Ratingen: luxury cars block A3 for photo shoot

several luxury cars of a wedding convoy blocked on Friday, all three lanes of the A3 at the Ratingen for the following traffic, to shoot photos. As the police reported, drifted in front of the standing cars is a luxury car with a screech of tyres, the so-called Donuts while the occupants of the other vehicles took photos. The officials of a civil strife, were assumed to be due to the switched-on Hazard warning lights of the cars, first by an accident, came with a blue light to the alleged scene of the accident. Then, the driver of the luxury of diamonds, gave shot of Gas and continued their journey. Two “blocker” was on the Patrol at the motorway junction Ratingen-Ost. The occupants denied, therefore, to have made mistakes and claimed to know a good lawyer. The police identify all those Involved in the motorcades due to the suspicion of coercion and a traffic hazard.

Hannover: man forcing ten-year-old at gunpoint behind the building

A huge terror Unknown scared on Friday of a schoolgirl and her mother. As the police reported on Monday, had intercepted the man the girl is on the way to school at gunpoint and forced to accompany him behind a building. On the way there, managed the ten-year-old then to report the alarm to the phone of your mother. The 44-Year-old had been threatened upon Arrival, then also with the weapon. Accordingly, the Unknown have asked you, the child let go. After that, the man had fled. Against him will now be determined because of coercion, threat and the suspicion of the attempted deprivation of liberty. Investigators are searching for a man who was described by witnesses as 18 to 25 years. Hat and scarf of the alleged offender to have been found in the vicinity of the crime scene.

Delitzsch: non-ferrous metal thief dies after electric shock in transformer houses

The attempt to steal cable from a transformer house, has paid a man in the Saxon town of Delitzsch, with the life. The 41-Year-old who wanted to make non-ferrous metal to money, suffered, according to the police in the night on Monday to a fatal high-current shock. Thus, he touched the caps of the cable a high-voltage line, a voltage of 100,000 volts is applied. Previously, he was a 38-year-old accomplice and a professional tool in the fenced-in grounds of an abandoned biomass power plant entered. The attendant alerted at 3 o’clock in the night the rescue workers and suffered a shock. The forces had to turn off the power, because they also consisted in the recovery of acute danger to life.

Erlangen: Car rams Truck, and escapes through the emergency lane

open the hood and damaged the radiator of a Car driver on Friday after a rear-end collision fled the scene. He took advantage of the emergency lane, which had formed in a traffic jam on the A3. The man was previously driving on a Truck. After that, he sat back on his Smoking car and squeezed through the emergency lane. In the Parking lot of a grid system, the two accident met involved later. As the truck driver noticed that the passenger Car driver with his small car wanted again to escape, blocking him the way. This took but a small gap, squeezed between the Truck and the guard rail therethrough, and crack, among other things, a mirror. Before he raced again on the highway, he removed, according to police, the front bumper with license plate. Investigators found the scrap Mature car later in the town of Erlangen – the license plate issued for another Car. The investigation to the driver to take.

new churches: a horse collapsed and crushed a seven-year-old girl

A seven-year-old girl on Sunday at a horse show from a horse has been crushed. According to police, the young Rider in the riding arena in the municipality of Neuenkirchen (lower Saxony) during the award ceremony of her horse and plunged after this had been put on the hind legs. After that, the animal probably lost the balance and buried the girl. The child was still animated in the riding hall, and a rescue helicopter to a hospital to be flown. There, the young rider, died on the evening of their severe injuries. The spring tournament of the riding and driving club of new churches has been cancelled. First, the “New osnabrück newspaper had reported” about the accident.

Hemmingen: Pensioner dies in electric wheelchair

In case of a fire in a multi family house in the lower Saxony town of Hemmingen in the night on Monday a 66-year-old woman in her electric wheelchair burned. According to a report in the “New press” was broken out in the house around 1:40 p.m. a fire. Accordingly, two elderly tenants fled to the inside of the road and alarm the fire brigade. When the rescue arrived, the forces were in an apartment is already furniture and a electric wheelchair in flames. A firefighting squad was able to mountains, the Elderly woman just dead out of her wheelchair. The criminal police are now investigating how it could come to the fire.

Rathen: 72-Year-old falls 30 meters in depth

A 72-Year-old is killed in an accident on Sunday during a Hiking tour in the Saxon Switzerland fatal. The Pensioner crashed from unknown cause from the Plateau of the Gamrig, a roughly 250-Meter-high free-standing rock. As the “Leipzig people’s daily” reported that she had filed with her son on the Gamrig a break. The tried to his mother before they crashed 30 meters in depth. First responders, as well as the mountain, the lady supplied wakes up a few minutes after the accident. They could not help her. Your 33-year-old son was injured in his rescue attempt at the shoulder and came to in a hospital. The Gamrig due to its exposed location far reaching views over the Elbe Sandstone mountains. A railing on the Plateau.

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