came To a bloody act of violence in Weilerswist, near Bonn, Germany. There should according to the current knowledge of the investigators have killed a 30-year-old man, his 60-year-old mother and 62-year-old father with a knife. The police in Bonn announced that, together with the Bonn Public Prosecutor’s office.

Shortly after 20 o’clock, the 60-year-old mother chose the emergency call and told the police that her son hit her husband. Shortly after that, the conversation broke off. Police officers rushed to the family home where the brutal attack had occurred. There, the officers found both parents dead. The couple died at the scene of his severe injuries.

homicide determined

The son of the couple was taken by the police officers still at the scene. They found him in his room. The alleged murder weapon, a knife, the officials found him. The 30-year-old is being questioned by the police of the fact and a judge is to be presented. The murder Commission in Bonn took over the investigation. For more information not wanted to make the investigators.

source: police Bonn