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One dead after robbery in Rhineland-Palatinate (10.36 PM)Theresa May Corbyns proposal (7.25 PM)Chaotic scenes in Haiti’s capital, (6.13 PM)duration of the asylum procedure decreased (2.24 p.m.),”National Enquirer” denies extortion allegation (0.40 PM)

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+++ 10.45 a.m.: Prosecutors investigating match-fixing in Regionalliga +++

After the manipulation allegations in the Regionalliga match between SV Babelsberg Germania Halberstadt to run criminal investigations. The Prosecutor’s office in Neuruppin perform a procedure on suspicion of Manipulation of professional sporting competitions, confirmed chief Prosecutor Frank Winter. Against whom suspicion is directed specifically, he wanted to say, with reference to the current procedure.

+++ 10.36 PM: One dead after attempted robbery in Rhineland-Palatinate +++

The house of an American family in the Rhineland-Palatinate Landstuhl is attacked, a little later a dead body on a street. Whether the Dead is one of the perpetrators, will be determined, said a spokesman for the police in Kaiserslautern. According to previous findings, the four burglars had tried on Sunday evening, in the house of the family. The apartment owners have fought back and the offender with a knife and injured. The victim was able to escape according to the police, the accomplices. A little later, a witness had reported that a wounded man lying on the road. The rescuers supplied the 43-Year-old on the spot, could not save his life.

+++ 9.57 am: a teenager stands in Belarus on teacher and student a +++

A teenager has been stabbed to death at a school in Belarus, a teacher and a student, two other minors were injured. The Ministry of the interior announced in the capital, Minsk. The young people fled at first, a little later, the cops would have arrested him. The alleged perpetrator had been born in 2003, – stated in the message. The backgrounds were initially unclear. The fact happened in the town of Gomel to the southwest of Minsk.

+++ 9.35 PM: Four AfD members in Berlin attacked, two injured +++

Four AfD members are attacked according to police in Berlin by a group, beaten, and partly to have been injured. The five to seven attackers had attacked late Sunday evening, the AfD-politician, according to their statements, in the vicinity of the Berlinale-cinema “International”, said a police spokeswoman on request. Two of the four victims had been injured by blows with the fist or a in a cloth bag hidden object easily. Both the 27 and the 31-year-old Beaten were on the way to the cinema. Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick had invited supporters of the right-wing populist party to a free visit of the documentary film “The secret archive in the Warsaw Ghetto”.

+++ 9.31 am: After the attack on Magnitz investigators are examining around 200 notes +++

About a month after the attack on the city of Bremen that the AfD-Chef Frank Magnitz have more than 200 people reported to the investigators. A hot track, there is not, however, as the spokesman of the Bremen public Prosecutor’s office, Frank Passade said. “So far, the clues have not led to the identification of the suspects.”

+++ 9.28 PM: Indonesian police lets go of snake on a suspected thief +++

With a brutal interrogation method is the Indonesian police with any amount of criticism. On the island of new Guinea officials in a cell let go of at least two-Meter-long snake on a suspected thief, you in handcuffs were placed. On a Video to see how the man panics and screams. After torture-allegations of human rights for the police apologized for the absence of learning.

+++ 9.12 PM: wooden hut on a campsite explodes – a man suffered life-threatening injuries +++

In the case of the Explosion of a hut on a campsite in Freren in lower Saxony, a man dangerous to life has been violated. As the police in Lingen (Ems) told us, was poured in the wooden house, probably with a Gas furnace. Immediately prior to the Explosion of the 46 had put on-Year-old, therefore, apparently on a cigarette. Whether the Detonation was triggered, but it is still unclear, it said. According to the officials, the sister of the man had noticed before the accident on Sunday afternoon, the smell of gas and together with him the window is open to ventilate the cabin. Then she left the building. Shortly after that, on to the violent Explosion that destroyed the hut completely.

+++ 9 am: US Secretary of defense to a surprise visit to Kabul +++

The acting Secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan traveled to a surprise visit to Afghanistan. Shanahan arrived in the Morning in the Afghan capital, Kabul. There he wants to meet the head of state Ashraf Ghani and the top commander of U.S. and Nato forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller,. It is the first international trip of Shanahan, since he was replaced at the beginning of the year, the outgoing US defence Secretary Jim Mattis.

+++ 7.25 PM: May rejects Corbyns proposal of a customs Union +++

In the struggle for their Brexit course has rejected the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, the proposal of the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, a permanent customs Union with the EU to maintain. In a letter to the head of the Labour party, the British media quoted, ready to be displayed at the same time to further discussions with the Opposition. You have to come to an agreement with Corbyn that there should be no new elections, a second Referendum.

the UK wants the European Union on 29. March, leave. The agreement on the modalities of the withdrawal, the May with the EU, which had already been negotiated fell through in mid-January in the British Parliament. Also, many members from Mays Conservative party voted against the Deal. Corbyn was May last week, the support of his party in view, if you accept a customs Union and access to the EU internal market.

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