The former President of the Federal constitutional protection, Hans-Georg Maaßen, criticized the loss of value in the CDU. Maaßen, the Recent tight conservative “Union of values”, in his guest post for the news magazine “Focus” a lot of political projects, the fall in Angela Merkel’s chancellorship – which he rejects.

“The CDU is not the property of the officials,”

“A party is a party, and no Chancellor election club”, Maaßen his criticism in the “Focus”. Values are not arbitrary, parties should strive, “the Beliefs and values of their members and supporters in practical policy.” Something that he denies the CDU to part: Many of the values of the CDU had been in the past few years is “on track”. “The price for the goods,” said Maaßen. “The SPD and the Green were copies, however, thematically, of the CDU and thereby expropriated.” The Chancellor is not mentioned in the Text in particular.

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Maaßen: the Migration to a handle


He had not joined in the CDU, according to Maaßen, in the year 1987, “millions of asylum-seekers to Germany, and there is an asylum policy with no upper limit.” Not even the “energy policy exits without secured entrances”, the abolition of conscription, the minimum wage, “or the gender politics were my Motivation to join the party.” A number of political projects, the fall in the term as CDU leader, and the chancellorship of Angela Merkel. “It may not be the case that a party abandons political Beliefs, and the exact opposite represents, only because these positions allow for the retention of power,” writes Maaßen. “The CDU is not the property of the officials.” Therefore, the “Union of values” is important, since you advocate actively for the Beliefs of Union members.

Maaßen, 56, was from 2012 to 2018, the President of the Federal constitutional protection. In November of last year, he was transferred to the Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) to Controversies to Maaßens Statements to the right-wing riots in Chemnitz in temporary retirement.

sources: “Focus”