In the discussion of measures for the protection of the health, according to a survey, a large majority of the German citizens for an end to tobacco advertising.

A complete ban on the support of 69 percent, the survey showed on behalf of the General Association of the German insurance industry. Against a ban, 27 per cent. A majority would also welcome a complete ban on alcohol advertising, however it is not quite so large as in the case of tobacco: 58 per cent of respondents favoured a ban, with 36 percent opposed this.

Also, a higher taxation would according to the survey, support. For tobacco, 75 per cent (23 per cent are in favour of this), for alcohol, 59 percent (37 percent). Were interviewed from the 4. to 8. February 1003 people over the age of 18 years by the Institute Forsa.

In the long-deadlocked debate about a ban on tobacco advertising, there has been movement areas. The professional politicians of the coalition agreed that the existing restrictions should also be on outdoor advertising expanded. It is not to go to a flat ban. In the previous parliamentary term, a start was failed due to the opposition of the Union. The Cabinet agreed in 2016, a draft, a law resulting from this was never. Prohibited tobacco advertising on Radio and television, Newspapers and magazines.