AfD-founder Bernd Lucke has called on the moderate members of his former party to offer the extreme Right in the forehead.

In one of the German press Agency present open letter “to the extreme right-wing members of the AfD,” writes hatch: “Break with the right-wing extremists in the AfD! Out of limits you and ask you to leave your party.”

Who still have doubts as to the ethos of the party members, should only be the opinion of the constitutional protection of the AfD, which was fun. “Why to let the extreme Right have you a home?”, the fire letter from the Economics Professor. And: “Whoever is silent, is complicit.” Not only Holocaust deniers, and Skinheads are not extreme right, but also German, the rise of the “about people of other origin, just because they are English”.

hatch left the AfD in 2015, after he was voted out as party leader. He founded the party Alfa, which is due to a name dispute today, Liberal-Conservative reformers (LKR). Hatch is co-Chairman and member of the European Parliament. In the past few days he has received according to its own information of numerous angry letters from AfD supporters. The occasion was a “time”Interview, in which he had argued for the observation of the Parts of the AfD by the protection of the Constitution.

In his open letter to Lucke moderate suggests AfD members, functionaries, such as the Thuringian parliamentary leader Björn Höcke, member of the Bundestag, Thomas Seitz, the Saxon Parliament deputies Jörg Urban and the Brandenburg AfD group Chairman Andreas Kalbitz publicly for the party to call on exit. He writes: “order in the house, by saying, at least where it stinks.”