With more than 877 million U.S. dollars paid, the U.S. lottery “Mega Millions” the biggest single profit of the world’s lottery history. The winner was notified on Monday, four months after the draw of his lucky numbers, said the regional lottery of the US state of South Carolina. Unlike in the United States, the winner has not been identified.


After a heavy blow of fate: a taxi driver, a 24-million pound wins in the Lotto

to date, the highest individual winning the Lotto story had brought a 53-Year-old in the US state of Massachusetts in August of 2017: In the lottery “Powerball” had you won 758,7 million dollars.

Actually, 1.5 billion won

now to wealth come lucky had won more than $ 1.5 billion is extremely bulging Jackpot in October last year – and the Fill of his account is extremely a lot of time left. According to the US System, he has two options for payment – and for the variant, decided to collect the sum at once. As a result, he must accept a substantial discount. To get the full sum, would have had the winner over 29 years of stretched installment.


man does not read his lottery numbers in the newspaper, has won it yet

In the current case alone, the state of South Carolina, where the successful Tipper has his domicile will get approximately 61 million dollars in income tax, the lottery company said.

the German record profit of 45 million Euro

The largest lottery collective profit was shared in January of 2016, three of the players in the United States. To 1,586 billion dollars (1.47 billion euros) at that time was the Jackpot of the “Powerball”lottery has increased. For comparison: 45.4 million euros was the largest Money of the German “6 from 49”. The sum allocated in December 2007, three Tipper from lower Saxony, Thuringia and Schleswig-Holstein.

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