The obvious authorities failure in the case of mass child abuse on a campsite is now Committee issue in a Parliament of lower Saxony.

The district administrator of Hamelin, Tjark Bartels, to respond to the charges against the youth welfare office of his / her district position. The SPD politician is interviewed in the social Committee of the Parliament in Hannover, and to the activities around the abuse case in Lügde.

Bartels had admitted on Tuesday that the youth welfare office of the circle Hameln-Pyrmont was used despite multiple references to pedophilia, a 56-Year-old as a foster father to a little girl. Already in 2016, a job centre employee, a different father, as well as a Kindergarten psychologist had expressed such a suspicion.

These notes were in the files of the circuit noted. In the past, the district had always spoken only of his authority had only had hints at the messy living conditions of the man. Lügde is located right on the border of North Rhine-Westphalia to lower Saxony.