the officers found small pieces of bone on the secluded piece of property in Texas. Then they discovered dog feces, hair, and clothing, contained the remains, and finally, a Pair of shoes. A DNA study finally brought certainty: The bones came from the missing Freddie Mack, 57 years old. The Texan had obviously been of his 18 dogs with skin and hair eaten.

“at First we could not believe it at all, simply because there was nothing left,“ said Sheriff Adam King of the “Washington Post“. There’ll be some dogs of human Remains to eat. But the whole body with the clothes? The inferior even for the more experienced investigators new.

First of all, the investigators found no trace

The search for Mack began on 15. May, when family members reported him missing. Mack lived completely isolated from the outside world in the Village of Venus, South of Dallas. Every two weeks, the nationals picked him up and drove him to the supermarket. In addition, he had no contact with other people. He only had his dogs, 18 hybrids, which contributed to keep him company.

Finally, Mr. Chen and Mrs. Chen

Gary held a sad record, he was 578 days in the shelter – now he has not encountered a home

As family members Mack in the spring, as usual, on the agreed date, they tried first to get to the plot, but the highly aggressive dogs held them. The Relatives informed the police, the officials discovered the slightest trace of the Missing on the property. Even the use of a drone brought nothing to Mack, not a trace. Also surveys among Relatives and neighbors, such as the Review of hospitals and prisons resulted in any findings.

The breakthrough came during a further search of the property. The police had removed the dogs in the meantime. An officer discovered small pieces of bone. Other bones followed, and the dog feces with Mack’s hair, pieces of Clothes, the Mack belonged to, and finally, his shoes where the dogs were.

Open is whether Mack was already dead

“for us, This was another Aha-Moment, said Sheriff King. In that Moment, we knew.” The DNA-investigation confirmed the horrible suspicion: Mack had been eaten by own dogs.

Open the question of whether the solitary man was killed by the animals, or whether he was died and then eaten is. The possibility exists, because Mack was a seriously ill man.


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Blew a Prosecutor for the hunt to pet owners? The procedure is for three years on ice cream

By Kerstin Herrnkind

That dogs eat their deceased holder to the part that is not uncommon. The “Washington Post“ reported a study in which 60 cases had been investigated in the past years. Accordingly, the animals eat in the first Line the nose and mouth, in the smaller number of arms and hands, but never a whole body completely.

Of the animals from Texas were killed and 13, because they were too aggressive. Two had been previously bitten by another of their kind dead. Only three animals are still alive. “They are friendly,” said Sheriff King.

sources: Washington Post, “USA Today”

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