In India, a cruel crimes caused a stir: As the police announced on Thursday, was taken to a man because he killed his friend, dismembered and the body parts should be flushed down the toilet. The crime came to light because residents of the residential block in Mumbai, where the Accused lived, discovered body parts, the clogged your pipes.

“When you Browse all of this meat we have found two fingers to confirm the us have helped that parts of a human body,” said police representative Jayant Bajbale to the AFP news Agency.

A foul smell led investigators to the apartment of the Suspect. There you found a tool, with which the man is the victim, apparently, have parts. The 40-Year-old gave police after his arrest that he had killed his friend because of a minor dispute. Two or three days he had needed for the dismemberment of the corpse, the body parts he had Packed in bags and sent to different Places for disposal.

murder of transsexual wife

Boiled feet, dismembered corpse of the Horror of apartment no 3

It’s Saturday night in Brisbane. The electrician Brad Coyne, is summoned to an ordinary use. A young man happened to be a mishap: to Him the Fuses are jumped out. But in the apartment no 3 is something on the way.

By Ellen Ivits ivi / AFP

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