A man has survived a fall from Niagara falls on the border between Canada and the United States. The canadian police announced on Wednesday, officials were alarmed because a man is “in a crisis situation” on the edge of the 57-metre-high Horseshoe falls stand. When the police arrived, they climbed the man over a wall, was swept away by the masses of water and plunged into the deep.

No life-threatening injuries

The man was found dead: He sat on a stone in the river. He retired in the fall of injuries, but they were not life-threatening. The Horseshoe waterfall is the highest of Niagara falls. According to media reports, it is only the fourth known case is that an adult survived without any protection, a fall from Niagara falls. In addition, a seven-year-old with a life jacket, rushed to a boating accident in the Horseshoe-waterfall, survived in 1960. Always adventurous, try to conquer the Niagara falls in barrels, or on floating bodies. For some of these Attempts ended fatally.

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