Lorena is very open with the whole thing. There, she says, while giving me a ride in your Kia around, the hospital was annähten, in the surgical the Penis of John Wayne Bobbitt. After Lorena had cut off with a kitchen knife, when her husband slept, in the night of the 23. June 1993.

15 minutes away, in the vicinity of Maplewood Drive here in the town of Manassas, the field was full of pebbles that you threw the severed Penis out the Car window. Why has she thrown it away? “I tried, of course, but I had this thing in my Hand, and so it went. So I had to get rid of it.” Of course.


A little further on the road to the nail salon down where she worked and where she fled in the night. “I’m not a vengeful person. That’s why I told them where the Penis was,” says Lorena. “You” were the police officers, at half past five in the early Morning, the Grass on the roadside after the lost part combed. When they had found the Penis finally, they laid him on ice in an empty Hot Dog containers from the nearby supermarket. They raced to the hospital, where he was sewn into a nine and a half hours, urological and plastic surgery feat, (almost) completely functional.

these are the Details that many know and Lorena so stoically told, as they wear like a waiter for the specials of the day. But Lorena wants to tell a different story: that of a young immigrant from Ecuador, which beat up for years at home, was raped by her husband that night, who saw no way out and finally, finally, snapped.


scenes from the process: John Bobbitt, in his statement – “I wanted to Bobbitt, the divorce” and Lorena, and then Lorena and dark-haired.

©Sygma/; Reuters

“It was always about him,” says Lorena – the Penis of her then-husband. As he cut off, sewn back on, and then, a few years later, surgically enlarged. Again and again the media reported only about that, it was the time before the women’s marches in Washington, in front of #MeToo: “Why I had done that at all, seemed all no matter.”

in fact, anyone knows that before Lorenas trial began, her husband John because of sexual assault was charged. (He was acquitted.) Rape in marriage was introduced in the USA, just as a criminal offence. Many journalists asked at the time if the not going at all – if that was a contradiction: to rape the own wife.

As many have forgotten that the Jury Lorena language due to temporary insanity, that a number of witnesses confirmed the bruises on her arms and the nape of the neck. That she had repeatedly phoned the emergency and that her husband had boasted in front of friends in order to have his wife to have Sex forced. In the years after the trial, John was serving a prison sentence, because he had done it to two other women’s violence. (He denied the accusations.) “It is a victim and a Survivor. And it’s about what is happening in the world today,” says Lorena.

sweets in the shape of a penis

your Version of the events she portrays in the four-part documentary, “Lorena”, which can be seen on Amazon Prime. For years, she helps Victims of domestic violence Foundation “Lorena’s Red Wagon”. It is the reason why you are told again of that night in June 1993. In the Lorena, a delicate woman with dark hair and sad eyes, enrolled in the history of pop culture, with a fact, which even found its way into a novel by Philip Roth and lyrics by Eminem. Bobbitt,

The sad eyes Lorena has still, even if she is now a professionally successful 49-year-old woman and the hair is now blonde colors.53 kgs cradle today, she says. In 1993, when John in the process, among other things, claimed that she attacked him, she weighed ten pounds less.

she is wearing again her maiden name of Gallo, but still, when people see you in Manassas, it doesn’t take long until you realize that you is that Lorena from Manassas. On my question why they had not moved away, she says: “I live here. This is my home. Why should he keep the upper hand?”


John Bobbitt made a career as a porn performer; that he did to women’s violence, he denies.

©Mega Agency

in The afternoon we drink coffee in the vicinity of the court, where she told in 1994 before the eyes of the world public, as her husband, a former soldier, she had always attacked again. Outside sold-flying traders “Love hurts”-T-Shirts – love is painful – and sweets in the shape of a penis and on the inside was shaking Lorena, the woman from Ecuador, in front of the Jury.

Today, most people are friendly to her. As a woman she recognizes, smiles Lorena politely and posing for a photo. You never wanted John your life is more certain – the writing by the way, still love letters, and yet you know that you can’t run in Manassas in front of their history, and not in front of this last name. “I know that I’m still a Lorena Bobbitt,” she says. “This Name is still very important here.”

“A Million is a Million,”

For a woman who had to serve the majority of your life for evil punchlines, Lorena “Bobbitt” Gallo is a surprisingly serious Person. This is the First thing you notice when you meet them. With your device you then to Chat with the manicurist in the nail salon or the hairdresser. The Studio was a refuge Lorenas – before and after the process. She spoke with her clients and learned that some were also victims of domestic violence. “Because I understood that every woman can have would be in a hopeless Situation, there is also my destiny.”

in 1994, after she had spent a brief, court-arranged time in a psychiatric hospital, she worked as a Manicurist. Then as a hairdresser, eventually she became a Realtor. They regularly went to Catholic Church services, and into College, where she met David Bellinger, her current Partner. They were long time friends before they fell in love. You’ve previously never met someone else, she says, because, well – how should this go, if this Lorena? The Couple lives with their 13-year-old daughter in a quiet street.

“After the process I couldn’t go to the supermarket without the people said: O my God, I know you!”, Lorena says. You would be at the time, ran away on the loved one: “I wanted to take care of just myself and my family. To live a normal life.”

John Wayne Bobbitt was a Star in porn films and a celebrity guest in talk shows. “I don’t think he raped her”, said one of the presenters: “you don’t look so good!” Lorena even had some Interviews, but declined the offer, for the “Playboy” to take off, Gage: a Million dollars. “A Million is a Million,” she says. “It would have been great. But I am not educated.”

While many women defended Lorena, and wondered what had done with John, to drive you so far, accused some feminists, you’ve hurt the thing, because she left the Sisterhood to look crazy. Activists against domestic violence part tried, again in vain, to change the focus of history, away from the cut sex. “No one was interested in anything else except for John and his Operation and his ‘loss’. We gave a lot of Interviews,” recalls Kim A. Gandy, once President of the “National Organization for Women”. “And what we heard then was: Well, the feminists wanted the inside all the time anyway.”

“Crazy, jealous Lady”

In the summer, the case of O. J. Simpson in 1994 of certain of the headlines, accused of murdering his wife and acquitted. In the same year, the U.S. Congress passed a law against violence to women. Although Lorena has been shown in most portraits, “as this crazy, jealous Lady”, as she says herself, played her process undoubtedly play a role in this development. It is this page was the story that wanted to tell the story of documentary filmmaker Joshua Rofé. For almost a year he spoke with Lorena and indignant about the choice of Donald trump, and later stimulated decided by the #MeToo-movement – that now is the right time to go Public.

The Film itself fails on the no side. He shows long Interviews with Lorena, who is sitting in your living room. But John comes at length, in his home in Las Vegas. He stays with his Version of events: that he was going to do, from Lorena to divorce, and that – after he had denied having Sex with her in this night – you section, out of revenge, his Penis, while he slept.

In a telephone conversation, John told me that he had not seen the documentary yet. But the creators wanted to make him look bad: “Lorena was not a victim, she was the perpetrator,” he said. However, there are other allegations in the Film – for example, an Ex-girlfriend claims he got her tied up to a bed, and over several days, and raped. “These are all lies, and I am so sorry,” said John. “I was with many women, with many women. And no one has ever complained, except for Lorena …” He was silent for a moment. “And Joanna.”

“Frank’s penis”

Back in Manassas. Once Lorena showed me the hospital where John’s Penis again, only a floor sewn in and you, on the traces of a rape was investigated, it responds to the question of whether or not you regret what you’ve done: “How can you regret something you never wanted to do?” She tells again what she had said in front of the Jury as early as 1994: John came home drunk. He raped you. She went into the kitchen to get a glass of water, saw the kitchen knife and was overwhelmed by the thought of the long years of abuse. She remembers nothing after that. “You can regret having a black instead of a red car bought, because you’ve made the wrong choice,” says Lorena. “At the time, I was out of my mind.”

But the question was not only whether she regrets the act. But also, that they made a John Wayne Bobbitt to be so famous? She has him secured a small but regular and probably life-long income?

in A life composed of choices, she says. The black or the red car. “He can decide. It is his life. I think I have nothing more to do with what he’s doing with his life. After this incident.”

The incident. So Lorena is called to the fact, the mention of many of the men still to take the step. For the new Film, you had to accept that this – can – be story not without black Humor. “I was the target of so many jokes back then. And that was cruel,” she says. “Why you were laughing on my Suffering?” But today, two and a half decades later, and after many therapy sessions, understands Lorena. She understands that the madness of the severed limb, the Hot Dog carton, “Frank penis” and this memorable surname are the reason that you will today hear. “I can’t stand the jokes and everything else, if I can put the issue of domestic violence and rape in marriage on the Agenda,” she says.


A few minutes departs from Lorena in silence in your Kia. Your hands on the steering Wheel clasp. She looks straight on the road, the same road that you drove in that night in 1993, along. A night that has marked her life, although she wanted to.

And I realize that there would be no documentary, no Bobbitt jokes, and not a pop-culture phenomenon, if it had been Vice versa: when John had to go back and cut off a body part Lorenas.

“people laugh,” she says several times this afternoon. “You always laugh.”

Translated and edited by Cornelia Fuchs and Marc Goergen