. According to police, the two were walking together on the way there. In the amount of the Lombard bridge, the man attacked the woman, then suddenly and dragged into the bushes, where he himself passed. After the fact, it should be in the area of the lake Alster, an encounter with an employee of the city cleaning, as well as a couple. To the three persons of the suspects is said to have issued to the victim as his girlfriend. The woman herself apparently could not make due to language barriers on their need for assistance to the attention of. Therefore, the woman remained, even after the encounters in the presence of the offender.

Only when both in the further course at an entrance to the Park Planten un Blomen in the opposite direction of the main train station – on a still unknown cyclists met and this intervened, managed to escape the 42-Year-old.

Now the police are looking for possible witnesses to the incident and hopes to have information on the suspects is described as follows:

approximately 1.75 to 1.85 meters tall, between 20 and 25 years altschlanke figure of Western European appearance, possibly of German (bright skin color; dark blonde, short hair, dark eyebrows); digits roundish face and a small mouth with white, roundish skin around the mouth and chin area (possibly acne scars)wore a t-shirt, a black long sleeve, black Jeans, black sports shoes and a pink long sleeve shirt around the waist, and a gray hooded jacket

information can be submitted to the competent officials under the number 040/4286-56789 or any police station. In particular, the investigators ask the as-yet unknown employees of the city cleaning, as well as the bike’s driver and the couple, to report urgently to the police.

source: the Hamburg police

Lüneburg: Missing 84-Year-old after one and a half days in the bushes

found After about one and a half-day search, police officers found in the lower Saxony town of Lüneburg, a missing 84-Year-old in a Bush. According to the officials discovered the use of forces on Wednesday morning near a sports field. She was overthrown and helpless. The woman was not returned on Monday from an afternoon walk in your old home. Since then, she has been looking for.

According to police, a rescue brought the car the woman in a clinic. For more information on your state of health were not available initially. On Monday evening, the first search had begun measures in and around the lüneburg district in which the 84-Year-old was missing. There are extensive woods and green areas, a river valley, as well as allotments. The search continued on Tuesday with special dogs.

source: AFP

Egestorf: 13 injured in accident with Carriage

It should be a cheerful trip, but it ended for 13 passengers of a Carriage in the hospital: One of two horses-drawn covered wagon on Wednesday in the vicinity of Hamburg from the roadway off, an embankment and turned over. At least four of the passengers are over the age of 60 years, were seriously injured, said a police spokesman. Danger to life was no. All 13 had as a precaution been taken to the hospital. According to the media, were members of a Hamburg-based cone group.

the 51-year-old Kutscherin remained according to the police, unharmed. Approximately 45 paramedics and 20 firefighters were in the village of Egestorf in lower Saxony district of Harburg, in use. An ambulance arrived with a helicopter from Hamburg at the scene of the accident. The two horses survived the accident with no injuries, a car dog and nothing happened.

source: DPA

Bückeburg: police in search of property fleas to

In the clarification of a missing case in an apartment in Bückeburg in lower Saxony have raised two policemen fleas course. The fate of the tenant had quickly been cleared, police said on Wednesday. After the use had started, the two officials, however, “the big itch”. Accordingly, the apartment in which lives a cat was infested by fleas.

Alerted the police had been by the landlord of the man. This had not seen his tenant for several days and Worried. The research of the officers in the apartment were, however, quickly, that this is only a few days due to illness in a hospital. Because of the flea infestation, the cops had to change their uniforms, showering, and treat them accordingly. Her patrol car was cleaned special.

source: AFP

Kempten: father beat infant dead 14 years in prison

Because he murdered his eight-month-old infant, has been sentenced to a father by the district court of Kempten, to imprisonment for a period of 14 years and six months. “In inhuman and brutal Weise has brought a child to death,” said the judge at the sentencing on Wednesday. The chamber saw it as proven that the defendant acted for reasons of low motivation, and the Baby had an agonising miss.

The 22-year-old German would fit in August last year on his son in an apartment in the Bavarian town of Kaufbeuren on. To scream as the Baby is not stopped, he struck the infant with a fist in the face, threw the body with the head forward against the bars of the cot, shaking and biting the child. The Boy died two days later in the hospital of a result of brain injury. The man went after the fact to police officers and broke a nose.

The defendant stand while the deeds under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. The court prompted the institution of a placement in a rehabilitation. The judgment is not appealable.

source: DPA

Blankenheim: cat with arrow and air rifle

shot In North Rhine-Westphalia, Blankenheim (Kreis Euskirchen) be determined by the police because of a drastic Offence under the animal protection act. As the officials said, wanted to deal with a vet on Monday an apparently wounded the cat, as you noticed, that in the body of the animal with an arrow stuck. According to the figures, the cat was seen before in a ridges, and been captured.

Because of the injuries to the animal were so severe, have the Doctor euthanize. In the further course of the Medicine have been able to find wounds, furthermore, a further four shot, probably by an air rifle, caused, it is said.

source: police Euskirchen

Hagen: firefighter to fall out of use died

the car died during a journey in Hagen from the fire truck fallen firefighter. The 54-Year-old had died on Tuesday evening in the hospital from his injuries, said a spokesman for the police on Wednesday. From yet unknown cause had opened on Friday on the way to a rescue mission when the left vehicle turn on the right-hand side of the Fire door. The fireman rushed outside to the road. The investigation into the cause of the accident continued also on Wednesday, it was said to the police.

source: DPA

Bremen: Unknown shoot multiple times in the bedroom of a married couple

Unknown in Bremen through a window in the bedroom of an elderly couple shot. Several projectiles were taken in the night to Wednesday in the room of the man and the woman, police said. The two 81-Year-old were unharmed. The officials identified for attempted murder, the backgrounds of the deeds were unclear.

According to police, the bedroom was awakened at the end of a couple at 1 am by the shots. Several bullets hit the window and it roll download of your apartment in the ground floor of a multi-family house in the district of Blumenthal. Police officers sought immediately after in the area after the perpetrators, but found no one. The officers asked for stuff information.

source: AFP

Schweigen-rechtenbach: pensioner builds accident and goes to an appointment

In the Rhineland-Palatinate to Schweigen-rechtenbach has caused a pensioner in an accident and is gone after the first time to an appointment. As reported by the police, drove the 78-Year-old to quickly to the Parking lot, confused the brake with the clutch, and drove against a parked car. By the force of the impact, was pushed to the parked Peugeot against a house facade. The Senior parked his damaged car in the vicinity of the accident and took an appointment before he informed the police. Against him is now being investigated for hit-and-run.

source: police Bad bergzabern

Kubschütz: 15-falls-Year-old in quarry and dies

In Saxony, a 15-came-Year-old in a fall in a quarry and killed. In Kubschütz in the district of the young people was found in Bautzen lifeless in the water of the quarry, the police announced on Wednesday. Divers found him, therefore, after several hours of searching just before midnight. The young people had fallen, according to police on Tuesday probably reverse in the quarry after he had climbed up on a rope out of the water. The investigators are therefore of a “tragic accident”.

source: AFP

Weingarten: 26-Year-old dies in quarry

In the case of a swimming accident in the vicinity of Karlsruhe, died on Tuesday evening a young man – a violent storm hampered the search for the missing swimmers extremely. The 26-Year-old went on Tuesday evening in a lake in Weingarten, swimming, informed the fire brigade. “About 15 to 20 meters from the shore, he signaled that little voice and went under,” said the fireman. The girlfriend of the man on the shore alerted to the emergency. “At the point of use, arrived, decided to use line due to the raging storm, first of all, no boats to use,” said a spokesman. “In the further course of this, however, came still using. A total of 13 divers were in use.” After about 45 minutes, divers have found the lifeless body and brought him to the country. Any help came too late.

A wide storm front was pulled Tuesday night from the South of North Rhine-Westphalia to Bavaria.

source: DPA

Reinsdorf: Wants to be his girlfriend – 16-Year-old is driving with a bike on the highway

On the way to his girlfriend, a 16-Year-old in Reinsdorf near Zwickau with the bike on the highway 72 hazards. After about four kilometres, he was stopped on the hard shoulder, the police announced in the Morning. The young people were to be on Tuesday evening, incorrectly, with the train in Zwickau landed. He then entered the address of his girlfriend in a navigation App on his Smartphone and noted that the road to Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge on the highway led. The police officers agreed with his mother, and brought him, then you and your bike to his girlfriend.

source: DPA

severe weather in Germany: Violent summer storm hit the South

a Violent summer storm raged on Tuesday night on the South and southwest of Germany. Rain, lightning and Thunder met, especially in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland. The rescue workers were spending hours on their feet, pumped water from flooded basements and made fallen trees to the side.

Alone in Ludwigshafen (Rhineland-Palatinate) were received in a short time, more than 100 emergency calls to the fire brigade, such as these announced. About Pforzheim (Baden-Württemberg) and the surrounding areas erupted strong Thunderstorm. Basement around were under water, trees buckled and electricity were damaged masts, such as the fire and rescue services. The rescuers went in the evening to around 120 weather operations. The heavy rains led in the vicinity of Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate) to at least two accidents on the highway. There was a seriously injured, as the police reported.

The weather service kachelmann weather registered in Pforzheim, 115 km/h wind speed. In Tholey (Saarland) were measured, therefore, 100 km/h. In the South and West can also form in the course of Wednesday, heavy Thunderstorms, such as the German weather service announced. Once again the threat of severe weather exists.

source: DPA

Munich: Flooded Tunnel S-Bahn lahm

A flooded section of the tunnel has placed on Tuesday the S-Bahn in the Munich city centre to a standstill. The water had been “on a stretch of 150 meters to 50 centimeters high,” said a spokesman from the Munich fire brigade. 30 colleagues were busy since the morning, the more than knee-deep water to pump off. It did, however, constantly more water in the Tunnel. “An end of the insert is not yet in sight,” said fire Department spokesman in the early evening.

How it came to the water intrusion into the track area, was initially unclear. On the Munich S-Bahn traffic, the water damage had a massive impact: The so-called trunk line could also be used for evening commuter traffic not yet used. This route is largely underground through the city centre. Every day, around 1000 trains on the track. According to train, there is nowhere in Europe is more traffic on the two rails. Around 840 000 people use the S-Bahn per working day.

source: DPA

news of Tuesday, 6. August

Uedem: Two Dead in accident with motorcycle – polluter escapes

Two young men came in a motorcycle accident on the lower Rhine, died after a tractor driver should have the right of way taken. The 23-year-old woman and 25-year-old man crashed on her motorcycle against the second trailer of the tractor, as this crossed the road, as the police said on Tuesday. They were thrown out. The 75-year-old tractor driver continued his journey, according to police information, without a care for the victims. Despite resuscitation measures, the young people died. The bike went up after the collision on a country road near Uedem on Monday evening in flames.

In the context of an investigation, the police found the tractor in a barn and arrested the 75-Year-old home on a provisional basis. Him accident is accused of hit and run and negligent homicide. Track the location pointed to the fact that he would have to have noticed the accident, said a police spokesman. A report needs to clarify that now.

source: DPA

Braunschweig: an Anonymous hospice donates 100.000 Euro.

An anonymous benefactor has donated in Braunschweig, Germany, € 100,000 in a hospice. “We can’t today, all the wide Smile off your face,” said the head of the institution, Petra God sandy, on Tuesday. The money was handed over on Monday on the “Braunschweiger Zeitung” to the hospice. According to the newspaper, the donor is assured that the sum comes exclusively from taxed income and asked for anonymity. 200 Tickets, each worth 500 euros, he Packed obviously. “The rear grab bag “stands” on it,” said the hospice Director. What the money is to be used, God wants sandy to consult with your Team.

Since 2011, were distributed in Braunschweig, Germany, again and again, envelopes with high amounts for social purposes. Usually a newspaper was the article, which pointed to the purpose of use. This time, the unknown donor wrote in his letter: “to facilitate severely ill people to Die, is a sign of human warmth and requires respect and recognition.” The hospice has twelve rooms for people who have started their last phase of life.

source: DPA

Espelkamp: burglars do not wash your clothes in Kindergarten

they came only to Steal: burglars have washed in a Kindergarten in the East Westphalian Espelkamp their clothes. After the break-in of freshly washed Mr was found clothing that had been forgotten, the perpetrators apparently, the police announced on Tuesday. The Unknown could be, therefore, plenty of time: they also ate food from the kitchen. With a small amount of cash they left the scene of the crime. The burglary occurred on the Monday after the holiday. As the offender reached in the Kindergarten, was initially unclear.

source: DPA

Munich: woman climbs on top of the freight wagon and suffers a severe electric shock

A woman climbed in Munich for photos on a freight car and has dragged on due to electric shock severe burns course. As the Federal police announced on Tuesday, the 20-Year-old on Monday evening with a companion strictly forbidden on the site of a marshalling yard. There, she climbed on a tank car, and the 15,000-Volt leading the top came too close to the line. The electric shock crashed.

your 22-year-old companion immediately alerted the rescue service. The woman suffered according to the officials, severe burns on more than two-thirds of their body surface and through the fall from the wagon, besides various other injuries. She was taken to a hospital. The 22-Year-old had to be supervised with a heavy shock of a crisis intervention team.

source: AFP

Bremerhaven: horse is up to his neck in the mud

A horse remained in Bremerhaven up to his neck stuck in the mud. The 13-year-old animal, lost control and slid into a ditch as the fire Department announced on Monday evening. The owner alerted the fire Department, a veterinarian and a friend with a tractor.

According to the agreement between the rescuers and veterinarian, the animal could be released with a special animal rescue harness and the tractor from his predicament. It remained unharmed.

source: AFP

Waldachtal: man announces police chaos travel with forklifts

A 20-year-old man is in a journey with a forklift in Waldachtal in joy city, a great deal of damage – and his crime before the police announced. Background a botched love affair was probably “it,” said a spokesman for the police on Tuesday.

After the call to the police in the night to Tuesday, the young man put his plan into action. During the roughly five-kilometre-long journey, he crashed with the telescopic forklift against five parked vehicles, a horse paddock, a barn, walls and street lanterns. Because of the size of his vehicle, the police could not intervene first. About an hour later, the 20-Year-old finished his journey and had no resistance to arrest. The total damage, according to police, at around 75,000 euros. As the man had reached the forklift, was initially unknown.

source: DPA

Duisburg: the suspect after the evacuation of shopping centre

After the evacuation of Duisburg shopping center because of a suspicious bag, a suspect has been arrested in the Netherlands. According to police reports from Tuesday is now determined whether and to what extent the Arrested has something to do with the incident.

On Monday evening, experts on the land criminal police office had been consulted. The officers fired at the bag with a strong jet of water to control it to explosive substances, a spokesman said. This is a standard procedure. Not to be an Explosion it came. What was exactly in the piece of Luggage, was the subject of the investigation. The mission ended after midnight and the Mall is re-enabled. For more Details, the police are not called in the Morning first.

source: DPA

news from Germany from Monday, the 5. August 2019

Bad Hindelang: father jumps in front of his family in the death of

on a family trip to the allgäu mountains a man before the eyes of his wife and his little daughter, is plunged into the death. The mountain experienced 54-Year-old from Baden-Württemberg had strayed on Sunday at the walk on the Koblat in Bad Hindelang and his family, as the police reported on Monday. The parents, with their nine-year-old daughter were caught on a rare path in steep, rough terrain. As the father was looking for a way out of the steep grass slope, he slips, probably, and a rock edge crashed. Helper of the mountain rescue team could retrieve him, only dead. The 49-year-old wife and the daughter were brought with the rescue helicopter into the valley, and a crisis intervention team is serving.

source: DPA

Munich, 14-Year-old to sexual assault in custody

In Munich, is a 14-year-old youth following a sexual Assault on a thirteen-year-old in a swimming pool in the remand came. The students were accused of sexual abuse, assault, threats and harassment, said a police spokesman on Monday on request. The young person was noticed as a multiple offender with multiple offences in a short period of time, one of the grounds for Detention, the risk of collusion was.

According to police, the student had met last Thursday with the known 13-Year-old and a friend in front of the swimming pool. During the swimming pool visit, he had enticed the girl into a locker room. There, he groped you and asked to satisfy him orally. The girl had refused vehemently and began to cry. When she wanted to leave the bathroom, the 14-Year-old threatened with death, on the neck Packed, and with the flat of his Hand slapped in the face.

lifeguards discovered the girl shortly afterwards. The suspect was able to leave the swimming pool, he was then been by the police in the parental home and arrested. An investigating judge had issued arrest warrant.

source: AFP

Würzburg: Red light – the son of the father, by emergency call

going to rat Because his dad allegedly ran a Red light, for him, displayed his five-year-old son by emergency call 110 to the police.

said the officials on Monday, the emergency on Friday at the operation center of the police headquarters lower Franconia. First of all, was just listening to the voice of a child, then was re-released. The officials at the Emergency call called back the number immediately. Then the father took the phone and apologized first for the use of the emergency call, through his son. Finally, he passed the handset to his son.

The five-year-old reported in a reproachful tone, that his father drove two Times through a red light and the police should, therefore, locked up. After a good persuasion of the officers was the Kid but not the fact that the police would send a patrol car.

source: DPA

Pfronstetten: children and the grandfather of the tractor, thrown and hard-to –

injured A 66-year-old man and his two grandchildren have been injured in a tractor accident in the state of Baden-Württemberg difficult. The Senior was caught with the nine-and eleven-year-old children Pfronstetten on the significantly overloaded tractor on the road, as this into a Skid, as the police announced on Monday. On the Trailer 15 round bales of hay were loaded that were not backed up. As the tractor and the trailer were to roll and tipped, was ejected, all three occupants from the vehicle. Both children and the grandfather came to the hospital.

source: DPA

Kreuth: found Dead 17-Year-old might be overthrown

In the case of the dead found 17-Year-old from the upper Bavarian town of Kreuth, the police suspected a fall as the cause of death. A police spokeswoman said, will decide the authority of the Assembly together with the Prosecutor’s office about a post-mortem examination of the corpse. The young people had gone on Saturday evening in a Taxi with Friends from a village festival back and short in front of your home out. After that, there was no trace of her. On Sunday afternoon, the body in the vicinity of Kreuth was found in a Creek bed.


police officers stand in a roped-off area of a stream in the Kreuther the District of Scharling

©Lino Mirgeler DPA

source: DPA

Elmshorn: three-year tear of Barbecue and looking for regional Express, the-Wide

A three-year-old cracks in Elmshorn in Schleswig-Holstein unnoticed by a Barbecue for his family and has sought a regional Express the Wide. As the Federal police in Flensburg, Germany, announced on Monday, was a conductor on Saturday, the boy’s attention and handed him over to the train station Itzehoe to the officials. Since he already had a 20-minute train ride behind.

According to the Federal police, the search of the parents required some Research, “because the understanding with the Toddler did not even want to work really”. First, the officials asked the colleagues at the Hamburg Central station, where the train was left. There was, however, sought not a child. On the monitoring station of the national police, they were then on a missed message from Elmshorn carefully. A telephone call to the mother brought clarity.

Thus, had stolen the three-year-old by a Barbecue in the family, which lives at the Elmshorn train station. The officers drove him in the patrol car back home. “When Mama and Papa were able to close their small son a short time later, overjoyed in the arms, then was everything good,” they reported.

source: AFP

Schweich: man should have a child in the outdoor swimming pool immersed

In Rhineland-Palatinate, Schweich near Trier, it should be to come on Sunday evening in an outdoor pool, an Assault on a twelve year old boy. The police announced, to Packed, a 37-Year-old to the adolescent who played pool with other children in a swimming pool, on the neck, in a headlock, and then, under water, pressed took. Now the officials are looking for possible witnesses to the incident.

source: police Trier

Arnstadt: cow breaks out of the paddock and 22 rises Year on the car

What a stupid bitch: This should have thought a 22-Year-old, on Sunday in Arnstadt (Thuringia), a ruminant on the bonnet rose and the car “not insignificant” damaged. Several cows had escaped from a paddock and onto a County road ran, police said on Sunday. The 22-Year-old stopped to let the animals pass. Not that he had expected probably, however, that according to the information police of him a cow over the hood “delivery”. The windshield and the hood were damaged, said a spokesman for the evening.

Then the animals joined back to the herd. Was injured in the incident, no one. The damage to the car was estimated to be around 3500 Euro.

source: AFP

Hagen: Fatal fire man in danger of life

during a travel in Hagen fatal firefighter danger, according to police data more in life. The state of health remains critical, said a police spokesman on Monday morning. The man crashed the car on Friday afternoon from a moving fire Department. With a helicopter, rescue workers brought the injured to a hospital.

According to the initial findings of the police, had opened to the left of the vehicle turn on the right-hand side of the Fire door. The fireman rushed outside to the road. He was with his comrades, to be a rescue mission on the way. The traffic Commissioner investigate the cause of the accident, said the police spokesman.

source: DPA

news from Germany the week of January 29. July to 4. August 2019, you can read here.

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