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Los Angeles Lakers’ DeMarcus Cousins Has Serious Knee Injury

Los Angeles Lakers center Dee Marcus Cousins ​​suffered a severe knee injury, league sources told on Thursday. Cousins Join Lakers for 2019-20 season for this year in $3.5 Millions. De Marcus Cousins is very Important player for his Team. He is most valued player of laker’s Team.

Sources told that the initial fear was that Cousins ​​had a torn ACL, but nothing was expected until he underwent further testing in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Sources say Cousins, a four-time All-Star, is expected to meet with the Lakers team doctors.

Cousins, 29, was practicing in Las Vegas on Monday when a source told him to “kneel” with another player and had to leave the court.

This injury changes the color of the entire Lakers season. He signed Cousins ​​and Joel McGee because they didn’t want Anthony Davis to play in the center for several minutes. After the Cousins ​​were out, the Lakers only had 25 minutes of play in the game, and if McGee fell, they would have no one but Davis who was able to play.

The Lakers have an empty list that they can use in another great man, but they are clearly thinner this year. Players like Joakim Noah, Ryan Anderson and possibly Dwight Howard could understand if they were forgiven, but no one came up with cousins.

Now the Lakers will have to adjust their plans significantly, and Davis will probably have to play more minutes. I could also deprive them of the place on the list they had been saving for Andre Iguodala. When it comes to cousins, everyone is plunging their hopes for a bigger deal. After suffering significant injuries to the knee, quadruple and Achilles tendon, the teams will not be so sure of their ability to stay healthy that they will pay you the amount you expect. This news is devastating for all parties involved.

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