The Maltese army has taken control of a merchant ship, the migrants in their violence and arbitrarily in the direction of Malta had controlled.

The freighter with 108 migrants was escorted by helicopters and military ships to the capital Valletta, where he landed on Thursday morning. Five people were arrested, as the German press Agency learned.

The captain had several times assured that some of the migrants had him and the Crew, threatened, informed the army. A special unit went on Board and have returned the “El Hiblu 1” then the captain.

The freighter is around 108 migrants off the coast of Libya rescued. Including 19 women and 12 were children. A group should not have the ship on Wednesday after a Maltese information, “” kidnapped, because the Refugees wanted to go back to the civil war, the country of Libya.

The German aid organization, the Sea-Eye, of an observer mission to Libya, said that a European naval aircraft have communicated to the freighter, the Position of the two inflatable boats in Distress and the captain to help asked. The Libyan coast guard had been “out of service”.

The captain then told “unequivocally” that the people were very upset and not go back to Libya want. “Those Rescued have hell behind and are now just a few overmatched and unprepared crew members of a cargo ship, you have to declare that you are transported to that place you tried to escape with their lives,” said Gorden Isler, spokesman of the Sea-Eye.

According to media reports, the captain comes from Turkey, the ship had begun its journey, therefore, – there is also a drive, but not under the flag of the island state of Palau.

After the Create in the capital city of Valletta, women were allowed to in the first place and to pick up your child. To pictures was to see how small children aboard were worn. Italy’s right-wing interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, had called the migrants before, “pirates” and their “cruise”.

Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said on Twitter, “all the international rules”. “We will not evade us in spite of our size of our responsibility.” The island of Malta is the smallest EU state.

Both Italy and Malta do not want to take the boat refugees, as long as there is no EU-wide distribution mechanism. In front of the Libyan coast and more rescue ships are hardly in use, the boats from aid agencies were blocked for a long time again on the sea, or withdrawn from circulation.

Also, the EU has stopped its naval deployment off the Libyan coast. The decision to operate in the Anti-smuggling Operation Sophia for the time being, only air reconnaissance and Libyan coast guards train.

This is to bring the migrants back in the civil war in the country, where the people severe abuses threaten. Aid organisations speak of inhuman conditions, and of “concentration camps”, in which the migrants were also subjected to torture. In November the refusal of about 90 migrants to leave a container ship that had brought them back to Libya.

Many of the commercial vessels because of the unclear situation in the conflict to save people, but then for days on the ocean blocked.