in The magnetic-fishing has often times a Bicycle or other scrap at the Angel. A fisherman from Florida, however, has made a rather unusual catch and a hand grenade from the Second world war on the Magnet had the hook. In addition, the US broadcaster CNN reported, among other things.

magnetic-fishing is driving with a hand-grenade to Taco Bell

Why failed to Fund high waves? Now, with The magnetic-Fischer loaded the grenade in his trunk and drove with the explosive charge initially to a Taco Bell in Ocala, before the anglers called the police.

The branch of the Fast Food chain had to be evacuated so a Bomb squad could defuse the explosive find. The authentic hand-grenade from the Second world war, as the police later confirmed, was made, and “without incident” harmless. And the Taco Bell re-opened.

sources: CNN, Ocala Police Department