Mönchengladbach: bee swarm sets young people

had to be an unusual use of disengagement on Saturday afternoon, the fire brigade Mönchengladbach. There is a swarm of kept honey bees, three youths on a horse farm in chess. The bees had settled in the courtyard area of a door frame to the saddle chamber, so that the three teenagers, the way out was blocked, such as the use of force said on Sunday. When firefighters arrived, waited for the youths in the rear part of the chamber. A use of force, urge, first, carefully to the locked-in, to reassure you. After a short time, the swarm of bees calmed down and concentrated in the lower-left area of the door. The three of them together with the rescue force were able to leave, wary of the room and brought to safety.

source: Feuerwehr Mönchengladbach

Wiehl: balcony door falls on small child

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Wiehl has been injured, on Friday evening, a one-year old Boy difficult. As the police reported on Sunday, was taken to the child at 20 by a falling balcony door. According to the previous investigations had solved the balcony door from its anchorage. The Boy suffered such severe injuries that he had to be flown to an emergency medical attention in a University hospital. Members have been in the care of Emergency pastors.

source: district police authority oberbergischer Kreis

Hamburg: man snapped because of a lack of Burger

Due to a lack of Burgers and lost small money, is engaged to a 31-year-old man on Saturday morning shortly after 8 p.m. in the Hamburg main station and has threatened a 26-Year-old with the death. The man had not ordered in a fast food restaurant, a Burger that was at the time still in the range, police said on Sunday. Then he claims to have a coin in the Store is lost. As the man and the workers found the money, insulted the 31-Year-old woman and threatened you with death.

As a security service staff wanted to calm him down, took the cream of the man, several parcels of coffee, drank some and threw the other through the Restaurant. Then, the 31-escaped-Year-old, was caught by the police, but handcuffed and arrested. A breath alcohol test showed zero parts per thousand. “We can’t explain his behavior,” said a spokesman for the police. Against the man are now on suspicion of insult, threat, and theft. Was injured in the incident, no one.

source: DPA

Moosburg: motorist turns in the emergency lane

On the A92 in Moosburg in upper Bavaria, a car driver is reversed at the weekend in a traffic jam just by the emergency lane cut back. He was a police officer, almost with a police car along, police said on Sunday. The reason for the risky maneuver: The 58-Year-old didn’t want to miss on Saturday for his flight and, therefore, trying to reach the junction to leave the motorway there. He did not understand “the meaning of rescue lane, well”, police said. Therefore, he must reckon with a fine of 700 euros and a driving ban.

source: DPA

hill home: pensioners can car in car wash

let stand A pensioner has wedged his car in a car wash – and there hours. “The man in considerable follow-on costs”, police said on Sunday. The 70-year-old was driving on Saturday morning in the hill home at Koblenz in the car wash of a gas station. In the process, he locked it in the vehicle so that he got it out without damaging either the plant or the car.

Both seemed to him probably the same unattractive – especially since the man was in a hurry: He wanted to perceive in the vicinity for a urgent private appointment, as the police reported. Without further ADO, he ordered a Taxi and left his car in front of the eyes of the startled gas station employees just. He went on to say that, meanwhile, someone on the problem. Therefore, he sent the taxi driver with the car key back to the gas station the was the key there.

“Only after nine hours, the driver comes back to his Car, still wedged in the washing machine”, – stated in the police report. The plant had been placed all the time to a complete standstill. The Senior tried to the car wash screw up in order to get the car – after all, he called a tow truck to rescue the car.

source: DPA

Bavaria: stag and hen parties, police use of

to solve Two stag and hen parties are run at the weekend in Bayern pretty out of control. In Nordheim of the Rhön and a driver alerted the police because she saw a masked and armed man to run a house entrance, such as the police headquarters informing of lower Franconia in Würzburg, Germany on Sunday. The officers surrounded the house, and on the basis of the owner. Eventually, the police reached him by phone and was able to give the all-clear: It was only a played abduction in the framework of a bachelor farewell.

Also on Saturday, a 27 called-Year-old from Amorbach to completely resolve the emergency because of alleged burglars ravaged his house. Here, too, only the mates, who wanted to scare him and pick it up at his bachelor party but it was.

source: DPA

Bad Driburg: car flies against the wall of the building

In the North-Rhine Bad Driburg it came early Sunday morning to a major accident. As the police reported, were ripped by the local residents at the roundabout in Neuenheerse by a loud Bang at about 3.30 p.m. out of the bedroom. A young man was off with his BMW off the road and against the wall of a residential building, a police officer, after he was, in part, on a traffic island. The fire brigade had to free the 20-Year-old from the vehicle, which was easy since the car was vertically aligned to the house wall. To the vehicle and the house considerable damage was done. The driver had to give a blood sample, because there is a suspicion that he was under the influence of alcohol on the road. He came up injured in a hospital.

source: district police authority Höxter

use short-info P a traffic accident and is stuck with a trapped Person in Neuenheerse. Date 16.06.2019 time…

Posted by fire company Bad Driburg/Feuerwehr Bad Driburg on Saturday, 15. June 2019

news of Saturday, 15. June

Usedom: Male body at the beach found

On the island of Usedom has been washed up on the Saturday a male corpse on the beach. As the police reported, was the lifeless Person who was fully clothed, at about 12.30 p.m. from the service, but I found the wax head of the German life-saving society on the beach of Trassenheide. An emergency doctor could only conclude death. Since the body was apparently already longer time in the water, could not be identified the Dead man as yet. The wait was worth it.

source: police Neubrandenburg

Ludwigshafen, Germany: cyclists attack motorist

In the Palatinate, Ludwigshafen is it came to a confrontation between a motorist and a cyclist. As the police reported Saturday occurred in the incident on Thursday. A motorist was offended during an overtaking process of a cyclist. As the car had to stop traffic conditions, stopped the cyclist next to him and attacked the driver through the open side window. It came to a physical confrontation, until the cyclist finally escaped. The police are investigating now due to injury and addiction, according to witnesses.

source: police in the Rhine Palatinate

Regensburg: Radlerin falls drunk into the Danube

In Regensburg, a young woman with her Bicycle is drunk in the Danube overthrown. As the “Passauer reported New press,” suffered the woman in the fall during the night to Saturday, a space-wound to the head, a concussion and various bruises. Witnesses observed previously, as the 22-Year-old in snake lines at the quay wall along cycled. Then she bounced his head against the Board wall of a vessel. You could save yourself independently between the ship and quay wall to a ledge. There the alarmed rescuers took care of it then to you, and brought you to a hospital. A breath alcohol test resulted in a value of two parts per thousand. It now expects a criminal case for drunk driving in road traffic.

source: “Passauer Neue Presse”

Hamm: a Couple argues in a car and rammed a transformer station.

In the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Hamm, a 35 seized-Year-old a woman on Friday evening during the journey to the steering Wheel and causes an accident. Apparently the man was drunk. As the police reported, had a fight the Couple of a short time before in the car. The car drove on a bike path, through a fence and rammed and broke the Mast of a transformer station. The Couple remained at the crash unharmed. Due to the danger from the high voltage of the Car could not be recovered as yet, says. The police secured the area. The salvage is expected to take place on Saturday, in cooperation with the energy company RWE. Since the transformer station must be removed from the network, expected power outages in Parts of the Hammer town area.


The car could not, as yet,

©police Hamm

source: police Hamm

Hamm: family beat, a recovered on each other – six-injured

Wild brawl in North-Rhine-Westphalian town of Hamm: There you went off on Friday evening shortly before 22 o’clock, two large families together. As the police reported, it was concerned with the perceived disturbance of the peace. Up to 15 members of two families struck and came in front of a multi-family house to each other. Beer bottles were used as impact tools, or throwing objects. At least one of the Parties was pepper spray. Two of the children suffered at the age of two and five years, minor injuries. When the police arrived, the fight had already ended, the mood had been, however aggressive, is it. In the meantime, had gathered about 50 people on a green surface. The forces were in between and were able to prevent further clashes. A 36-had Years to be with an ambulance to a hospital. Three more men (23, 34 and 39 years old) were slightly injured, they remained on-site. The medical care of the children took over, according to police, the mother.

source: police Hamm

green city: a birthday celebration of a 16-Year-old escalated to several police in the large-scale use of

The birthday celebration of a youth in green town in Rhineland-Palatinate, ran completely out of control. The police announced, gathered in the night to Saturday, 300 to 400 mostly young people in front of the community house in the village. Many were drunk and would have gegrölt from full neck, it said. The 16-Year-old and her father were completely overstrained.

When the police in green town – a small town in the Palatinate forest arrived and the Celebration ended, the Situation escalated. From the lot of stones flew at the police, with batons was going on. After hours returned a rest in the green city, the police announced more.

An officer was injured by a stone on the head. Nine people were in custody. The birthday girl had invited to his Celebration in front of all friends and Acquaintances. As the Party was such a proliferation, it was not yet clear.

source: DPA

Berlin: fire in event location – three injured

In the case of a major fire in a Berlin Club were injured in the night of Saturday three people easily. As the fire and rescue services, branded the event location “Club of Visionaries” at the flood of Kreuzberg from the trench to the Southeast of the district “almost completely”. The fire brigade was, therefore, 70 the use of local labour. The Spread of the fire to an adjacent gas station can be prevented. According to media reports, several pressure cylinders in a timely manner to safety.

source: AFP

Berlin: world war II bomb on Alex

defused A bomb from the Second world war has been defused near Berlin’s Alexanderplatz successfully. As the police said, was blown up by the detonator in the night to Saturday. Subsequently, the authorities have lifted bans on and around the site. Damage or injuries have not given it.

The 100-Kilo bomb was found during construction work on a plot of land next to the Kaufhaus Alexa. The police moved a lock of a circle of 300 meters. In this area, around 3000 people live, shops and a nursing home are located in the Area.

source: DPA

news of Friday, 14. June

Düsseldorf: pizza delivery guy parks, of all places, the police access to

The wrong Parking has chosen a pizza boy in Düsseldorf: The 33-Year-old blocked his car on Thursday, of all things, the access ROArt for the custody area of a police station, as the guardian reported on Friday. The officials pointed out, pointed the man, therefore, that he need to Pizza-Deliver only five minutes.

This brought him a prompt control by the police. The suspicion that the driver was under the influence of cocaine and marijuana confirmed the information, according to. “Thus, the layer of the 33-Year-old ended up at this days in advance,” it said in the police report. The officials have initiated an investigation.

source: AFP


use of forces of the fire brigade Mönchengladbach fight against the flames,

©Theo Titz DPA Mönchengladbach: passers-by spit on private cars by firefighters

It’s an effort that went to the physical limits: Around 15 hours of fighting forces of the fire brigade in Mönchengladbach (NRW) last Wednesday in a large fire against the flames was. Ultimately, they were unable to save the building complex, he burned to the ground.

After the deployment, the firefighters made a very unpleasant discovery: “Unfortunately, we found upon our return to the unit house, multiple Cars, our comrades were spat on,” write the forces in a Facebook published a Post. Apparently, had excited passers-by about the vehicles parked on the sidewalk. “In the use case, every Minute counts. Due to the cramped Parking situation in front of our guard, it can not be prevented, the comrades on the sidewalk Parking,” explained the fire Department the “wild” Parking of their own people. It was incomprehensible to them, “that people spit on our property, if we do 15 hours for the citizens of our city is hard work”, the forces of your disappointment. In the case of the users of this leads to large understanding. The post was divided (as of: Friday, 13.25 hours), and more than 1500 Times, including, you can find hundreds of benevolent comments.

+++ In their own right +++ dear fellow citizens of the city of Mönchengladbach, as you noticed, it came at the…

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It was not the only incident. So police officers had noticed a private drone, which flew in the midst of point in use on the Fire. This was driven by a 42-Year-old from a Parking lot via a Smartphone, police said. The man had been immediately forbidden to him, criminal proceedings for dangerous surgery expect now in the air traffic, they say.

sources: Facebook /police Mönchengladbach

Berlin: bomb near the Alexanderplatz discovered

In the center of Berlin, a hundred-kilogram aircraft bomb from the Second world war has been found. The detonator of the bomb was intact, said a police spokeswoman on Friday. Around the site, close to the Alexanderplatz should be set up accordingly, a blocking circuit of 300 meters. In the afternoon it was still unclear when the bomb is defused.

source: AFP

Koblenz: court overturns Burkini ban for swimming pools

The Rhineland-Palatinate higher administrative court has overturned a Burkini ban for municipal swimming pools in Koblenz on a provisional basis. The corresponding prohibition in the house rules contravened the constitutional requirement of equal treatment, decided by the court after notice by the Friday in Koblenz in summary proceedings. Thus, the applicant was again in a Burkini – a full-body swimsuit to get into the water.

The Muslim had explained, because of a back disease she had not been medically rates swimming pool visits to alleviate their pain. Because of their faith, they could only swim with a Burkini.

The Koblenz city Council had decided by a narrow majority that swimmers may only swim in a bathing suit, swimsuit, Bikini or swim shorts. In Burkinis the control to open wounds, rashes, and offence-causing diseases is impossible. The new house rules was met in the beginning of 2019 in force.

source: DPA

Hamburg: a man is said to have killed a 36-Year-old in a restaurant

After a homicide has been detained by the police in Hamburg on Wednesday a 37-year-old man. This is suspected, early Tuesday morning at 3 a.m., a 36-Year-old in a restaurant in the district of Neugraben-Fischbek killed and whose body then moved.

According to previous investigation, the man, and the subsequent victims were at the time alone in the locality, after they had celebrated together. Apparently, it came to the battle and a physical altercation, in consequence of which the woman died by violence. From fear of discovery, the man had removed the body of 36-Year-old from the scene of the crime. The Dead was discovered thus early Thursday morning by riot police in a nearby bushes, and in the right medicine brought.

On the trail of the suspects, the investigators came by indications of employees of the restaurant, the first found traces of blood and the police were informed. The 37-Year-old criminal investigator arrested in Buxtehude on a provisional basis. Following the police action, he had been a detention judge, write to the officials.


In the course of the investigation, the restaurant where the crime occurred, presumably, by the police

©Bodo Marks, DPA,

source: the Hamburg police

Mönchengladbach: sealed police of the Islamist threat-proof

An Islamist threat has been taken on Thursday evening in Mönchengladbach fixed. A spokesman for the police confirmed on Thursday evening. First of all, the mirror had reported “online”. The particulars of the man, the police are not made initially, and referred to the public Prosecutor’s office. After the media had been found for him in April, a sharp weapon with a silencer and ammunition reports. The man is supposed to be a rejected asylum-seekers coming from the Russian Republic of Chechnya.

source: DPA

news of Thursday, 13. June

Altötting: motorists besieged civilian Patrol and won’t slow down from

Because it preceded it, apparently, fast enough, has harassed a 33-year-old motorist in Bavaria in front of him driving the car with light horn and tailgating before he ausbremste after Overtaking altogether. Stupid for the driver: He had, of all things, a civilian Patrol of the police selected.

informed How officials on Thursday, was the Patrol on Tuesday evening in the city of Altötting on-the-go, as the 33-Year-old was approached from behind. In consequence, he was to seal up, and I jostled in the process, by means of a light horn. On a main road, he overtook the police officers, then, sat down immediately in front of their vehicle and put a full stop. According to the police, the officials were able to avoid a collision, just barely.

Then the man got out of his car and with his fists clenched on the civilian vehicle to run. After the officials presented their identification cards, have the 33-Year-old, who had no driving licence, soothes. A lot of this will not help him. Therefore, investigation for dangerous driving, assault in the road and driving without a licence, are waiting for him. In addition, his mother’s hearing was ensured at the end of the car on a provisional basis.

source: police in Bavaria

Würzburg: post office robbery after 18 years,

solved 18 years after a RAID on a Wurzburg post office with a haul of about 120,000 D-Mark, the offender has been convicted. The now 53-Year-old was just before the Statute of limitations was a palm print identified. He had already been several similar acts transferred. The judges at the regional court of Würzburg sentenced the man on Thursday to five years and three months in prison, charged with a remainder of a sentence from another robbery six and a half years.

The penalty applies to serious extortion and false imprisonment. The defendant had threatened in the Robbery of a postal employee with a knife and locked up. Your testimony made according to the judge, it clear that they still today suffers under the incident. The defendant stated that due to several Cardiac arrests in recent years more and more to the fact, remember. The judgment is not yet final.

source: DPA

Dötlingen: motorists hit cyclists on purpose

After a collision between a car and a cyclist in Dötlingen, in lower Saxony, the suspicion of attempted murder in the room. According to information from prosecutors and police, the car driver should have run over the cyclist with intent. He was, therefore, “that he is homeless and without prospects, and due to the fact a placement in a correctional facility wanted to make a difference.”

informed How the officials in Oldenburg and Delmenhorst, was injured the 48-year-old cyclist in the first place is difficult. The accident itself suffered minor injuries and was also taken to a hospital. The evaluation of the traces at the scene of the accident pointed out that it could have been a targeted attack traded. The motorist was arrested.

Accordingly, he drew his car on a road connecting two districts of the rural municipality of suddenly to the left across the oncoming lane and collected the cyclist was on the cycle path next to the road. After a night in the hospital from Mönchengladbach in North Rhine-Westphalia, stem was shown to motorists on Wednesday a detention judge.

These issued an arrest warrant for attempted murder. In an interrogation, the Suspect confessed therefore, the fact, and commented on his alleged motive.

source: AFP

Münster: policeman kills his mother and then himself

A mentally ill police officer has a mother in Bielefeld until his 81-year-old and then killed himself. The bodies were discovered on Tuesday in an apartment in Bielefeld-hillegossen, such as the investigating police in Münster, announced more. Both had fatal cut injuries.

according to investigators, the 43-year-old son was a policeman in Bielefeld, Germany. For reasons of neutrality, was therefore commissioned by the police authority in Münster with the investigation.

The forensics at the crime scene and the investigations in the environment of the dead and the autopsy revealed that the 43-Year-old, first his mother and then himself fatal cut had hurt. The subject is according to the findings of the Prosecutor’s office in the mental illness of the 43-Year-old.

you have suicidal thoughts?

in every life situation, and round-the-clock telephone helpline for anonymous and free of charge, a listening ear and advice, telephone: (0800) 1110111 and (0800) 1110222. A consultation via E-Mail. A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention.

source: AFP

Storkow: motorist fleeing from police and injured several people,

On the run from the police, a motorist injured on Thursday in Brandenburg several people, and is colliding the car with two police. Police tried to control the vehicle in Berlin. As a result, the driver and his two fellow inmates with the car fled on the A 12 in the direction of Poland. The connection Storkow point drove the car on a strip of the police car, which had expected the Refugees there. Two in the vehicle seat were injured end police officers easily. Then the getaway car collided with another patrol car. The two police officers and the three occupants of the fleeing car were injured.

When the police wanted to take the Trio festival, contributed to the 34-year-old driver, his 27-Year-old rider and a 32-year-old inmate resistance. Another policeman was injured. In the getaway car, the officers found drugs and various burglary tools.

source: DPA

rodt: cyclists attacked the dog and wife

In Marie Heide (NRW) has attacked an unknown cyclist, a dog and its owner allegedly using pepper spray. According to police reports, the woman and the angeleinte animal on Wednesday afternoon, as they were overtaken by a cyclist. Here, the dog ran in the direction of the man, could be withdrawn by the 58-Year-old but in good time.

Yet, the cyclists have stopped and the animal immediately sprayed, before he first went on. Then the man stopped again, turned around and attacked the dog Keeper, who suffered through the Spray eye irritation. In the case of the unknown cyclist, it should have been a man in his late 50 with a full beard and athletic body. Accordingly, he wore black pants, a reddish jacket and a helmet.

notes on the man takes the police Wipperfürth telephone number 02261 81990 contrary.

source: district police authority oberbergischer Kreis

Seevetal: man clearing out after the House sharp hand grenade at the police

In the case of a house clearing in lower Saxony, a man has discovered a sharp hand-grenade and handed guard at a police. The 51-Year-old had obviously not been aware of how dangerous the find was the one he made in the budget resolution of his deceased father in Seevetal, reported to the police. Specialists took the grenade on the guard and disposed of properly. Anyone who finds a grenade should not this touch and immediately call the police, it said further.

source: DPA


Just by chance, spotted a police patrol on Wednesday in the wreck of this Car in a 15-Meter-deep sand pit in the Saarland Remmesweiler

©fire Department of St. Wendel Remmesweiler: car deep sand pit,

Just by chance discovered by police officers on Wednesday in the Saarland Remmesweiler the completely destroyed wreck of a Car crashes in 15 meters. Thus, a Patrol car noticed first tire tracks on the side strip, and a wrecked fence. In the underlying sand pit, the officers found the car, finally the accident. Rescue workers were able to salvage the 40-year-old driver, a little later, just not dead yet. The wreck of his car had to be recovered with a crane from the pit.


Just by chance, a police discovered the patrol on Wednesday, the wreck of this Car in a 15-Meter-deep sand pit in the Saarland Remmesweiler

©fire Department of St. Wendel Saalfeld: eleven-year-old Vibrator wants to steal and fly

it went fully in the pants. In Saalfeld, Thuringia, an eleven-year-old failed on Wednesday in an attempt to steal a Vibrator. The police announced on Thursday, he triggered the anti-theft alarm system, when he wanted to leave the drugstore. The called police, the student confessed that it was the action is a test of courage and he should steal the sex toy for a girlfriend. The Caught was passed after that of his mother.

source: police Saalfeld

Park Stetten: man in control of driving license of the father

With the license of his father, and more than two per Mille of alcohol in the blood was on Wednesday, the motorist will be in the lower Bavarian Park Stetten on-the-go. The police announced on Thursday, was the 60-Year-old during a traffic stop when his 80-year-old father and held the officials in the case of a control of a driving licence under the nose. Where the attempt at deception was, however. The 60-Year-old had already longer no driving licence anymore.

source: DPA

Blankensee: wedding guests of Ast hard

injured in The severe storm has ruined a fresh bride bride and groom in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on Wednesday the best day of his life. After a violent gust of wind, a massive Branch from a height of four metres crashed into Blankensee against 20.30 clock on several of the wedding guests. Three women and four men had to be brought according to the police, seriously injured in a hospital. On the square in the centre of town, about 100 guests of the wedding were at the time of the storm.

source: police Neubrandenburg

Geesthacht: Headless latex doll floating in the river Elbe

A life-sized latex doll to triggered a Fire in the Elbe river. Passers-by would see in Geesthacht, in the district of Duchy of Lauenburg in towels wrapped headless figure of a woman floating in the water, a police spokesman said on Thursday. Then you would have selected immediately to the emergency. As the fire Department arrived on Wednesday with a boat, it turned out quickly that it was just a life-sized doll that had been removed from the head. Who has allowed the bad joke, is still unclear.

source: DPA

news of Wednesday, 12. June

Göttingen: neighbors and fragmented – sentence

In the process, a deadly confrontation, the subsequent dismemberment of the corpse, the göttingen district court sentenced killed a man to eight years in prison. The judge in the town in lower Saxony see it, according to a spokeswoman from the Wednesday as evidence that the 29-year-old defendant had killed one and a half years, a neighbor in Katlenburg-Lindau during a drinking binge.

Then he tore up the body and buried the parts in bags to a box. There they were found until months later, after the mentally ill defendant had confessed to the crime after a suicide attempt. The court sentenced him for manslaughter, and disturbance of the peace of the Dead, and ordered placement in a psychiatric hospital.

The prosecution had charged the case as a murder, and it was assumed that the Accused might have acted out of lust for murder. The speech was also of an occult Ritual. In the opinion of the court, this assumption cannot be conrmed in the process, however. It was a “escalating argument between two men” in a difficult environment.

source: AFP

Würzburg: Panicked dog triggers Fire out of

large-scale operation in the Bavarian town of Würzburg: the police announced on Wednesday, fled the scene of a Rottweiler in a panic on the roof of a house. In the parental apartment, a twelve-year-old Boy had used a vacuum cleaner, but not with the fearful response of his dog expected. The jumped through the window onto the roof. The Boy afterwards, climbed up, in order to prevent the animal from the third floor collapsed. He stayed with the dog on the snow catch of the pointed roof to sit.

residents alerted the fire brigade, the building immediately to a Jump pad, during the height of the rescuers climbed to the roof. After the Boy returned again, independently, in the attic, should be brought to the totally frightened dog by means of a turntable ladder and rescue basket from the roof. A young, dog-experienced police officer-in-training drove the turntable ladder man undaunted together with a fire to the dog. You could create the animal with a leash, so that other forces could pull the Rottweiler through the window back into the apartment. The mother was finally able to cart her son in the rescue, fortunately, unharmed in the arms.

the game dog jumps out of the roof window – 12-Year-old tried to save him ❗ What is Posted in #Würzburg, as the assistance of a…

of the police in lower Franconia on Wednesday, 12. June 2019

Source: police in lower Franconia

Munich: the 43-Year-old rushes out of the ivy Cutting in the death of

In the district of Munich under Sendling, a man in the flower is cut out of the window of his apartment like that. He sustained fatal injuries. The 43-Year-old wanted to cut back the ivy in front of the window, as he lost from unknown cause in the balance, and about ten feet in depth rushed. The police reported on Wednesday. Therefore, an emergency doctor could not revive the man – he died still at the accident site in Sendling.

source: DPA

Kaiserslautern fifth-grader rushes to Handstand stair railings

In case of an accident in the stairwell of an integrated comprehensive school has been injured on Tuesday in Kaiserslautern, a fifth-grader is hard. As the SWR reported via Twitter, the Boy in the coma. Danger to life does not exist but. According to a city spokesperson, the eleven-year-old fell from the second floor of the school, several feet deep. Prior to that, he should have a stair railing balances. According to “Rheinpfalz” he tried in a teaching break, to do a Handstand. “Our thoughts are with the boy, his family and friends and we wish for nothing more than his speedy recovery“, – was said on Tuesday in a press release from the city of Kaiserslautern, which is also the promoter of the school.

source: SWR

Ronneburg: Bundeswehr truck, tractor-trailer, driver unconscious

The driver of a German Truck has brakes on Wednesday on highway 4 in Thuringia, a driverless tractor-trailer first, and later stopped. In the construction area of the truck had pushed previously for a Central crash barrier on the opposite lane after the driver at the wheel was passed out. As reported by the police, the German armed forces truck in front of the step, tempo-propelled Carriage and brought it to a stop. In order to supply the unconscious driver, had to be requested a rescue helicopter. For the clean-up the A4 at Ronneburg was closed completely in both directions.

source: DPA

Dortmund: Armed man after shooting fleeting

In the case of a shootout in Dortmund (North Rhine-Westphalia) on Wednesday, a Person shot and injured has been shot. The police have an APB out currently, with numerous forces under high pressure after an armed and dangerous man. The have made the shot, and then fled, said a police spokesman on Wednesday. The victim and his state of health does not want to make a statement to the police.

source: DPA

Delmenhorst: car drivers have hit cyclists on purpose

It is hardly a day that it is not in Germany to accidents between bike riders and car drivers. Also on Tuesday, in the County of Delmenhorst (lower Saxony). As the police reported, drew a Car driver from Mönchengladbach his car into oncoming traffic and collected there, an oncoming cyclist who was on the bike path on the road. This was thrown on the green strip and remained there, seriously injured lying. The 48-Year-old had to be placed with a rescue helicopter to the hospital. Danger was not life accordingly. First traces were secured at the scene of the accident, indicated, according to the police, Delmenhorst to the fact that the 62-year-old driver steered his car deliberately into the oncoming lane, and the cyclist deliberately knocked down. It is suspected of the attempted killing, the officials insist. Further investigations are underway.

source: police Delmenhorst

Aldingen: 19-Year-old dies in car crash, infant injured

In case of a severe traffic accident on a Federal highway on Tuesday, a young driver lost his life. Therefore, your car crashed against 17 clock with a different car. The occupants, two adults and a few months old infant, were critically injured. Circumstances of the accident, the police could do in the evening, still no detailed information. The first investigation, according to the 19 stripped-Year-old with her car at first, the guard rail next to the roadway, went into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on in the oncoming car, the three-member family.

source: the police headquarters in Tuttlingen

Ludwigshafen, Germany:

Distracted by the music on the ears, and the Smartphone in the Hand has crossed a 14-Year-old on Tuesday in Ludwigshafen (Rhineland-Palatinate) is a main road and a motorcycle driver to be overlooked. The Teenager touched the motorcycle of the 17-Year-old. Both of them collapsed and had to be transported with light injuries in a hospital.

source: police Ludwigshafen

Berlin: the severe weather operations at the airport messed up

Heavy rain and Thunderstorms vertebrae have caused problems at the Berlin airports Tegel and Schönefeld. Between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, the passengers were able to disembark at the two Airports for several hours, neither – nor, as a spokesman of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH said. Take-offs and landings have, however, been possible. How many passengers were affected, he could not say, first of all.

especially in the East of Germany it was in the evening and in the night of Wednesday, according to the German weather service (DWD) weather. In Saxony and Brandenburg, the hailstones fell for the part with a diameter of up to five centimeters. Also in Bavaria, Berlin and Brandenburg, there was a Thunderstorm. In the Brandenburg state capital Potsdam, the fire Department had to roll out more than 100 Times. Several cellars were full, the trees fell, water accumulated on some streets, as well as in Berlin.

source: DPA

news of Tuesday, 11. June

Wiemersdorf: 29-Year-old dies after lawn mower-Brand

In the schleswig-Holstein Wiemersdorf has suffered a 29-year-old male when mowing the lawn deadly burns. The police announced, worked the man to a sitting lawn mower, when this suddenly caught fire. Because of his physical disability, the driver did not exit the vehicle independently, whereby he suffered severe burns before first responders were able to intervene.

The 29-Year-old was then by rescue helicopter in a Hamburg clinic flew, where he was his injuries died. The criminal investigation Department Bad Segeberg has taken the investigation to the cause of the fire.

source: police Bad Segeberg

Duisburg: police prevents, apparently, a murder

In Duisburg (NRW) has prevented the police might murder plan of a trio of crosses and a crime. As the officials reported on Tuesday afternoon, had been set the police on Saturday afternoon in the knowledge that the three men between the ages of 18 and 20 years of luring a 21-year-old city of Duisburg, in an ambush, and there wanted to kill.

The Trio, it was 17 against clock in a Car and take places. Accordingly, the officers found in the vehicle of the three young men, knife, blank firing weapons and impact tools. At the request of the public Prosecutor’s office of Duisburg, the two 18-year-old accused were paraded and ordered to be on whit Monday a judge of the pretrial detention. The 20-Year-old was entitled to leave the guard after his interrogation, stated in a press release. Now a homicide detective determined to the backgrounds of the proposed act, including the potential victim would be asked, is it.

According to “Rhenish Post office” have to do with the case, neither with a clan of crime with the rock environment to.

sources: police in Duisburg / “Rheinische Post”

Frankenthal: dementia sick wife smothered – imprisonment for 86-Year-old

Because he has stifled his dementia wife with a plastic bag, has been sentenced the 86-year-old husband for manslaughter in a less serious case, to imprisonment for a term of two years and six months. The district court in the Palatinate, Frankenthal spoke on Tuesday of a tragic case, and a family tragedy. Through the intensive care of the 83-Year-old, the defendant had been revised in the past few years, increasingly, stated the judge.

The German had given his wife in January 2019 at least six sleeping pills and a plastic bag around your head attached. He tried to kill himself afterwards, in the same way, but was found by his son in a timely manner. The prosecution had demanded 3 years and 3 months. The defense had argued for a suspended sentence of two years.

source: DPA

district of Starnberg: bus driver uses the emergency lane to faster

to advance A long-distance bus driver has taken advantage of on a congested motorway, in Bavaria, an emergency corridor, in order to advance faster. Because he remained sometime still stuck, blocked the police, for the other traffic participants had formed the alley. The officials wanted to check on Monday evening, according to information in the district of Starnberg, on highway 96 a Tunnel that was closed after a heavy storm because of the water on the roadway temporarily. The police officers came over to the Bus, the forbidden way was left in the emergency lane hazards, and eventually stuck.

The driver didn’t want to drive to the next junction, in order to circumvent the waiting time in a traffic jam, police said on Tuesday. “The use of the vehicle of the motorway police could not drive up to the Tunnel, but had to wait until the Bus was able to be guided into a gap between the stationary vehicles.”

the officials were shortly thereafter to another temporarily blocked Tunnel in the district of Landsberg am Lech, on the road, they came across an RV with a horse trailer and two cars on the highway. The driver wanted to escape the jam, turning the tide, and on the highway against the direction of travel drove back. “The bus driver fined a considerable amount and the Ghost rider is now expected in addition to a driving ban,” said police spokesman Heinz Angermeier.

source: DPA

Hamburg: Boy falls in retention basins – father suffers cardio-respiratory arrest

while trying to save his son from a pond, a 35-Year-old in Hamburg, a cardiac-respiratory arrest suffered. The six-year-old Boy was playing in the late Monday evening in the district of Neugraben with his brother on the banks of the retention basin and fell into the water, the police announced on Tuesday. The brother then renewed his father to help. The man collapsed in the attempt to save the child, to the shore – probably as a result of the excitement, the police announced more.

The created forces of the fire brigade started with the resuscitation of the man. Only then they learned that a Boy had fallen in the pond and called for a rescue helicopter and divers. This found the child finally lifeless under the water. How long it had been there, was initially unclear. According to police, both the Boy and the father still lives floated on Tuesday morning is a risk. The use of the fire Department with a total of 50 rescue workers took three hours.

source: DPA

Gladbeck: child grid with kart in the fence

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Gladbeck a child has been injured in the Parking lot of a super market difficult. As the police reported on Tuesday, the seven-year-old girl with a racing kart on the road, as it raced into a metal fence at the edge of the Parking lot. In this case, the child suffered severe head injuries and had to be placed with a rescue helicopter to a hospital. The 49-year-old mother and 34 year old companion at the time of the accident, in the Parking lot. The Kart was destroyed in the accident entirely. The girl was wearing at the time of accident no helmet. How it could come to the accident determined by the police.

source: police Recklinghausen

Grimma: 24-Year-old dies after jump from the suspension bridge

A 24-Year-old died after a jump from a suspension bridge in Saxony. The police found the lifeless body of the man after about two and a half hour search, the police in Leipzig announced on Tuesday morning. The man was jumped on Monday afternoon with two well-Known of the suspension bridge in Grimma in the river Mulde. As the 24-Year-old showed up and informed the two Known to the police. The officers searched with a helicopter and with the help of the water protection police the river and the shore. Finally, they found the man about 50 metres down the river on a footbridge. The cause of death was not immediately known. The criminal investigation is determined.


this suspension bridge, the man jumped into the pit (file photo)

©Peter Endig DPA

source: DPA

Gelsenkirchen: toddler dies in swimming accident in a pool

In Gelsenkirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia) is a small Younge in a swimming pool died. The two-year-old Boy had been found on Monday afternoon lifeless in the non-swimmers ‘ pool, a police spokesman said. The child died in spite of resuscitation, the lifeguard’s in the hospital, informed the press office of the bath. All were deeply shocked and could sum up the bewilderment into words, said the utility’s managing Director Ulrich economic paper. The criminal investigation has taken over the investigation. According to police, the Boy had become in just a few days of three years old.

source: DPA

Karlsruhe, Germany: man is a wild-goose chase with 20 patrol cars

A 34-year-old man has been supplied with the same 20 strips a wild chase across several car tracks in the state of Baden-Württemberg is finally been caught yet. The 34-Year-old, who had, apparently, once again, a driver’s license, crashed on Monday on the A5 towards the South first in Bruchsal with another car, but just continue, the police announced. The stop signals of him now on the A8 follow the patrol car he disregarded, on a shoulder, he collided with his vehicle against Warnbaken, whose debris against a caravan carriage were thrown. He raced anyway – on the hard shoulder with a speed of up to 180 kilometers per hour. At a motorway junction on the A6 the man then lost control of his vehicle and came on the roof of the Stand. He was able to escape slightly injured from the vehicle. During the subsequent arrest, he provided even more resistance. The property damage is estimated at more than 10,000 Euro.

source: DPA

news of whit Monday, the 10. June

Lübeck/Glinde: police checked a car poser with big wedding

has caused A big wedding, with a planned motorcade on Saturday in Lübeck, Germany and Glinde the police, which were identified a number of violations of the law. To have the wedding up to 800 guests expected. Among other things, the police introduced a Ferrari, after which it was wanted, and pulled out a Mercedes CLS from the traffic, to the technical changes had been made.

In the motorcade in Lübeck in the afternoon around 30 vehicles drove through the city, crossed red lights and make other traffic participants. On the ensuing drive on the highway to Glinde at Hamburg city, the edge of the parade was divided up into small groups. In Glinde, Hamburg group “car poser controlled” the vehicles of the wedding guests. It launched five penalty proceedings and raised in 33 cases, to a fine. In addition, ten control issued reports due to technical defects or non-entrained paper.

a Golden Lamborghini, the police in Hamburg once out of the traffic had pulled, was controlled at the wedding, corresponded to but in the meantime, the conditions of the authorisation. The driver of the flashy and expensive cars and the guests should stand, according to media reports part of a Turkish-Kurdish Clan in Berlin in conjunction.

sources: , dpa, NDR (Twitter)

Berlin: woman steals six years of the Bicycle

In Berlin, is said to have stolen a report by the “daily mirror”, a wife, a six-year-old the Bicycle. As the paper reports, the Boy was early Saturday evening in a green area on the road.

The wife suddenly encountered by the wheel, the Boy was injured slightly. The attacker took the vehicle then simply. The child ran home, returned with his parents. This searched the area and discovered the woman and the Bicycle in the vicinity. The alarmed police arrested the Suspect.

source: “daily mirror”

Hannover: Unknown, throws stone from highway bridge

a blessing in disguise for a 33-Year-old man drove his car on Saturday on the A2, near Hannover, in the direction of Dortmund, as between the connection of Lord Hausen, and Garbsen place a stone on the windscreen of his car hit. An Unknown had thrown the missile thrown from a bridge. As the police reported, bounced the stone on the passenger seat, which was luckily vacant. The driver remained unharmed. An immediately launched search brought no success. The police have now initiated a criminal case for attempted murder and are seeking witnesses. The incident occurred at about 23.15. Information can be submitted to the forensic service in Hanover at the phone number 0511-109 5555.

source: police Directorate Hannover

Cologne: 116 wild birds in road discovered control – 13.500 Euro black market value

116 protected birds in unventilated boxes for Moving have been discovered in the case of a vehicle control on the A4 in a car. The goldfinches, green finches and hawfinch were in moving boxes. Three of the birds had dead located in the transport boxes, informed the police in Cologne on Monday. According to police, the birds on the black market to a value of around 13 500 euros.

were noticed In the case of a control of traffic on the A4 near Cologne on Sunday, police officers in two moving boxes in the footwell of the rear seats of a car. When you see Inside, they found 16 small boxes with core biters, including a further five boxes were located with a total of 50 Goldfinches and 34 green finches. The part of the injured animals were brought to a wild bird station.

Against the driver and the passenger will now be determined because of a violation of the animal protection act. The 38-Year-old and the 37-Year-old said that they wanted to have bred the animals themselves, and in Belgium sell it.

Wangerooge: SEC-use on a ferry – connection to the case, Lübcke?

On Saturday afternoon were two North sea ferries, too late from the East Frisian Harlesiel in the direction of Wangerooge drop. Reason, a police operation was on-Board. “The police action, the force from lower Saxony were used, took place for another state,” said the police inspection of the Wilhelmshaven/Friesland. Not to compromise from the determination tactical reasons and the ongoing proceedings, could be no further information given, it was more.

information of the “Jever’s week sheet” that could be of use in connection with the murder of the Kassel Regierungspräsidenten Walter Lübcke stand. This would result in searches of the sheet, the newspaper reported on Monday. Accordingly, the SEC-forces would have the ferries to be searched, a man would be taken into custody and after interrogation was released. In fact, even the investigators had reported in the case of Lübcke on a capture (read more here). An official confirmation for the assumption that the arrest had taken place in Harlesiel, not there yet.

sources: police inspection of the Wilhelmshaven/Friesland, the police, Northern Hesse, “Jever’s weekly”, “NWZ”

Munich: man goes to the brothel hand grenade

In a Munich brothel, a guest has whipped out a hand grenade. The 60-Year-old had complained earlier, according to the police, according to the working conditions of prostitutes. “The man left the bar, came back a little later and pulled from his pocket a hand grenade,” he said on Monday, a police spokeswoman. A 33-year-old clerk pushed the man to the ground and prevented that he pulled the locking pin. The police moved in with special forces. The hand grenade, Russian design was real, however, detonators and explosives were removed. The 60-Year-old was injured in the tussle with the employees and came first to the hospital. The public Prosecutor’s office launched after the incident in the Monday night investigations.

source: dpa

Oberstdorf: regional rail RV,

rammed A commuter train has hit on a railway crossing in Oberstdorf (Bavaria) is a mobile home. The 71-year-old driver and her dog were injured on Thursday as a spokesman for the police said. Passengers in the train were unharmed. According to the initial findings of the investigators, the woman was on the railway crossing hazards, although the barriers lowered already. The mobile home damage was total. Images from the scene showed that the rear and side of the Camper were torn up and damaged. The Deutsche Bahn established according to a spokesperson between Fischen and Oberstdorf have a spare traffic with buses.

source: dpa

Stade: freighter rams a tradition of sailors – eight injured

In the collision of a traditional sailing ship and a container vessel on the river Elbe at Stadersand eight people on the historic sailing ship have been slightly injured. They were taken to hospitals, the police announced on Monday in Hamburg. The collision occurred on Saturday afternoon. The 38-metre-long and six-metre-wide tradition of sailors was sunk after the collision.

the cause of The collision with the under the Cyprus flag-propelled container vessel of 142 meters long and 20 meters wide, was initially unclear. After the collision, the 82-year-old skipper could not control the traditional ship. The 50-year-old captain of the container ship fleet in coordination with the authorities, first of all, next to Brunsbüttel and anchored there in the area of the northeast Bay.

The container ship was able to continue. On Board the classic sailing ship, a total of 43 people, including 14 crew members were at the time of accident. They were all rescued.

source: dpa

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