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Macron cancels participation at Munich security conference (16.50 hrs), France’s Ambassador to Italy (13.57 hours), and calls on politicians in Uganda: Curvy women could boost tourism (12.07 PM)EU Commission lowers growth forecasts to 2019 for Euro-zone significantly (11.05 PM)the Federal cartel office, Facebook’s limited to Collect user data (10.03 PM)

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+++ 19: 42: Parliament in Athens ratified the Nato accession agreements of Northern Macedonia +++

Only two days after the signing of the Protocol of accession of the future North of Macedonia in Nato will on Friday evening, the Parliament in Athens as the first Nato country to the accession of its Northern neighbor cheap. The ratification is considered safe, reported Greek media consistently. Representatives of the 29 allies had recently signed together with the foreign Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Dimitrov, is the so-called Protocol of Accession. At the end of January, the Parliament had approved in Athens an agreement with Skopje, according to which Macedonia should, in the future, hot the North of Macedonia. The government in Athens had asked for this, because a Northern Greek province is called Macedonia and claims to territory were feared.

+++ 19.24 clock: separatists in Eastern Ukraine surrender the prisoners in Kiev +++

The Eastern Ukrainian separatists have again handed over to ordinary criminal prisoners to serve their regular remainder of the sentence to Kiev. 33 prior to 2014 for crimes by civilian courts condemned prisoners have been transferred at his own request, at the place Schtschastja in Luhansker territory to government territory, as the people told the legal representative of the Kiev Parliament. The last had been passed in December of last year, prisoners. Some of the time 42 prisoners have now served their entire prison sentence, it said.

+++ 18.43 PM: US General: Russian and Cuban influence in Venezuela, large +++

The United States is increasingly concerned about the influence of countries like Russia, China, Iran, and Cuba in Latin America but also in Africa. Also in the crisis country, Venezuela, Russia, and Cuba would have an enormous influence on the government of socialist President Nicolas Maduro, who is not recognized by many Western countries as the legitimate head of state. “Cuba has the safety of Maduro,” said the commander of the South command of the U.S. armed forces, Craig Faller, at a hearing before a Committee of the Senate.

+++ 18.10: Prague compensated in 1982 at the border of injured German +++

the Czech Republic has compensated for a 63-year-old German for serious violations, which had suffered in an escape attempt in 1982. “The Minister of justice has indemnified the former citizens of the GDR Siegfried Fröbel,” said a Ministry spokesman, the news Agency AFP. Currently living in Cologne Fröbel was the compensation payment of the equivalent of 4875 euros, however, is not satisfied: in the light of his permanent disability, psychological Suffering and reduced quality of life, it was “quite a bit”, he told the newspaper “Dnes”. Froebel had tried at the age of 27 years, together with a befriended married couple to cross the border between Czechoslovakia and the Federal Republic of Germany. The couple surrendered to the Czechoslovak soldiers, as these opened fire. Froebel, however, was hit in the thigh, when he was already on West German territory.

+++ 17.44 PM: Anti-IS coalition: IS-a”Caliphate” to less than one percent +++

shrunk The jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) controlled according to the international Anti-IS coalition not even one percent of their former dominion. Of the large areas of their former “Caliphate” in Syria and Iraq, IS holding the militia in the meantime, “less than one percent,” said the US-led military Alliance. US President, Donald Trump had expressed on Wednesday the expectation that it IS going to distributed in the coming days.

+++ 17.30: Alleged Hitler images in Nuremberg +++

Allegedly by Adolf Hitler painted pictures of the public Prosecutor’s office in Nuremberg has ensured ensured in the case of an auction house. There was some doubt as to the authenticity of the 63 images, said a spokeswoman for the justice Department on Thursday. 23 the on Wednesday confiscated works with signatures like “A. H.” or “A. Hitler”, should be auctioned off on Saturday. The Prosecutor’s office investigate against persons Unknown for forgery with intent to commit fraud, according to the spokeswoman. An expert had put the authority on a suspicion from the beginning. Earlier, several media had reported about it.

+++ 17.19 at: Meuthen: the protection of the Constitution rejects AfD-request for an opinion, insight +++

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV), according to AfD chief Jörg Meuthen of the party is the insight into the opinions, has been determined to be denied on the basis of which the party, by the BfV as a “test case”. A AfD request for an opinion insight had been rejected, informed Meuthen. “Us Concerned is denied with regard to the formal legal situation, the insight into the controversial protection of the Constitution report to the AfD.” The BfV did not want to comment on the request.

+++ 16.50 PM: Macron participation in the Munich security conference, says +++

The French President Emmanuel Macron has surprisingly cancelled his participation at the Munich security conference in the coming week. The cancellation was already done last Friday, said a spokesman for the conference. About the decision before the “Süddeutsche Zeitung had reported.

+++ 16.25 p.m.: Six Dead in collapse of eight-storey apartment building in Istanbul +++

In Istanbul, came to the collapse of a residential building killed six people. There are three more Dead had been recovered, bringing the number of victims has risen to six, said the Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya. In addition, 13 people were injured, three of them seriously. The eight-storey building in the district of Kartal on the Asian side of the Bosporus metropolis was the crash on Wednesday of as-yet-unknown reasons.

A five-year-old girl could be rescued, according to the official news Agency Anadolu, after 18 hours, alive from the rubble. The authorities ordered the evacuation on the grounds of several adjacent buildings. The rescue workers tried since Wednesday night with heavy equipment to remove the concrete slabs and other debris to get shed of the residents, whose voices were heard.

+++ 15.55 PM: the Czech Republic, lived for years with the corpse of her mother in the apartment +++

In the Czech Republic, a woman lived for around three years, next to their dead mother. The corpse had Together already in a mummified tand found, said a police spokeswoman. To the attention of the authorities were, as now, the daughter of 61 years died. According to initial investigations, a force could be excluded in both cases.

Czech media speculated that the daughter could for years to have the pension at the time of death 90 year-old mother conceded. The investigation, the police spokeswoman said.

+++ 15.32 PM: France wants to. in the case of Nord Stream 2 against Germany, + + +

France votes in a key EU vote to gas pipelines against Germany: announced The Ministry of foreign Affairs in Paris, France will vote on Friday in Brussels for a Revision of the EU Gas Directive The proposal of the EU Commission, could affect the German-Russian Pipeline, Nord Stream 2, from the end of the year, will transport Russian Gas through the Baltic sea to Germany.

+++ 15.20 PM: Sweden extended border controls +++

Sweden is in control of its borders in the coming months, in order to prevent the illegal entry of migrants. As the government of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced in Stockholm, the temporary border controls for a further three months, until 11. May be extended. Was justified the step with safety concerns. Another factor for the decision had been Worried about that at the external borders of Europe only “inadequate Examinations,” said interior Minister Mikael Damberg.

+++ 14.44 PM: Dane tapped our little son, five years a week a half a Liter of blood +++

Because you abzapfte her son for five years, every week half a Liter of blood, a mother in Denmark for four years in prison. A court in the Western Danish town of Herning said the 36-year-old nurse of life-threatening abuse, guilty. Their profession was no longer allowed to exercise. The woman did not appeal. According to the prosecution, the woman had begun with the blood sampling, when her son was eleven months old. For five years she threw him weekly again of the ordeal, until she was arrested in September 2017, with a blood bag still in Hand.

+++ 13.57 PM: disputes between EU States: France recalls Ambassador to Italy for talks +++

France has ordered after a week long dispute with Italy recalled its Ambassador from the neighboring country for talks. The recent interventions in Italy are an “unacceptable provocation,” said the French foreign Ministry on Thursday. “You hurt the respect of the democratic and freely elected governments of each other’s debt.” Therefore I am going to now summoned the French Ambassador for consultations. The French government reacted to a Meeting of the Italian Deputy heads of government, Luigi Di Maio with representatives of the “yellow West” in Paris.

+++ 13.10 PM: Kurdish-Arab Alliance confirmed the arrest of a German jihadists in Syria +++

A Kurdish-Arab Alliance has confirmed the arrest of the German, Martin Lemke and other foreign fighters in Syria. Every day there were arrests of foreign jihadists, including the German Lemke, said the spokesman of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), Mustafa Bali, the AFP news Agency. For ten days every day is the last Bastion of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) civilians would leave in the ostsyrischen Baghus, again and again, the fighters sought to hide among them. The Kurdish representatives, Abdel Karim Omar in the Kurdish regional administration in Northern Syria for foreign relations, said that in the past three weeks, at least 50 foreign jihadists had been arrested. “There is no official contact with the German government,” said Omar. Germany have never offered the German jihadists and their families and bring home.

+++ 13.08 PM: May and Juncker to agree further Brexit talks +++

The European Union and the United Kingdom have new Brexit talks agreed to find a way for a child to exit the EU in the United Kingdom. This is a result of the meeting of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, and the EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, a Commission spokesman said. May and Juncker wanted to meet before the end of February to advise on the possible results of the talks.

the UK wants the EU on 29. March, leave. No outlet contract is concluded, threatens a chaotic break-up with far-reaching consequences for the economy.

letter to Theresa May

These five conditions has negotiated with the British Opposition for a ‘ Yes ‘ to Brexit-Deal

Theresa May this Thursday in Brussels to discuss the Brexit, she did this with the Post of leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn in the bag. The made it clear in a letter, the conditions under which Labour the Brexit Deal would support.

+++ 12.42 PM: the German chemistry Nobel prize winner Manfred Eigen has died +++

The German chemistry Nobel prize winner Manfred Eigen has died on Wednesday at the age of 91 years. The the göttingen Max-Planck-informed-Institute for biophysical chemistry. The Nobel prize had received in 1967 for his Work on ultra-fast chemical reactions.

+++ 12.39 PM: Three Dead after severe weather in Rio de Janeiro +++

In the case of a severe weather event in Rio de Janeiro, at least three people were killed. A mother and her son died when their house in Barra de Guaratiba in the West of Brazil’s second largest city, was swept away on Wednesday evening (local time) by a landslide, according to the newspaper “O Globo” reported online, citing the city administration. In the Favela Rocinha, a man came in with a landslide killed.

On the coastal road Avenida Niemeyer in the South of Rio, two buses of a landslide and falling trees have been taken. According to one of the bus driver, two passengers, they could not escape from his Bus. Rescue workers had to enter into the Interior of the badly damaged bus. A part of the next to the Avenida extending, especially for the 2016 Olympic games, built a spectacular Coastal bike path fell into the sea. At the domestic airport Santos Dumont were cancelled on Wednesday evening, 19 flights. In Rio de Janeiro In the summer’s rain time of December until April.

+++ 12.20 PM: Kremlin: issue of political asylum for Maduro +++

In the event of a fall of Venezuela’s head of state, Nicolás Maduro, there is, according to the Kremlin, no Considerations, to provide the left-nationalist political asylum in Russia. This is not a question, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in Moscow the newshtenagentur to Ria Novosti, according to. It was last seen in Russian media speculated. So, the tabloid newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets suggested” that Russia could provide “his friend Maduro political asylum”.