The Lufthansa pushes her historic vintage aircraft Ju 52 to the Museum. The 83-year-old machine with the historic registration D-AQUI is not to withdraw again.

you should be made in a not yet mentioned the Museum accessible to the Public, such as the Dax group announced on Monday in Frankfurt. Until then, the aircraft remains in a Hangar at the Lufthansa base in Hamburg.

Previously, had already been the loss of passenger flights, the “flying memorial” to stopped, after in August 2018 with 20 people fully occupied sister machine in the Swiss Alps was crashed. The wreck revealed serious technical deficiencies, which were not visible from the outside.

The 1936 in Dessau-built Lufthansa Ju has a rich history with stops in Norway, South American Oil platforms and U.S. air shows. The exact number of paid hours of flight, no one knows. For Lufthansa, the re-acquired the plane, on the Initiative of enthusiastic pilots in 1984, and in Hamburg and fully restored, it has since completed about 11,500 hours.