Two days after his much-publicized televised address the head of state, Emmanuel Macron come together on Wednesday (10: 00) with the government to consultations.

The President had promised on Monday evening billion-dollar concessions in the social sphere, the protest movement of the “yellow vests”. Thus, the wage for workers on the minimum wage level is expected to rise from next year to 100 euros per month.

The head of state will arrive in the afternoon (16.30) with representatives of large companies. According to the will of Macrons, large companies should follow suit in addressing the crisis. The 40-Year-old had asked the heads of French companies is also, unmistakably, to pay their taxes in the country.

The announcements Macrons to the crisis the debt-stricken country in front of huge financial challenges. Because the concessions hit, with around ten billion euros.

According to the budget Minister Gérald Darmanin is likely to increase the government deficit by 0.5 percentage points. Experts now expect that the European deficit limit of three percent of the economy is exceeded in the coming year. Darmanin expressed not explicitly to the expected value. Before the outbreak of the crisis to 2.8 per cent borrowing for 2019 were planned.

Macron was under great pressure to act. Since last Saturday, more than 100,000 people were back on the road went, including at least 10,000 in Paris. It was the fourth weekend in a row, the movement of the “Yellow vests” had called in a large scale protests. In the capital and in other cities, it also came to riots and violence.


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