on Wednesday night, we can gaze at our moon, rust-red in the sky. In the case of the partial Eclipse of the moon the earth’s satellite will move from 22 o’clock on Tuesday in the core shadow of the earth.

A good point of view will look especially funny in the South of Germany. “South of the river main, the opportunities are greatest,” said Tobias Reinartz of the German weather service in Offenbach. The Maximum of the cosmic drama against 23.30 o’clock, nearly two-thirds of the satellites are covered by the shadow.


see The Eclipse of the sun, and to understand

The cloud distribution is, Germany is currently divided in two, said Reinartz. This will also be the night to Wednesday so. On the North there is a dense cloud cover. With any luck, could but leave in the direction of the North-East of the cloud cover from time to time and the views of the moon free.

a prerequisite for the Eclipse of the moon

A lunar Eclipse only at full moon. The moon, earth and sun are on a line. “The sun-illuminated earth as a sun screen, a shadow in the space,” said the Association of the star friends in the Hessian town of Heppenheim.

After the partial lunar Eclipse on 16. July it’s time to be patient. “This is the last of Central Europe from highly-visible Eclipse of the moon to 16. May 2022,” write the star friends.

also on Tuesday, the to be expected striking coloring of the moon comes from the German center for air and space travel (DLR) that the red light of the sun are refracted in the earth’s atmosphere and in the direction of the moon steered. In addition, among other things, dust and ash would increase in the high atmosphere, the coloring. According to the DLR International space station ISS above the part, in this night eclipsed his see moon as a bright point of light in the sky.

50 years after landing on the moon

away from the Eclipse of the moon the earth’s satellite is currently all the rage. 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong was the Apollo 11 commander in the morning hours of the 21st century. July careful as the first human to set foot on the moon. Be set from the great leap for mankind is forever etched in the collective memory.

The mean distance of the moon from the earth is approximately 380,000 kilometres. It has a diameter of about 3470 kilometers – about one-quarter of the diameter of the earth diameter.

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