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Macron wants to have built the Notre-Dame within five years (20.48 PM)AfD needs donations to pay for illegal party 400,000 euros (16.09 PM)a New abuse case dismissed on a campsite in North Rhine-Westphalia (15.55 PM)böhm’s injunction against Chancellery (14.19 PM)

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+++ 20.48 PM: Macron wants Notre-Dame within five years to build again. + + +

After the fire the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron wants to let the world-famous house of God, within five years of the rebuild. “We will build the Cathedral even more beautiful than before, and I want that to be done in five years,” said the head of state in a televised address.

+++ 19.44 at: Nicaragua’s government is releasing over 600 prisoners to house arrest +++

on the Occasion of the Easter holidays, the Nicaraguan government has 636 prisoners released from prison. You may serve the Rest of their sentences in house arrest, as the interior Ministry announced. Whether it was at protests against the government arrested demonstrators, was initially unclear.

On Thursday, the beginning of the protests against the government marks the first anniversary for the first Time. The first demonstrations were against a controversial welfare reform. Later, the Opposition called for new elections, and an end of Repression and a free press.

+++ 18.00: Red-cross-relief goods reach Venezuela +++

First aid from the Red cross have arrived in Venezuela. A plane with medicines and electricity generators on Board landed at the airport of Caracas, such as the Red cross via Twitter announced. From Panama posted charge is part of an increasing humanitarian aid for Venezuela to almost three-fold, to almost 25 million dollars (about 22 million euros). This was decided by the International Committee of the Red cross (ICRC) a few days ago. “We ask everyone to avoid the politicization of this great success”, said the Chairman of the Red cross in Venezuela, Mario Villarroel. The intended delivery of 28 Venezuelan hospitals will be carried out according to the principles of independence and neutrality. The ICRC had recently signed with Venezuela’s Ministry of health to sign an agreement to the people notversorgen.

+++ 17.49 PM: Parliament approves power development for Egypt President Al-Sisi +++

Egypt’s Parliament, a further Expansion of the Power of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi agreed. The 596 members decided, by a Two-thirds majority amendments to the Constitution, which, among other things, the head of state the opportunity to extend his term until 2030, as the state news website Al-Ahram reported. The approval for the extended term of office of the President, and other Amendments to the Constitution was carried out initially by a show of hands. Human rights activists warn that Changes the people will get worse legal situation. Critics had already been in the run-up to under pressure. The Changes must be voted on in a Referendum.

+++ 17.02 clock: Two-Van-Gogh-see painting 16 years after the theft and again in Amsterdam +++

16 years after the theft of two masterpieces by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam. The painting “beach at Scheveningen” from the year 1882, and “The Church of Nuenen with churchgoers” of 1884/85 return on Wednesday following extensive refurbishment, the Van Gogh Museum, as Museum Director Axel complaint announced on Tuesday. The images were then again “where they belong”.

+++ 16.50 PM: Chinese authorities have seized 7.5 tonnes of ivory for sure +++

Chinese authorities in one of the biggest raids in the recent years, around 7.5 tons of ivory. In total, had been secured during the searches in six provinces 2748 elephant tusks, said the head of the national customs authority in Beijing. The tusks originated from Africa and were in-the-wood supplies hides been smuggled to China. By the joint action of police and customs last month, an international criminal gang had been smashed, said the customs chief. Since 2017, the trade with ivory is banned in China, and the authorities go hard against illegal traders. Previously, the country is the world’s largest envelope was a place for ivory. Ivory is used in China as a status symbol.


After the death of a poacher’s snare

Africa-expert on poaching and the risk of an elephant trampled to death

After a fatal attack on a poacher in South Africa’s Kruger national Park, some ask the question, how dangerous such Parks. The animals are in much greater danger than the people, so John’s Church gates by the WWF Germany.

Rune Weichert +++ 1643: working group: at Least twelve cold dead since the beginning of winter +++

Since the beginning of winter lots of help, according to a census of the Federal Association for Apartment nationwide for at least twelve homeless people to the consequences of hypothermia died. Also, a renewed cold snap in April, had not remained without consequences, informed the working group in Berlin. On 9. April was found, therefore, a 55-year-old homeless man dead in a Parking lot in Rostock. The study group has, since 1991, cold dead in Germany. 315 of the cases it has documented since then, according to their own information.

+++ 16.09 PM: AfD must be due to illegal party good 400,000 Euro numbers +++

The AfD has to pay for illegal party donations in the two cases, 402.900 Euro fine donations. Two decisions of the Bundestag administration, the party submitted, as a spokeswoman for the news Agency AFP confirmed. It comes to aid, the Swiss Agency Goal AG for today’s Federal Chairman Jörg Meuthen and the Federal Executive Board member Guido Reil in state election campaigns in 2016 and 2017. Meuthen spoke of a “quite erroneous Position” and announced opposition. The Bundestag, the administration explained that “these monetary contributions from the AfD should not have been accepted.”

+++ 15.55 PM: pensioners ‘ girl is taken on a campsite in North Rhine-Westphalia, miss +++

have a need Due to possible sexual abuse, the police has to Westphalia on a campsite in North Rhine-a 72-Year-old. The man was suspected, over a period of at least one year of a 13-Year-old passed to have informed the police and the Prosecutor’s office in Viersen and Mönchengladbach. Both the 72-Year-old as well as the family of the 13-Year-olds, according to the investigators regularly on the campsite, in the municipality of Niederkrüchten to visit, where they spent time in a caravan. The family reported on Monday display. On the same day, a search of the caravan and the apartment of the man. For justification, the investigators also referred to you to present evidence that the yet respectable man for several days, an eight-year-old girl as a “holiday guest” should stop. The child was found with him, temporarily, employees of the Jugendamt taken into care and his parents passed. The investigators evaluate the mobile phones, computers and other possible evidence. The 72-Year-old was previously on the allegations.

+++ 15.55 PM: the First delivery of aid to the Red cross reached Venezuela +++

for the First time a delivery of aid from the Red cross has reached the dramatic supply shortages, suffering in Venezuela. The airport of Caracas arrived shipment included urgently needed medicines and medical supplies, said an official. The controversial President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, had stated that after a long refusal a week ago ready to help the International Committee of the Red cross (ICRC).

+++ 15.03 PM: control of fire protection at the Airport BER is ready and approved +++

The Work on the capital airport BER are moved forward a step. The smoke extraction control in the main terminal had been examined by the TÜV final and without defects released, said the airport company. On the day before the reports had been handed over for the facility by the Tüv. A smoke control system regulates that in the event of a fire, for example, the ventilation in the building work, emergency doors open, and there are automatic announcements. Two other areas have not yet been removed, the Work is still in progress: in the case of the fire alarm system and the cable trades in the Terminal. The airport company expects a decrease in the summer. On the opening date of the third largest airport in Germany in October 2020, you remains.

+++ 14.19 PM: the Bohemian’s injunction against the Chancellery rejected +++

The Berlin administrative court has the injunctive rejected lawsuit filed by the satirist Jan böhmermann against the Federal Chancellery and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). The 38-year-old TV presenter wanted to let Merkel forbid, to repeat their criticism of his controversial poem against the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Chancellor had said about three years ago, the verses were “deliberately hurtful”. A little later, she had referred to this Expression as an error.

+++ 13.56 PM: mother at the wheel, unconscious, 14 – Year-old steers more +++

A 14-Year-old has steered from the passenger seat of the car of your unconscious mother off of the motorway. The 41-year-old mother was bags according to police, at the wheel suddenly collapsed. Shortly before the exit of the Kist on the A3 near Würzburg, the girls have taken over “at approximately 100 km/h” in the steering. The journey ended in the ditch of a Parking space. The teenagers alerted the rescue service. The helpers took the mother to a hospital, where she was admitted for inpatient care. The police praised the 14-Year-old for the “skilled” and “courageous” action. She spoke of her “great appreciation” for their “great response”.

+++ 13.54 PM: flag uproar on the island of Crete by the German marine soldiers +++

flags of The world scandal on the island of Crete has been caused, according to the Navy in Rostock, Germany two German soldiers. The two 23-Year-old had been sentenced on Monday by a Greek court, because of the denigration of national symbols in the fast-track procedure to ten months ‘ imprisonment on probation. The men had gathered on Sunday at a view point, the Greek flag and instead, the German hoisted. 20. May marks the 78. The “battle of Crete”, in the case of the national socialists, the island’s revenue. It is considered to be one of the most brutal airborne operations of the Second world war.

+++ 13.32 PM: EU Parliament confirms better protection for whistleblowers +++

The European Parliament has called for better protection of whistleblowers in the EU. The deputies have approved in the Strasbourg agreement, which is under the dealer a few weeks ago, with the EU member States. “In the future, whistleblowers who report in the public interest, breaches of EU law, to be protected,” said the SPD politician, Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann. And the Green MEP Sven Giegold said: “Finally, the Whistleblower will get the recognition they deserve for their service to the common good.” In the case of Whistleblowing, there is the Reveal, and share grievances or criminal activities by insiders, as employees with privileged access to information.

+++ 13.24 PM: students find 1600 year-old gold coin in Israel +++

students have found in the North of Israel during the hike, a Byzantine gold coin in a field. “The gold coin was minted of 420 and 423 after the birth of Christ under the Emperor Theodosius II in Constantinople (today’s Istanbul),” said Gabriela Bijovski, a coins expert at the Israel antiquities authority. Similar coins, you know, from the Byzantine Empire, however, this was the first one that was found in Israel, so Bijovski. The antiquities authority, which presented the four students with a certificate for good citizenship, because they had passed the coin to the authorities.

+++ 13.00: suspected abuse of children – 54-Year-old festival +++

for many years, the man from Westphalia, children and women, sexually abused, and during the acts filmed have taken to stunned. It is assumed that at least 15 Victims, including some children of primary school age, were a police spokeswoman. The previously determined in seven women, two teenagers and six children were the 54-Year-old “private contacts”. The Suspect had not distributed the films to previous findings, said the police spokeswoman. Some of the victims were according to the records, in the case of consciousness.

+++ 12.57 PM: the Federal government is screwed economic forecast significantly down +++

The Federal government wants to screw its forecast for the growth of the German economy significantly. How the German press Agency learned from coalition circles was reported that the government in the current year only with an increase of the gross domestic product of 0.5 percent. This had been previously reported by other media. Previously, the government was assumed to be 1.0 percent. It is, therefore, more pessimistic than a leadere economic researchers, the growth of 0.8 percent expected. Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), the new forecast on Wednesday in Berlin. The main reason for the weaker economy, a slowdown in the global economy.

+++ 12.37 PM: police rescues 21 refugees from refrigerated truck in France +++

In the East of France have been rescued 21 refugees out of a Refrigerated truck. According to the Prefecture of the Meuse Department, including six women and five children were among the refugees from Iran and Iraq. Some of the on Monday discovered the refugees had previously received deportation notices.

+++ 12.31 PM: More than a hundred arrests during the climate protests in London +++

In the case of climate protests in London, more than a hundred protesters were arrested. Until Tuesday morning, 113 people were taken into custody, as the British police announced. Activists of the climate initiative, Extinction of Rebellion, had blocked at the start of a global protest week on Monday, the Waterloo-bridge and several intersections in the centre of the British capital. More than a thousand people participated in the protests. On Monday evening, the activists had set up at London’s Hyde Park for a protest camp to take other actions to prepare. The group Extinction Rebellion was founded last year by British scientists. She demands from the government, a climate-declare a state of emergency, to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by 2025 to Zero, and citizens ‘ assemblies to climate and environmental issues convene. In Berlin, the group had blocked on Monday a sit-in blockade of the upper tree bridge.

+++ 12.27 PM: police prohibits critics of Islam Demonstration in Copenhagen +++

After riots during an action of an Islam critic in Copenhagen, the police has banned the politician, a further Demonstration. A Demonstration on a square in the district of Nørrebro is a danger to the public peace, informed the police of the Danish capital. There are other arsons, vandalism, and violence threatened against the police. The party Strammer course of the politician Rasmus Paludan had been informed about the prohibition in regard to, explained the police. During a Demonstration Paludans on said place it had come on Sunday to riots. The extreme-right critics of Islam have been attacked, according to police information of counter-demonstrators. In the connection it came up in the Monday night riots and clashes with the police. Paludan has founded his very Islamophobic small party in 2017. He provokes, among other things, with the Burning of the Koran.

+++ 12.18 PM: Two men after the death of 18-year-old Mary was arrested +++

Barely a month after the violent death of 18-year-old Maria, on the Baltic sea island of Usedom, the police have detained two suspects. The the find informed. The 19 and 21-year-old Suspect is accused of, to have the young woman in the middle of March in Zinnowitz killed. The crime. on the night of 18 19. March be done. The two Germans were, according to police, was Known to the victim. The young woman was on the evening of 19. March dead in her apartment in Zinnowitz from a well-Known, have been discovered. The witness was Worried, because you can reach the young woman had not. The 18-year-old Maria came from Stralsund, and lived alone in Zinnowitz apartment. The Dead had stab wounds.

“of Each note can useful found to be”

18-Year-old on the island of Usedom, found dead in apartment – police are hoping witnesses

After the violent death of an 18-Year-olds, the consternation is on the Baltic sea island of Usedom. Around 60 police officers to determine at full speed and hope to come to the perpetrator with the help of Clues from the population on the track.

DPA +++ 11.35 am: Norwegian for espionage in Russia, sentenced to 14 years imprisonment +++

for spying for his homeland, the Russian justice has condemned the Norwegians Frode Berg to 14 years in a prison camp. Judge Andrei Suvorov looked at the Agency Interfax, according to as been proven that the gathered 63-Year-old as a spy on Russian nuclear submarines information and fee to the Norwegian intelligence officers sent to. The Suspect denied the fact, as his lawyer Ilya Novikov said. He wants to reach that mountain, asking the Russian President for a pardon. The mountain had been taken at the beginning of December 2017 by the Russian secret service in a Moscow Hotel. The court followed the request of the public Prosecutor, who had called in last week to 14 years in a prison camp.

+++ 11.33 PM: RAID in several States for fraud in the case of the theoretical driving test +++

Because of the 16 Accused in a language tests and theoretical driving tests manipulated to have, have the police and the public Prosecutor’s office in Rhineland-Palatinate, Kaiserslautern 64 apartments and offices in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt and in Saarland, browse. Most of the accused, aged between 24 and 62 years of age should have participated instead of the actual test candidates the Tests, such as the investigator. In addition, the police are investigating some driving teachers out of the Ludwigshafen and Karlsruhe. You should also be in the fraud may have been involved. Also in the crosshairs of the officials who were with the help of this fraud, their driver’s licenses. You should be deprived of the right to drive again.

+++ 11.23 PM: Finland: Former Prime Minister steps down as party chief +++

After the poor performance of his centre party in the parliamentary election in Finland, the former Prime Minister Juha Sipilä steps down as Chairman of his party. “The election result leaves me no other options,” said the 57-Year-old on his website. Sipiläs the centre party had suffered in the parliamentary election on Sunday hefty losses. According to preliminary data, it crashed by more than seven percentage points and came to only 13.8 percent. He leads the party since the summer of 2012, and had been since his election victory in 2015, the Finnish head of government.

+++ 10.29 PM: emergency landing at the flight readiness: check-in at the Airport Berlin-Schönefeld stopped +++

The clearance at the airport Berlin-schönefeld has been stopped in the morning. Reason a defective aircraft in the flight readiness of the Bundeswehr on the runway, was the spokesperson for the airport company and the air force informed. The airport spokesman pointed out that they wanted to clarify the circumstances now. The Bundeswehr announced that the plane had a malfunction shortly after the Start, Vice versa, and problems with the landing’ve had: “The machine hade with both wings touching the ground. And a controlled landing was possible.”

the passengers were not on Board, the spokesman for the air force. The Crew will be medically examined. The plane is reported to be of type Global 5000 canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier, which is also used for government travel members. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said, the air force crew did it, “to bring the Jet under the most difficult conditions of the ground in order to prevent worse”. The clearance was shortly after 09.30 am. The airport authority tweeted that the machines would be diverted in the approach. In the meantime, the flight is operating again.

Dramatic emergency landing

government plane airport Berlin-Schönefeld lame

again, the flight readiness of the Bundeswehr in the headlines: According to a technical Defect in the air a Jet in the landing in Berlin is off-Schönefeld of the slopes. Now has expressed also the Minister of defence.

+++ 8.07 PM: patrol car of slope crashes down – two police officers injured +++

Two policemen have been injured in Tübingen (Baden-Württemberg) hard on her when her patrol car crashed on a slope down. The car overturned several times and left lying on the roof, as a spokesman for the police said. As the accident occurred in a construction area, was not immediately known. The police believe that another vehicle was involved. The two police officers sitting in the patrol car were brought to hospital with severe injuries.

+++ 6.01 PM: 20 injured in a fire in Eisenach +++

In the case of a fire in a residential – and business house in Eisenach, 20 people were injured. Two people have suffered serious injuries, such as the land use of the Central announced in Thuringia. When all the smoke poisoning was found. Officials of the police had discovered early Tuesday morning, burning, bulky waste, and the fire brigade alerted. The fire spread to a nearby fashion store, this was completely destroyed by fire. The fire Department brought 27 people from the surrounding homes in safety and put out the fire. How it had come to the fire, was initially unclear.

+++ 4.08 PM: small plane lands in fog in power lines “, as in the spider’s web” +++

the Three occupants of a small plane escaped in New York, a deadly accident thanks to strong power lines. They had tried with their single-engine aircraft in dense fog in the vicinity of Long Island six Times, unsuccessfully, to make a landing, as the “New York Times” reported. As the machine ran out of fuel, crashed the Cessna on a residential area in Valley Stream. After a first serve on a Church roof, the machine flew into power lines, where you stopped, according to police information, “such as in a spider’s web” caught on, and with the nose only a few inches on a lawn in front of the wall of a House. When the police arrived, sat in the Pilot and the two passengers already “largely unscathed” by the roadside.

+++ 3.46 PM: fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral, under the control of +++

The fire Department has the devastating fire in the Paris Cathedral of Notre-Dame to the multi-hour fire brought under control. The Newspapers “Le Figaro” and “Le Parisien reported that” according to their Online sites, citing the fire Department. The fire devastated the building in the heart of the French capital, the roof was ablaze in flames. Hours of flames in the sky.


fire in Notre-Dame

fire only after the second Alarm detected +++ as early as 600 million euros of donations for reconstruction

Queen forces +++ Oil company praises wants to donate 100 million euros, + + + fire published use video +++ Putin offers help, + + + fire +++ investigator continue by accident +++ The situation in Paris in the star-Ticker

DPA +++ 3.24 PM: Four Dead in Canada – a Suspected shooter turns +++

Four people have been killed in the West of Canada, according to police sources, with well-aimed shots. The two men and two women had been shot in three different locations in Penticton in British Columbia, reported to the police according to the channel CBC. As a possible perpetrator of a 60-had been taken-Year-old, who had made shortly after the shooting in a police station. All Involved with each other have been known, the killings were described by police as a “targeted event”. The exact sequence of events and the backgrounds were not initially called.

+++ 3.13 PM: Ecuador since Assange-arrest target of 40 million cyber attacks +++

Ecuador has become after the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, according to the government target of more than 40 million cyber attacks. The attacks on websites of public institutions are from Germany, the USA, Brazil, the Netherlands, Romania and Ecuador, self, said the Vice-Minister of information technology and communication, Patricio Real. Were affected according to the figures, especially the websites of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the presidency, the Central Bank, as well as some of the ministries and universities. Information has not been stolen and accordingly, in the case of the cyber-attacks.

+++ 3.06 PM: the police find a 15-buried corpses in the West of Mexico +++

In the West of Mexico, investigators have discovered at least 15 Dead. The corpses had been unearthed in a house in the municipality of Zapopan in the state of Jalisco, informed the local Prosecutor’s office. “We will be working the Rest of the week, or for as long as it is necessary, further, to investigate any place where are buried people could be,” said General Prosecutor Gerardo Solís. According to residents, drug gangs took advantage of the house for the sale of narcotics. In Mexico, around 40 000 people are considered missing. Many are likely to have been abducted by the powerful criminal syndicates in the country, and killed.

+++ 2.21 PM: U.S. and Japan begin trade talks +++

pressure from US President Donald Trump has begun in Japan trade talks with the US government. The Japanese economy Minister Motegi met in Washington the US trade representative Lighthizer. The talks are initially set to last for two days. Trump complains about unfair trade relations with Japan, as with China and Europe. He wants Japan to open its market to more U.S. products, including agricultural goods. Tokyo fears that the U.S. President a criminal could collect duties on cars.

+++ 0.25 PM: Ex-Governor, Trump candidacy of the Republic wants to kaner dispute +++

The former Governor of Massachusetts, Bill Weld, President of the Donald Trump want to make the candidacy of the Republicans in the election of 2020 in dispute. Weld said in the CNN that he will apply for the candidacy of his party for the presidential election. The 73-Year-old is the first Republican, the Trump challenge. He said it was a “political tragedy,” if Trump 2020 re-elected and four more years in office would remain. “I’d fear for the Republic.” While the field of Republican candidates for the presidential candidacy is thin, have thrown the Democrats already 18 candidates your hat in the Ring.

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