The previous AfD-Chairman Bernd Lucke holds the right publisher Götz Kubitschek for the main puppet masters of the right-wing of his former party. He himself had noticed “late”, how big Kubitscheks influence on the representatives of the “wing” was admitted Lucke in an interview with the German press Agency (DPA). He said that only the strong intra-party record-Union Protest against the decision of the party leadership from February 2015, Kubitschek, and his wife in the AfD, and have him brought before the eyes, “what networks he had in the party – not only in the East”.

among the most important representatives of the “wing” currently, the Thuringian AfD Group’s Chairman, Björn Höcke, and the Brandenburg AfD-Chef Andreas Kalbitz. Kubitschek, who runs the Antaios publishing house and the “Institute for state policy,” in Schnellroda (Saxony-Anhalt), is, according to party spokesman Bastian Behrens, until now, not a member of the party.

Open letter

party founder Lucke urges AfD members: “Break with the right-wing extremists!”

DPA “Many AfD officials the tools of Kubitschek”

Lucke member of the European Parliament and top candidate of the Liberal-Conservative reformers (LKR) for the European elections at the end of may. In his book, “system failure,” (financial book publisher), published this week, writes Lucke: “There are a lot of AfD officials are simply just a tool Kubitscheks. If Höcke one day should fall, such as the [Saxony-Anhalt’s former parliamentary group Chairman André] Poggenburg, then a soldier will contact another to take his place.”

Höcke was in his eyes no more than “Kubitscheks lackey, has strict requirements, on which occasion he, like much of what has been taught Kubitschek him,” explains Lucke. Therefore, Höcke as the speakers don’t look authentic.

hatch left the AfD, after he had been at the election of the party Chairman in July 2015 is a defeat. Co-Chairman, were at the time, Jörg Meuthen and Frauke Petry.


The publisher Götz Kubitschek is pulling the strings behind the Scenes of the AfD, says Ex-party leader Bernd Lucke.

©Frank Rumpenhorst, DPA, jab at Frauke Petry

Also, Petry is no longer belongs to the AfD in the meantime. Lucke missed your blow, in his book, he writes: “Who noticed the system failure, can prevent the loss of control. If he does not, like the Laocoon, a snake to the victim. But we can Frauke Petry out of the game.” In Greek mythology, Laocoon is a Trojan priest, killed by snakes.

Lucke comes to the conclusion that the number of “improvers” in the AfD have been on the decline since 2015. The “Embittered” and “conspiracy theorists” would have gained in influence. He continues: “The Bitter in the AfD were an ideal breeding ground for those who wanted to sow the seeds of a folkish ideas.”

settlement with Ex-party

AfD-founder Bernd Lucke wanted to compete in the hunger strike

Lucke: No findings about the donations-affair

About the backgrounds of the donations-affair that could come out of his former party are soon to be expensive-and-white swallow nothing. Konrad Adam had been voted out of office in 2015 as the AfD Board of Directors. But he remained a party member. Adam says today, Lucke had warned the AfD members is always that there are irregularities of a financial nature, and “right arms” – “today, I have to say – because he was right”.

In his latest book, writes hatch but not only on the AfD, but also States, “the have lost their way somehow into the Euro and now with him not being able to cope”, and about possible ways out of the current Dilemma of the European asylum policy. Thus, Lucke has arrived back to the founding myth of the AfD, founded in early 2013 by a group of eurosceptics. Should it not succeed to hatch at the election in may to gain a mandate for the European Parliament, he wants to end his foray into politics, and as a Professor of Economics at the University of Hamburg return.

dho / Anne-Beatrice Clasmann / DPA