In the criminal process to the disaster at the Duisburg love parade is to the court’s intended Procedure. The presiding judge Mario Plein want at the beginning of the 97. Negotiation day on the main content of the so-called right to call reports.

A decision is expected in a few weeks. In the case of the right call, the defender, the state had on Wednesday, to the exclusion of the Public, lawyers, court lawyers and judges over the further conduct of the proceedings spoken. Parties to proceedings reported and then agreed that the district court of Duisburg wants to set the cases against all ten defendants. The process would end without judgment.

At the love parade on the 24. July 2010 in Duisburg, it was the only entry and exit of the venue a large crowd that 21 people were crushed and at least 652 injured. Are Lopavent indicted six employees of the city of Duisburg and four of the organiser.

The Prosecutor’s office made the right call on Wednesday, only a setting with monetary support for the accused was out of the question, reported by several lawyers. The defenders argued for a setting without restrictions.

participant called the atmosphere for the talks “businesslike” and “professional”. For seven of the accused, the court suggested, therefore, due to a foreseeable low debt-to-one setting without support. This applies to all the six municipal officials and employees of the organiser Lopavent.

the other three defendants Lopavent employees of the court have seen because of their involvement in the organisational processes on the day of the event, according to a preliminary assessment of a “medium-sized” debt, and a setting against the edition is proposed, said a defender.

Survivors and relatives had waited a long time for a criminal process that finally began in December 2017. Because of the size of the proceedings, the regional court of Duisburg negotiated in a Congress hall in the neighbouring Düsseldorf.