so, suddenly, a new Showdown. Crucial to this is: a brave, but hitherto little-known leader of the opposition, Juan Guaidó, 35, Maduro’s opponent within a few weeks, could a and to the interim President of the oil state’s rich exclaimed.

And, Yes, also US President Donald Trump. The United States have recognized Guaidó as interim President – as well as Canada and many Latin American countries. You have, first, the arrangement of the Maduro diplomats to be deducted. You have the suffering people gave the feeling that you have finally allied.

The Venezuelans, otherwise, like all Latin Americans highly sensitive to foreign interventions, it does not matter who is exerting the pressure – whether it’s the universally hated Trump, or the neighboring States. You want to get rid of Maduro. You go back on the road. The Situation in the country is so disastrous, Hunger, medical emergency, supply shortages, Hyperinflation – because the Savior can be named Trump or Colombia or whoever.

Venezuela: Why Maduro

Trump should go at first, that was a clumsy move. Finally, America First does not seem “” to be in the foreground. The majority of Venezuelans and Latin Americans and also the world is finally behind him, Maduro must go. There is no way out. The socialist has directed the country together with his predecessor, Hugo Chavez and all of the democratic rules of the game are broken.

Total dependence on raw-material

donate to Donald Trump: As the Oil Venezuela ruined


However, risks remain. A coherent strategy Trump is not to be expected, a rapid escalation in order not to be excluded. What do you mean, “All options are conceivable?” A military Invasion?

secondly, Russia is Trump has warned strongly against a Coup d’etat, and condemned the action as “criminal and dirty”. Literally: “We warn against such a daring action that could have disastrous consequences.” It goes to the Russians for two things: first, you have to forgive, such as China billions in loans and military aid in exchange for Oil. And, as in times of the Cold war, it is Putin about to lose the once great influence in Latin America completely.

What to do now

After the military leadership of Venezuela yesterday behind Maduro, is now the question: What comes next? A few sanctions would not be enough. So far, the generals keep Maduro, because they have benefit in the corrupt System and a lot to lose. But enough other officers should recognize the hopelessness of the situation, also does not exclude a Rebellion. A broad Amnesty could help to win the majority of the military.

to increase The pressure on Maduro, in each case, the right way. Now is the time to develop a common international strategy to force him out of office. Russia and China will not win. Trump alone, you should not trust. Also, the Europeans are now in demand. The way out could be: exile for Maduro in Cuba, Bolivia or Nicaragua, maybe even Mexico. Amnesty for the military. Generous reconstruction aid for the country. It must now push all together.