The first name Mohammed has become the stimulus word. At the latest since Twitter reportedly due to a Directive on the protection of the elections to the Account of the Authorize the state of Berlin at the Federal, Sawsan Chebli (SPD), meanwhile, has blocked, has become the Name of a political issue.

she is a practicing Muslim. She had replied in a “#service tweet for the #AfD” on “Islamization fears,” the right-wing populist political party and slightly provocative, assured that they would take care of that, “the fact that this Name never disappears!” The trigger for the whole debate, the publication of the most popular Baby names in Germany in the past year. Because the Muslim man’s name appeared in several länder, such as Bremen, Berlin and the Saarland in the Top Ten. And: In Berlin, Mohammed is the most popular first name, so first name was, in newborn boys. A statistical Detail that even the foreign riot-Presse, the British “Daily Mail” or the US Portal “Breitbart”, interested.

For the AfD is reason enough mood. “Gee,” commented the AfD group’s boss, Alice ryegrass smugly. Some felt Cheblis Tweet as a direct threat. And the AfD in Berlin, called for ununwunden: “Islamization, stop!” Their action did not miss the great excitement. Last was read of non-ideologically-loaded page sometimes, and very shortened, Mohammed, 2018, the most common young-was only name – without any restriction. It can be no speech.

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The most popular first names 2018: How about time with Donaldo, Smaralda or Urs?

Muhammad is not times often in Berlin

most Popular boys Name in Germany to 2018 Paul and the most popular first name was Ben. As far as the statistics of the society for German language (GfdS). Most-awarded first name for boys is Muhammad only in the capital. And also that doesn’t mean that the Name occurs there too often. Of the 22.177 young, so the “Bild”newspaper and the ARD reports with reference to the GfdS that were born last year in Berlin, 280 named after the prophet of Islam. These are just 1.26 percent of the male babies in Berlin. Hardly enough to remember an Islamic majority in the population of Berlin to tie – even if not to take into account, that Mohammed 2017 was still in the Top Ten of the first name. Extrapolated to the school time, the current number of means, according to the “image” by the way, in about every fourth school class, a Boy with the name Mohammed will sit.

Berlin politician Chebli

Twitter Account of the SPD-Secretary of state provisionally


locked Anyway, not much remains of the Mohammed excitement left, if you look at the complete name statistics. To take into account the Initial and subsequent names, which is the basis of the investigation of the most popular names, most popular boy name of Alexander, Maximilian and Paul are also in Berlin in 2018. And another name trend is contrary to the AfD’s populism: The GfdS has identified in their statistics that there are, especially in the East German länder – a striking Renaissance of a classical name: Karl Jakob Theodor.

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