Undaunted. Luisa Neubauer is undaunted, especially:. Here, too, in this vast, darkened hall of the Grugahalle in Essen, Germany. Today, on a Friday in April. Outside demonstrated against coal and climate change. Inside Neubauer steps up to the lectern, by chance, as suitable, just after twelve. Your audience: the shareholders of the energy company RWE, so the opponent. Neubauer wears black, speaks quietly, almost gently, in the tone of voice, your words are but eisenhart. “What the world community is doing with the planet, will be described one day as the biggest political failure of our time,” predicts the 23-Year-old, “and the fact that you earn at this avoidable destruction, as the largest scandal. All of you here in the room will not be able to say one day that you didn’t know. You make something out of your responsibility.” In the hall a few Fans cheer, then the opponents will be louder. One way or the other. The Embassy sits. Like so much of what Neubauer says currently doing.

“Fridays for future” in Berlin

Three claims: the students want to save the climate

Greta Thunberg may be a global icon and spiritual leader of the young movement “Fridays for Future”. Their most prominent representative in Germany, but Luisa Neubauer says. Their Mission: To Shake Up. 50, 60 hours a week, at least. For more than five months. In December Neubauer has launched – with a guest post on NEON – the first strikes of the students – and since then, especially journalists and politicians, explains what it is actually. At “Markus Lanz”, in the case of “Hard but fair”, in countless Interviews. Journalists – for us – has given to Neubauer, what are we looking for: a face, like smart, attractive, happy female. And politicians, according to this search: To can listen to you demonstratively, seemingly at eye level.

Luisa Neubauer met Obama and Macron

Obama? It has taken in Berlin. Macron? In Paris, with Thunberg in the Elysée Palace. Merkel? Although not yet, but Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier, on several occasions. “We are here. We are loud,” chanting the strikers. And Neubauer’s your Loud-speaker. And Yes, so far this has worked: In Berlin, the politicians argue about a CO2 tax in the European elections climate protection is the number one issue is – and the collective Conscience of every flight worse.

What this means for the “Fridays”? The now revolt à la 68, in green and without the Sex and drugs? Or FFF in bloom “” only a spring and fff…come on in winds, then? Or – leads to Luisa’s Mission to real, hard policy?

Saarbrücken on Monday evening of last week. In the house of the “Foundation of democracy Saarland” behind the main theme: “Fridays for the Future – what is to be discussed?” Guest Star: Luisa Neubauer. Before it starts, she stands in the Foyer on the ground floor on a cocktail table. On your phone, you corrected a Interview, scans messages on the phone. “I would be very happy. But tonight I am at an event,” she says regretfully into the phone.

rhetoric-Training in the evening, bread in the parents ‘ house

So it goes from now on. At least 300 E-Mails she gets a day, countless requests on Twitter and Instagram by more than 30,000 followers and subscribers. Los a hell of a lot. Only the day before, and she has the common “scene of the crime”-Watch miss in the göttingen-Dept. But now, at this Meeting, shortly before the appearance, it shows an important gift. Neubauer switches. Quick as a flash. She is friendly, focused, facing. Your sentences are precise, almost. A Professional. “I have three older siblings, all take no sheet before the mouth,” she says, “when supper join the conversation, you need to formulate short and compact.” It is not only the ground of language, which she has overheard from her home in the wealthy Hamburg Elbvorort have Iserbrook. Also a political role model was her grandmother, who has co-founded a local environmental group.

Neubauer’s origin is typical for those who strike just. “This is a movement of the educated bourgeoisie”, says the Berlin sociology Professor Dieter Rucht. With colleagues, he has interviewed the strikers early background and education. Neubauer met a lot of FFF-profile-cliches. Your activist CV appears to be de luxe. In Tanzania, it has provided development aid, in the case of water pipes and a hospital helped. Your geography studies in Göttingen, according to the straight-Abi seven semesters started, financed by the Green member with a fellowship of the party-affiliated Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. In the case of the campaign organization, “One”, which is committed to development aid, is Neubauer’s “youth Ambassador.” In 2018, it was only one of four German delegates at the youth summit of the G7 in Canada, then “Youth Observer” “observer” – at the UN climate change conference in Katowice.


the EU summit in Sibiu

Open letter from Greta and 16,000 pupils: “dear EU leaders, we feel betrayed!”

Strike with Greta Thunberg and famous to be Observed

in Poland, especially: Greta Thunberg. And because the Swede and her father was inundated with media requests, no, literally were smothered, offered Neubauer your help. She was on the phone, organized. To Thunberg, Luisa said: “in the morning, I would like to go on strike. Are you doing this to me?” Neubauer replied: “Jo, we do.” The next day they were on strike, in the light cone of the Swede.

In Saarbrücken, Germany, one of the organizers now warns: “We start!” Neubauer must, in the first floor. The hall is Packed, almost 200 people: Saarland Fridays-for-Future-activists, would be gender correct: Activists, it is predominantly women – representatives of students, parents, political parties, trade unions, a gentleman of the “grannies against the right.” Neubauer in the middle of the room and sketched the big Bang, with the Fridays for the future was created. You makes the free without speaking notes, reports of the first Demos, as the speaker went on strike, but nevertheless, the BBC called.

the media interest was immediately huge. “We have been depicted as a movement, we actually not had.” It tells of the 500 local chapters that are now available, from Whatsapp Chats and phone conferences, delegates, and votes. “This is unique in the European comparison.” And you remembered were those global Demonstration in March, in Germany alone, hundreds of thousands in the process. “The nature of this protest makes me very, very much hope that the us takes to a real change.”

“A movement like our helpen faces”

What she does not speak in this round, is the criticism that there was. To your. Personally. Very hard. Revolutions eat and Yes, sometimes their children, and Neubauer was, at least gnawed. Internally, in Chats, it was said, you are pressing too much into the limelight via public appearances would be decided in a small circle – clandestine. Self-glorious. After that, the sound. If you talk to Neubauer on the allegations, so she claims it was never her goal to be in the center. And there is, internally, very good votes. Although the diversity of the movement in the media is not reflected correctly, but: “A movement like that of our faces can help, at least in the best case.” Your prominence of wool you use to put others in the foreground. “I can help spread the light more.”

in fact, other activists publicly, in the case of the Volkswagen annual General meeting of Lufthansa, also in “Markus Lanz”. Still, it was Neubauer who made at RWE Furore. Nevertheless, you grid from event to event by the Republic. Luisa Neubauer plays with more. In the “house of democracy” to listen to this evening, Susanne memory, in the Saarland, a leading activist. You will be photographed Arm-in-Arm with Neubauer. “Luisa represents us well,” says memory later on the phone. “However, I would like to see that more people in the movement are visible. The only way we can exert force. It character needs strength to avoid the media.”

Neubauer has experienced the public character Test in the past few months, with all the hardships. Because they flew more long-haul, was your hypocrisy under the Hashtag #endurance Luisa. As this Shitstorm was to come, she says, got her mother, a nurse, started to Worry. There are also allegations, Neubauer wool tender the Green, as everything would be an internship for Future Habeck. But it was as a member currently not active, she says. And the movement to do with any political party in common.

the First successes for the climate

As the Greens discussed in March, the principle program, took Neubauer nevertheless, the role of a critic – from the point of view of a critic, from the point of view of Fridays for the Future. Despite all the criticism, it seems to have Fallen further at the role of the acclaimed Aufrüttlerin. Dramaturgically skillfully Neubauer told the audience how she went the other day with a Bus to Sibiu in Romania, in order to strike there, at the EU summit, two prominent Activists were from Belgium and the UK in the process. Surprisingly, the office of Macron called: “The President would like to meet you.” And then just a Macron, but eight other EU heads of state and heads of government came. “Standing there with your chest and said: Yes, we want to be climate neutral,” says Neubauer. “We can say with all modesty: Crass, what we have done as a movement.”


Luisa Neubauer with the “Fridays for Future”-founder Greta Thunberg (r.)

©Carsten Koall

And now? “On the ground, in concrete terms,” says Neubauer, who was still achieved nothing. In the next step, it is going to increase the pressure. Just how? As a young trade unionist suggests, the climate, due to abolish capitalism, not with claps Neubauer. She is pragmatic, focused: “Young people always want something,” she says. “Peace, nuclear phase-out, climate protection. What we need is a societal center, which makes the policy really scared. It needs to be on the streets of the older generations.”

The European elections, a climate choice

The next Test comes up this Friday: “Fridays for our Future,” has called for a “global climate strike”, two days before the European elections, the Berlin Demonstration Neubauer has logged in. “This is a climate choice,” she says. “This is the last Parliament that can do so much.” Because of those “tipping points”, which reached the climate, once, unstoppable damage, such as when the permafrost ground is thawing, and the methane escapes. The applause is big. “You’re a great role model,” says a student representative later. Neubauer smiles. Focused. Facing. You are quickly an Interview for Youtube, then you move on Luisa Boldly on a Mission.