In Florida, arrested a man, knocked up in January 2015, a mentally disabled woman whose care it was. A recent DNA Test has proved his paternity, reports CNN. The 58-year-old Willie S. is accused of “offensive and salacious” of a disabled Person approached. According to the police, the patient has “the mental capacity of a small child”. She could distinguish neither between truth and falsehood, or between right and wrong, and is therefore not in the position to agree to a sexual intercourse, said in a statement to the police authority of Rockledge.

According to CNN, Willie S. was shortly after the determination of the pregnancy in the circle of Suspects. But he refused a DNA sample and the police did not have enough evidence to force a Test. In April of last year, the wife says, however, Willie S. would have touched in the genital area. Then I explained to the nurse willing to give a DNA sample, according to “Miami Herald”.


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The facility, located in the Willie S. was employed, stated that he no longer was employed there. “We are devastated. This is both for the patient as well as for your family terribly,” said David Cooke, the Director of the nursing home, the local paper “Florida Today”. In the facility, which is headed by the Non-Profit organization Bridges, people treated with mental and physical disabilities.

a Similar case from Arizona

recently, a similar case in Arizona caused a stir. There, the patient of a care facility for at least ten years in a coma brought, at the end of December a child into the world. Due to her condition, the woman may have consented to a sexual act impossible. The investigators therefore assume that the father of the child she must have been raped. A DNA Test proved also in this case, that a nurse had passed to the woman.

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woman in coma raped – child reveals who the alleged perpetrator is

In the United States, a nurse has been arrested because he raped a coma patient’s revelations. The woman had brought at the end of December a child into the world. A DNA Test proved the paternity of the Suspect.

sources: CNN, “Florida Today”, “the Miami Herald”