Braunschweig: bus driver to honk the horn to the face

beaten on several occasions, a 32-year-old man has enraged the driver of a bus in the Braunschweig city center and in front of the eyes of the passengers punched in the face and hurt him. The driver had honked the horn as the man in front of the start-up Bus wanted to cross the road. As a result, the pedestrian occurred after a police statement on Monday three times firmly against the bus door, which opened. After a battle of words, he struck the driver repeatedly with his fist in the face. The 38-year-old was injured on Saturday. After a short flight of pedestrian could be taken. Him a criminal case for assault was expected.

Cologne: Nurse should have given a patient a lethal Overdose of the

should have been A Nurse for a seriously ill Pensioner too high a dose of painkillers and, possibly, their death caused. Now, the murder Commission is investigating on suspicion of negligent homicide, such as police and prosecutors informed rushed. The 87-Year-old died on Sunday in a senior residential home in the centre of Cologne. According to the current property, the 52-year-old Nurse, the woman had injected shortly after midnight, a high dose of a prescribed pain medication. The old nurse had contacted the Doctor, but these have only been able to observe the death. The autopsy result is still pending. The police spokesman said, it could also be that the Nurse was innocent.

Celle: drunk driver wants to loss of purse ads

Because she wanted to be drunk, display the loss of her purse at the police station, got a woman from the lower Saxony Celle in conflict with the law. According to the officials, the 48-Year-old on Sunday was published with a clear “Flag” to the area. They claimed, however, not to be self-driven. Half an hour later, the woman noticed, however, the crew of a patrol car. This recognized the car that had parked before, in front of the police station. The driver initially responded neither to persistent signals of blue light and siren. As they stopped in the end, resulted in an alcohol test of 1.1 per thousand. It also turned out that she had been moved to her driver’s license years ago.

Saal an der Donau: donor 160.000 Euro anonymously to the Altar

On the Altar of a Bavarian Church, a unknown donor has 160,000 euros for aid projects in Africa leave. The Mesnerin (corresponds to a Sexton, editor’s note. d. Red.) had found the money in the Church in Saal an der Donau (district of Kelheim, Germany) last may. The incident was only now known. The diocese of Regensburg confirmed on Monday that the sum should come to the examination by the Archbishop’s financial chamber several projects.

According to a report in the “middle Bavarian newspaper had discovered” Seem to be the Mesnerin in the preparation of the mass on Pentecost Sunday, under the altar of the cross on the envelope with a bunch of 500-Euro. “I’m afraid seen a lot of money, and I am,” said the woman to the sheet. She was then left with the cash in the sacristy, where the priest to worship prepared. Also, he was just speechless. On the envelope of the donor had recorded the statement that the sum of “Africa” was meant to be. A number of Church initiatives for projects on the continent with larger sums of money.

Berlin: the homeless is dead on the Bank

In the Humboldthain Park, a passer-by discovered on Sunday morning the body of a man. On a Bank in the district of healthy, found in the 55 fountains-Year-old to be a homeless person, as a spokesperson for the police announced. The cause of death was initially unclear. References to third-party negligence or a suicide. The body of the man is now to be examined. First of all, the “B. had reported, for example,” about that. The information of the newspaper, it could be the first cold of the dead of winter.

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DPA Wölfersheim: motorist collides against the tree and dies

A 31-year-old motorist lost his on Sunday evening on the B455 in Wöltersheim (Hessen) from the roadway, against a tree, rebounded and still at the scene of the accident died. Presumably, the man with excessive speed had been on the road, police said. The motorist was ejected in the collision of the vehicle, any help came too late.

Beckum: burglar

apologizes to residents Also, burglars can be polite: caught in the act ertappter intruder apologized in the North Rhine-Westphalian Beckum to the residents of a detached house and then disappeared through the door again. He was previously entered on Sunday evening violently through a window in the house, police said. Then he met in the rooms of the residents. The unknown offender is of the description to be approximately 16 to 20 years old and slim.

Kirchheim unter Teck: dead Patient after a fire in the hospital discovered

After a fire in a hospital in the district of Esslingen (Bavaria) discovered the body of a 69-year-old patient. On Sunday evening, the forces of the fire had been set up in a room in the closed division, the police announced. After the fire was extinguished in the hospital in Kirchheim unter Teck, was found in a bed of one of the two rooms of the residents dead. It was unclear whether the man was already in front of the fire dead, said a police spokesman.

The other residents at the time of the fire was not in the room, and remained unharmed. The cause of the fire was initially unclear. The criminal investigation is determined.

Bayreuth: Truck trailer burns to the A9 direction München locked

The motorway A9 in direction of Munich was blocked early Monday morning at Bayreuth because of a Truck fire at all. According to police, the truck was in the direction of Munich on the road, from the initially unknown cause of a fire at the rear axle of the trailer broke. The driver was able to detach the trailer and drove a few more meters, he remained unharmed. The trailer burned down completely. For the fire the motorway in direction Munich was closed temporarily, then the first step should be a road released.

Windischeschenbach: the car is not illuminated on the A93 – man dies

In case of an accident on highway 93 in the upper Palatinate (Bavaria), has been injured a 44-year-old motorist on Sunday evening fatal. The unlit car, the man stood on the right-hand lane and be a majorch no warning had been secured, said the traffic police in the night to Monday.

The cars that we have two other motorists noticed to late: A 27-drove-Year-old with his vehicle, hurled against the car of a 26-Year-old. Your car grazed as a result, the cars that we have. The 44-Year-old died, the two other parties involved in the accident were slightly injured to the hospital. Currently, we assume that the man had been due to a technical defect on the roadway, said a spokeswoman. The A93 was blocked in the direction of the court until shortly before midnight.

Baden-Baden: pizza oven catches fire, four injured

A pizza is an oven in a restaurant in Baden-Baden (Baden-Württemberg) in a fire. Three employees are injured when trying to extinguish a fire easily, the police announced in Offenburg. A firefighter suffered injuries. The gas stove had caught on Sunday afternoon from yet unknown cause fire. The damage to property is estimated to 15,000 EUR.

sources: press portal police

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