Just three months before the European elections dashes, the President of France Emmanuel Macron to the front and calls for profound reforms in the European Union

“We must not allow the nationalists, who offer no solutions, take advantage of the anger of the peoples of We cannot be sleepwalkers in a slackened Europe,” writes Macron in a guest post that will appear on Tuesday in the newspaper “The world”, the French newspaper “Le Parisien” and in leading daily Newspapers in the 28 member countries of the EU. Therefore, it is now time to act, because the European elections will decide “about the future of our continent”.

The French President in his guest post for a stricter protection of the borders. He calls for a rethink of the Schengen area. “All who want to belong, you must meet the conditions for responsibility (strict border controls) and solidarity (a common asylum policy with uniform rules for acceptance and rejection),” he writes. A border means “freedom in security”. Macron proposes a joint border police and the European Asylum office. “I think, given the Migration to a Europe that protects both its values and its limits.”

at the same time, he calls in the defence policy, in accordance with the Nato and the European allies to increase military spending, and a European security Council with the involvement of the UK. All Macron extends around three weeks before a possible exit of the British from the EU in the Hand. The Brexit to be a “dead end” and a Symbol for “the crisis in Europe”. However, Macron called for a Europe, in the United Kingdom “a full-fledged space”. In the past, Macron had been shown in the exit negotiations are always tough on the British.

in the defense of freedom in Europe Macron is a European Agency for the protection of democracy into the game. With your help, elections from hacker to attacks and manipulations protected. France itself has decided in the past year a package of legislation scattered deliberately false information in the electoral campaign, which was criticised by the Opposition violently. In addition, the 41-year-old politician wrote: “for The purposes of this independence we should also prohibit the financing of European political parties by foreign powers.”

The former investment banker, called for a Reform of the competition policy in Europe and a reorientation of trade policy. “Europe is not a Power of the second rank,” he writes, and wants to company, the values and interests, such as environmental standards, data protection, or the paying of taxes, undermine, punish or prohibit. In the case of public contracts, it is important to prefer Chinese or US-American model European company.

Also in terms of social policy, the former vertically makes starter suggestions. “In Europe, where social insurance was invented, has to be introduced for all workers (…) a social protection floor, which will give you the same pay in the same workplace, and each country customized and each year re-negotiated Europe-wide minimum wage,” he writes.

at the same time, the EU has to the climate crisis. “We will not be able to our children in the moments, when we pay our climate debt?”, he asks. Macron proposes a European climate Bank, which financed the environmental change. “All of our institutions must have the protection of the climate target,” said the French President.

All these requirements could mean a “new start for Europe”, based on the pillars of “freedom, protection, and progress”. “That’s why we should call before the end of this year, with the representatives of the EU institutions and the member States to a European conference, to all for our political project, necessary Amendments to propose, without taboos, including a Revision of the treaties,” said Macron.

The Lord of the Élyséepalasts fighting in France since months of bad poll numbers. Since mid-November, the demonstrations of the “yellow vests have him” in the handle, opposed his reform policies. While Macron was looking for normally, foreign policy is always the big international stage, he held in the past few weeks is striking. On his participation at the Munich security conference, he abdicated in favour of his citizens to debate, he wants to get the “yellow vests”crisis in the handle.

Also from Europe, there was always a headwind for the Reformer, who had introduced already in 2017, in his Sorbonne speech ambitious plans for the EU. With the populist government in Italy, Macron was recently in continuous-Clinch – even for a time the Ambassador to Rome was recalled. And also with Germany delivery in last time always go smoothly – on the subject of arms exports, or the Russian-German Nord Stream gas pipeline 2, the differences were particularly clear.

Macron, whose party La République en leads Marche according to the polls in the European elections in France, must lift now against the populist and nationalistic forces within the EU – its biggest opponent may be the right national Hungarian head of government Viktor Orban. “A nationalist foreclosure has nothing to offer you as a refusal, without any perspective,” writes a Macron in his article. “Never since the Second world war, Europe was so important. And yet Europe was never in so great danger.”