ships, since the days of two-a Rescue in the Mediterranean sea stuck migrants may initially landing in Malta.

The 49 Rescued were then distributed to eight EU member States, said Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. The ships of the German aid organisations are not allowed to invest in Malta, but would have to leave the waters of the country immediately after the Transfer of the people on the ships in the Maltese military said Muscat.

Sea-Watch had rescued 32 migrants before Christmas, close to the Libyan coast. 17 further, the Regensburger organization Sea-Eye took just before the turn of the year on Board. Since then, the migrants were stranded on the ships.

To record the people have declared, France, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Italy, said Muscat. As a counter-performance for the Opening of the port in Valletta, the Maltese government had called for the distribution of other migrants that had been rescued by the local coast guard at the end of December. Now around 220 would be distributed out of a total of 298 migrants to other EU States or in their countries of origin sent back, said Muscat.

Recently, there had been dramatic reports about the conditions on Board the two rescue ships – and on Wednesday afternoon should deteriorate in the weather. According to Sea-Watch some of the migrants were denied, temporarily, the food. On the other ship “Professor Albrecht Penck” were drinking and industrial water supply ratio has been returned. The people slept in the infirmary, shared only one toilet. Mattresses and a change of clothes. Many of the immigrants were seasick.

Malta and Italy had ships, the Rescue as in previous cases, the Creation of their own ports is denied. In the past year, multiple ships with the Rescued had been frozen on Board at sea, for example, the ships “Aquarius” and “Lifeline”.

“Each of the EU member States and non-governmental organizations, should follow the appropriate rules, instead of following your own will, and to expect others to solve the problems that you have caused”, called Muscat.

In the migration question divided the EU member States. As long as there Rescued no European mechanism for the distribution of the distress, the Situation was an emergency situation, said the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday evening in a television Interview. “The disappointment is great, because we do not succeed, the conclusions that we have reached in the Abstract into something Concrete,” he said, referring to a summit of EU heads of state and government last summer.

Not only aid organisations criticise the fact that the solutions are only achieved during the already traumatised people endure on the water. EU migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos thanked on Twitter Malta and the other countries that showed solidarity.


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