the UK has suggested to the fixing of a British tanker by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, a European sea mission in the Region.

such A use is to protect three ships for international trade, important sea close to, said the British foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt in the house of Commons in London. Commitments from other European countries were not initially known. Hunt stressed that discussions would be conducted in the course of the week.

Whether Germany will participate, was open in the first place. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) spoke by telephone on Sunday with the Hunt. On Monday, he said that it would join the US strategy of maximum pressure on Iran, though. “But we have to acknowledge that there are incidents with which you have to deal with it.” You will coordinate with France and the UK very closely. Maas indicated in his statement that there would be measures to address the risks in the Strait of Hormuz.

The CDU-defense politician Johann Wadephul told the German press Agency on Monday evening, it is important now that the UK, France and Germany were going to be together. “The only way we can have on the one hand, Iran is a strong barrier, and us, on the other hand, from the rejected US pressure policy differ.” Each Mission had to be legally legitimized, either through the UN or the EU. “By the way, the UK will realize that it is not repealed in the EU but better than outside,” said Wadephul in terms of the Brexit.

The EU has already gained experience in the protection of the sea lanes. Since 2008, the Anti-piracy Mission “Atalanta”, the EU in the Horn of Africa off the Somali coast. The German Navy for many years was no longer involved with war ships, for 2016 but. Nevertheless, about 30 Bundeswehr soldiers are still in country. The Mission is considered successful. In the past five years, there have been hardly any pirate attacks on merchant ships.

For new headlines, the communication from the Iranians that they had uncovered a network of the US secret service, the CIA, in the country caused meanwhile. In this context, 17 agents had been arrested, said the head of the counterintelligence of the Iranian secret service on Monday. All were Iranians. Some of them the death penalty. US President, Donald Trump dismissed the information, and threatened Iran, increasing tensions again with consequences.

Iran is pursuing the United States ‘ withdrawal from the international nuclear agreements in the past year, and particularly after the imposition of new round of strong U.S. sanctions a more aggressive policy towards the West. The part exit of Iran from the nuclear deal, the action against British oil Tankers in the Persian Gulf, and now the arrest of alleged CIA agents are part of this new policy.

Trump said on Monday, with a view to increasing tensions in the conflict with Iran: “We are ready for the absolute worst scenario and we are ready to act wisely.” It could very easily go in both directions. Trump lamented that “It is hard for me to want a Deal with Iran, because they behave very badly.” He emphasised, however, that he wanted to sit back and wait.

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