The Military counterintelligence service (MAD) wants to report in the Review of suspicious Bundeswehr pair in the future less serious cases directly to the personnel office.

This relates to employees of soldiers and civilians, which “give vorhaltbare findings” about the lack of loyalty to the Constitution, said the President of the German intelligence service, Christof Gramm, the German press Agency. The MAD files in this category – internally, according to a new traffic light system as a orange about 50 people to be referred to annually. These cases had previously been reported to superiors for disciplinary action.

As extremists – the active and sometimes violent work against the constitutional values have been classified in the past year, four extreme Right-wing, and three Islamists. Recognized extremists are internally assigned to the category of red. In you dismissal from the service stand, practically always of a judicial Review.

“The dismissal from the armed forces might be easier to say than it is done. Also, since there is a legal basis,” said grams. “Dark orange and red need to get out of the army. The question is, in what way.” The MAD will in the future also seek feedback on the reported cases, in order to give the Ministry of defence Central information. “Extremism in the Bundeswehr, and its approximately 250.000 members no place. This is why we observe very carefully, if there is a suspicion,” said a spokesman for the defense Ministry.

The MAD is the smallest of the German secret service. His responsibilities include the prevention of espionage and Sabotage in the armed forces as well as the Review of soldiers and government officials on extremist attitudes and activities. The MAD reported to the competent Authorities, and not-self is for redundancies to be responsible.