Shamima Begum was young, just 15 years old when she left her British home, in Syria the Islamic state (IS). After your arrival in the year 2015, she married the Dutch converts Yago Riedijk. Today, the 19-Year-old recently brought a son in a refugee camp in Al-Hol in the North-East of Syria to the world. She asks to be allowed to return to Britain where the child wants to draw. The case makes international headlines and divided the British Public. The British home Secretary Sajid Javid has Begum for security reasons, deprived of citizenship and a return to the young woman refused. Begums family criticized the decision sharply.

Drama Shamima Begum

Pregnant women IS a teenager want to go back to the UK, to get your child

The British “BBC” has now made the man of the 19-Year-old track and talked with him. To a Reporter, he confirmed, for the IS fought. Now, however, he wanted to return together with his wife and his newborn son in his homeland, the Netherlands. Yago Riedijk is currently in a Kurdish prison camp in the North-East of Syria. In His home prison to threaten the 27-Year-old for six years because of membership in a terrorist organization.

Begum and Riedijk met

Riedijk have tried according to their own figures, to leave the IS. He had been trapped in the Syrian city of Ar-Raqqa. The terrorist militia have accused him of being a Dutch spy. Together with his wife, he escaped from the Syrian city of Baghuz, the last stronghold of the Islamic state. His wife was the last in a refugee camp, where they also brought the common son of Jarrah to the world. Their current whereabouts is not known.

betrayed How Riedijk of the “BBC”, had he not been initially interested in the student. “A friend came to me and said there was a girl who was interested in marriage. To be honest, I was not interested because of their age too, but I accepted the offer.” The student was, at the time of learning to know 15 years old – Riedijk 23.

Riedijk stressed that it was her decision: “you asked for a Partner, and I was invited.” Begum have done to him psychologically to make a good impression.

Shamima Begum left the UK, together with her friends Kadiza Sultana (16) and Amira Abase (15). Kadiza Sultana died in an apparent bomb attack. The fate of the third girl is not known.

source : BBC