German foreign Minister Heiko Maas warns, in view of the announced withdrawal of US troops from Syria before a resurgence of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS).

Prior to his departure to an Anti-IS conference in Washington, Maas said: “In Syria we still have no clarity about how, after the announced withdrawal of U.S. troops can be avoided, a vacuum, in order not old conflicts re-escalate (the) IS can back on our feet.” He hoped to during his talks in Washington for more information. The risk that go from the IS in Syria and Iraq, not to be banned “by far”.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has invited his counterparts from the international Anti-IS coalition this Wednesday to Washington. US President, Donald Trump intends to appeal, according to the White house in the afternoon to the Minister of foreign Affairs of the coalition, which includes 74 countries, as well as alliances such as Nato or the EU. The aim of the meeting is to discuss further the fight against the IS after the US withdrawal.

The Pentagon warned in a report, without a corresponding pressure of the IS might win, “probably within six to twelve months of revival” and a part of the lost territory back. In the field of U.S. troops in the East of Syria to fade around 2000 IS fighters love.

Trump had announced in December the withdrawal of American troops from Syria. A time to plan, he has not submitted so far. The acting Minister of defence, Patrick Shanahan had declared in the last week, the retreat was at an early stage. According to Trumps of some 2000 US soldiers are still in Syria.

the theme of the conference in Washington is also the Problem of foreign IS-fighters. The U.S. state Department called on the countries of origin, in Syria, captured citizens to take back, and in the home to accuse. The Kurdish militia YPG-led and US-backed Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) have taken in their advance against IS “hundreds of foreign terrorist fighters from dozens of countries”. German nationals had joined the IS.