Hamburg: man discovers stolen car on Ebay, and provides a thief a trap

A 36-Year-old from Rendsburg, the Mercedes has been stolen. A few days later, the man found the car on Ebay and arranged a Meeting with the alleged thief. How the “Hamburg morning post” reported, appeared the woman who was robbed Monday night with his friends at the agreed meeting place in the Hamburg district of Lurup. The group is said to have attacked the car salesman then. When the police arrived later, was already unconscious on the ground, as it is called. A bystander, a witness is said to have noticed the scuffle, and attempt to resolve the dispute. He was injured with a knife on the thigh. Another group, the friends of the witnesses rushed to the man to help.

on the whole, the car according to the police, eight strips in use, to the men brought to calm. Against the car seller to a proceeding on suspicion of handling stolen goods was initiated. The 24-Year-old was brought in, just as the uninvolved witness in a hospital. Against the 36-Year-old from Rendsburg and his three companions, is determined on suspicion of dangerous bodily injury. The vehicle was driven away before the Arrival of the police “by one or more of the previously unknown persons,” it says in a statement.

source: “Hamburger Morgenpost”/police Hamburg

Bielefeld: cyclist spat on pedestrian and occurs after your

In Bielefeld, a cyclist towards a pedestrian, violence has become active. As the police reported, the 25-Year-old along with a 20-Year-old on the sidewalk, than from the back of the 27-year-old cyclist with his followers approached. The two women had to Dodge, however, the man grazed the 25-Year-old. When asked about this, he spat on the woman twice in the face and insulted you. When she threatened him with the police, he hit on you, and stood with his rubber boots to her. Three women observed the incident and went in between. Then, the man of his victims had. The alarmed police officers found two baggies with marijuana. Against Bielefeld, a complaint has been filed because of dangerous bodily injury, and violation of the narcotics act.

source: police Bielefeld

Hamburg: police shoot family father

In Hamburg, was shot by the police on Wednesday morning, a man who had previously threatened his wife and their Newborn in their apartment with a knife. As the police reported, the 34-year-old Briton at the Arrival of the rescue forces on the police officers. As he did not leave after repeated requests, the knife to fall, gave one of the officers a shot. The father of a family was seriously injured and died shortly afterwards. The 32-year-old wife and the Baby were unharmed. You and the police officer concerned will now be looked after psychologically.

source: the Hamburg police

armies: Two children lifeless in the garden pond In the lower Saxony municipality of armies have been found on Tuesday evening two young lifeless in a garden pond. As the police reported early Wednesday morning, had the witnesses made the grisly discovery. The rescue workers tried to resuscitate the children, but without success. Whether the children came by accident killed or victims of a crime were, was initially unclear. “We are in the Moment of an accident, determine, but in all directions”, – said the speaker. The young are, according to the police, “significantly younger than ten years”. The exact age didn’t want to call a spokesman for privacy protection reasons, first of all.

the police, it was received on Tuesday evening, about 21: 30 PM a Missing person’s report for two boys. Shortly thereafter, the officers were then called to the site. NDR-according to Reports, it was the Missing. Who discovered the boys, could not say the speaker initially.


the ambulance in the vicinity of the discovery site, where in the evening the bodies of two children

©Rudolf Karliczek/ Picture-Alliance

The use of the site on private property were discovered, dragged on for several hours and was completed early Wednesday morning, according to police. In addition to the special forces of the CSU fire and emergency chaplains were in use. In the course of the Morning, the police wanted to give an Overview of the progress of the investigation.

Update, 12.30 PM: How the German press Agency reported that the two young previously reported missing children. The two were, according to the police four and seven years old. Accordingly, the four-year-old Boy lived in the neighboring house of the property with the garden pond. The seven-year-old Cousin had been to visit. Both children would probably have been a swimmer. Details of the circumstances of the accident it was initially.

source: police Salzgitter/DPA

news from Tuesday, 21. May

Kiel: Young mother on A7, 72, passed away-Year-old re-released The phone spoke

the use of a car driver in a fatal highway accident in the state of Schleswig-Holstein remains without criminal consequences. In the hearing of the appeal to the accidental death of a young mother, the Kiel regional court acquitted the 72-year-old motorist from the charge of negligent homicide. The accident had occurred in January 2017, on the A7 at the Bad Bramstedt, North of Hamburg.

It could not be ruled out, according to the accident report, and the hearing of witnesses, that the accident was independent of a possible use of mobile phones of the accused have been unavoidable, justified the judge your decision according to information of a speaker. Already, the district court of Neumünster as the first instance came about a year ago to this conclusion. The reaction time for the pensioner would have been to short.

the fatal collision, as the defendant at Tempo 120 according to one Overtaking back on the right lane one cherte, and the young mother to her car with a speed of around 60 kilometres per hour from the strip back on the road to drew. The 34-died Year old, your eight-month-old son survived with minor injuries.

source: DPA

Kassel: man attacked and injured a beggar

An allegedly drugged man attacked in Kassel (Hessen) on the floor-seated beggar, and hurt. According to eyewitnesses, the 29-year-old Accused initially intentionally in the past with already erbetteltem small money-filled mug of the victim go kicked over, before he attacked it with blows and kicks to the face. Of a witness known by name Tatverdächterm took refuge in the port, the beggar had to be supplied according to the police, by paramedics.

Even then, the 29-Year-old had not in the handle. So he rioted in front of the residence of a well-Known and there is a damage to property committed. After the manhunt was unsuccessful, were called by the officials against midnight again to the house, where you could be the aggressive man eventually arrested.

source: police headquarters Northern Hesse,

Eschweiler: Drunken man falls from a balcony and hurt hard

In Eschweiler, near Aachen, Germany, has contracted a 33-year-old man on Monday evening in a fall from his balcony on the first floor severe injuries. As the police said, had a leaning to the obviously intoxicated man evidence so far suggests that to far over the parapet, and so the balance is lost. He then overthrew first on a canopy and then on the sidewalk.

A rescue brought the car to the seriously injured to medical treatment in a hospital. Danger to life could not be ruled out on Monday evening.

source: police in Aachen

Freiburg: Historic Bicycle in front of shopping market

In Freiburg stole an Unknown stole a historic bike that had been parked in its owner only for a few minutes in front of a shopping market. At the back of the vehicle, according to police, a brown bike brand Miele, which was built about in the year 1940. Particularly striking is the so-called stamp, was a brake on the Vorderrrad.

information on this theft or the whereabouts of the individually valuable driving wheel opposite to the police station Denzlingen telephone number 07666/9383-0.

source: police in Freiburg.

Heilbronn: Skeleton human leg discovered

On Sunday evening has been found in Heilbronn, a human leg, which was already appreciated. In the course of Monday, the investigating police was able to discover more bone parts at the site in the Neckar, informed the officials on Tuesday morning. Currently, you could not say whether it was the bone of a man or a woman, they say. This is now to clarify a study in forensic medicine, in addition, the Remains should be subjected to a DNA Test. The police investigated, however, in the hard-to-reach under-wood on the river Bank to the other bone parts.

source: police Heilbronn

Cologne: construction workers in eight-Meter-deep hole

In Cologne, spilling a construction worker into a more than eight-Meter-deep construction pit is buried and his colleagues had been rescued. “Fortunately, the upper part of his body stood out even from the ground, and he could not be freed through the help of his colleagues in the plight,” said the fire on Tuesday morning. Previously, was broken, according to the rescuers, a carrier planks wall at least in part. The man had worked in the pit and had been buried by Planks and earth.

After the man, whose exact age was not initially known, was brought out of the pit, he came for the sake of safety in a hospital. Severe injury he had, according to the rescue workers.

Munich: police are searching for three schools after threats

The police has three schools in Munich after threats by addiction. On Tuesday morning an E-Mail was received whose content is allowed according to police sources, “a possible threat by a single person”. Two grammar schools in the immediate vicinity, there was a major police operation, which was completed in the morning without result.

The students were not yet in school buildings. For you to be a danger, therefore, was not, at any time. After a decision of the school Board, the schools remained closed on Tuesday. The oral Abitur examinations were in order.

another police operation in the delivery of a third school, after it had given the police information is a reference to a dangerous subject. The school grounds has been cordoned off. In the building, no students were. In all cases, police investigations.

source: AFP

weather: Deep “Axel” provides for heavy rain and many inserts

Axel has” Deep “taken care of on Monday evening and in the night to Tuesday in several German States for heavy rains. In Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia had fallen in six hours, sometimes up to 50 liters of rain, said a graduate meteorologist Christina memory by the German weather service (DWD) early Tuesday morning. There, it was raining on Tuesday morning, is still strong.

In the foothills of the Alps have also reported several stations from four to nine litres per hour, “that’s neat,” said memory. A lot of rain, the DWD also recorded further to the North. “From Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and lower Saxony, the duration of goodbye rain, but slowly,” said memory.

Monday’s Thunderstorms and heavy rains had settled down in many places in Germany damage and the use of forces stand in readiness. In Helmstedt (lower Saxony) had to be evacuated to a hospital because of water damage. The “Central German newspaper” reported that a ceiling of the Helios hospital has collapsed, after on the roof because of a clogged downpipe rain water had jammed.

In the state of Baden-Württemberg sparked the city of Wangen im Allgäu high water alarm. The river Obere Argen, which flows through the city, have exceeded the trigger level for the Alarm of 2.30 meters at 1.30 p.m., said a spokesman for the city. The authorities set a high-water-use plan bags in force for the distributed sand and a citizen established phone as well as a live Ticker.

In the Bavarian town of Aurach, a car came on the rain wet highway 6 into a Skid, went off the roadway and became wedged in an adjacent forest between two trees. The man died at the scene of the accident. In the Allgäu, a train was blocked track, because on the tracks due to heavy rains, a protective wall should be built.

Multiple levels in Bavaria, arrived in the night the alarm level 3 out of 4 to be expected in the case of Flooding of individual built-up land or the occasional traffic restrictions are. Local meteorologists had expected, even with water Levels the highest warning level not reached until early in the Morning, however.

In the Saarland and in Rhineland-Palatinate, Axel” to storm-like gusts and some ooded basements led “. Also in the state of Hesse, some of the cellars were under water and some roads had to be closed in the meantime. Highway 4 between Herleshausen (Hessen) and Gerstungen (Thuringia) had to be locked in one direction due to a flooded roadway. Also in Thuringia, several cellars were full, and there are several gyms and a youth club.

Further North in Germany, especially flash employee blows the use of force. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania were flashes of lightning, on the Baltic sea island of Rügen and in the municipality of Gnevkow each with a thatched roof on fire. Both houses were after the fire is uninhabitable. In Berlin a short but violent Thunderstorm on Monday afternoon for a state of emergency in the fire service, which due to the weather, around had to 180 Times of disengagement.

Also on Tuesday, the DWD expected with continuous rain and storms. “The rain is passing then gradually to the South of Germany,” said memory. In Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and lower Saxony, the situation had already relaxed, in West Germany, this will happen in the course of the day. Only in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, it should be expected by Wednesday morning with strong to intense rain.

news from Germany from Monday, 20. May

Munich: Truck driver misses eleven-year-old cyclist

In Munich took place on Monday afternoon a fatal accident between a Truck and an eleven-year-old cyclist. As the Munich tabloid “tz” reported, citing the police drove the Boy into the city and used in the designated and marked cycle route. The 61-year-old driver of the Truck was, therefore, in the same direction.

At an intersection, it then came to the momentous misfortune: While the child wanted to go straight, turned to the Truck driver to the right and overlooked the Eleven-year-old. It came to a clash. The Boy was then with severe injuries in a hospital, where he died, however, a little later. One of the reviewers should now clarify the exact course of a road accident.

source: “tz”

Hamburg: parent forget a baby in a Taxi

you are likely to have suffered the shock of your life: In Hamburg, new parents have forgotten her few days old Baby is on the way from the hospital to the apartment in a taxi. Even the taxi driver noticed his blind passenger, first of all, the police announced on Monday. Accordingly, another passenger, and rose later at the airport for a new Tour in the Taxi, said only the driver on the Baby on his back. The parents, as well as the driver alerted police and provided a family reunification.

The incident occurred therefore a few days ago on the journey of the family from the birth clinic. The parents and their first child were dangers with your offspring, take a Taxi home, but had not thought when to get Off and Pay the kid. The parents are running after the leaving the car, has not reached it however. Then they agreed immediately, by emergency call to the police.

Since the infant was perfectly still, and according to the officials suspected of “sleep of the Blessed enjoyed”, said the taxi driver with him in the first place. The man put down his car for a lunch break and went back to eat, returned and took a Tour from Hamburg airport. There in his Taxi boarding passenger had shown “a bit confused” about the unusual “driving community”.

He pointed the driver to the Baby, and now, apparently, woke up and started to scream. The taxi driver informed the police. This brought together parents and child.

source: AFP

Günzach: 27-Year-old dies on football pitch

In the Bavarian town of Günzach in the Ostallgäu, a 27 died-Year-old on Saturday in the football Hobby. The police announced, would have played the man together with friends on the football field. Then he would have felt uncomfortable and at the edge of the field set. “That’s where he lost the consciousness and died on the football field”, the officers. First responders on-site, alerted paramedics and a helicopter eingeflogener paramedics could not revive again the thus.

source: police Bureau Swabian/South-West,

Düsseldorf: man lands on car in pit Fullscreen

In Düsseldorf, a 77-landed-Year-old with his car in a pit

©David Young/ Picture-Alliance

A 77-Year-old is in Düsseldorf with his car in a pit of dangers and got stuck. The police announced, could free the driver on Monday morning, even out of the car, but was brought in as a precaution to a hospital. The man went off the roadway and slammed into boxes several Electricity pylons and barriers, before he finally landed in the pit on the opposite carriageway. The police according to their own statements, that health problems from the driver to the accident led.

Berlin: men’s body in Park found Fullscreen

forensic technicians and the police backing tracks in a forest in the Treptower Park in Berlin

©Annette Riedl DPA

In Berlin, passers-by discovered in a Park, the corpse of a man. They found the dead on the Sunday lunch in one of the bushes in the Treptower Park, the police announced in the evening. The investigators of a possible homicide.

the identity of The man was initially unclear. The homicide took up investigation.

source: AFP

save Bach: Explosion in Wohnhaus – seven-year-old recovered dead

After an Explosion in a residential building in the Eastern allgäu region, the rescue forces have the body of a seven-year-old recovered. “The 7-Year-old child was recovered just. Unfortunately, only the death could be ascertained,” said the Bavarian Red cross (BRK) is on Twitter. Furthermore, the Bayerische Rundfunk (BR) reported. The forces had searched after the Explosion, according to the girl.

In the night to Monday assistant barges in the ruins of a dead, to the missing 42-year-old father of the girl could act, a police spokesman said. On Sunday, forces the 39-year-old girl’s mother and wife of Missing persons seriously injured from the rubble were rescued.

the cause of The Explosion that destroyed the three-storey house in a residential area on Sunday morning, completely, was on Monday morning remains unclear. The criminal investigation determined.

a Total of up to 350 type ofzkräfte had searched on the Sunday after the Missing. After the evacuation of the remains of the roof with heavy equipment, the helpers with the hands had to continue to work up to it. The 50 helpers for the whole night remained in use. A crisis intervention team took care of Sufferers and residents.

The Detonation was so violent that it damaged an adjacent house heavy and two other houses easily. 15 neighbours had to leave their homes and were housed in spare quarters. Initially, the police had feared that in the Explosion, seven people has been lost could be because so many people were reported as living in the house. In addition to the seven-year-old, the two sons of the 39-Year-old and the 42-Year-old in the house, they were living at the time of the Explosion, but not there. In addition, a childless Couple was in the house discovered, in fact, only a woman there, who was not at home when it came to the Explosion, but lives.


Bayern, Rettenbach: forces and areas, a destroyed house, rubble aside

©Karl-Josef Hildenbrand DPA

source: dpa, BRK (Twitter), Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR)

Leipzig: bus crash on A9: blocking partially

repealed After serious bus crash on highway 9 in Leipzig, the roadway in the direction of Berlin is released again. How long is the suspension on the other carriageway remains still exist, is still not in sight, said a police spokesman early Monday morning. The forces were busy with the salvage of the bus.

accident at Leipzig

Deadly bus crash on the A9 highway patrol speculation about the cause of the accident


manifests have been In the accident on Sunday at least one man and seven other badly injured had died. All 75 occupants of the bus were more or less injured, informed the police in the night. The condition of the wounded, the police were able to make initially, no details were provided. According to police, no other car was involved in the accident. The Bus company Flixbus was killed in an accident early in the evening on the A9 in direction of Munich and then on the page are remained.

source: dpa

Taufkirchen: bus driver dies in accident in Bavaria

In the case of a collision with a car in Taufkirchen (Landkreis München) is the 48-year-old driver of a bus have been killed. The car and the Bus crashed on Sunday evening at an intersection, the police announced. The 48-Year-old was injured so severely that she died at the scene of the accident. Passengers at the time of the accident was not in the Bus. Rescuers brought the 28-year-old driver of the car and his 27-year-old passenger injured in a hospital. To the Severity of their injuries the police could not.

source: dpa

news from Germany the week of January 13. May to 18. In may 2019, you can read here:


at Least one dead and 13 seriously injured in bus crash on A9

Leipzig: Fatal bus crash on the A9 +++ save Bach: an Explosion in the house +++ Bad Saulgau: Two Dead in skydiving +++ news from Germany.


fs / mod / jek / DPA / AFP

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