Felix the cat is a year old, but should already have a Trauma: He survived 35 minutes in a running washing machine. As reported by CNN, had brought the New Yorker Stefanie Carroll-Kirchoff subsequently Laundry for your washing machine. In time, the cat must have jumped into the open drum.

After the wash cycle, the American noticed that the clothes were still wet. She opened the door and wanted to close straight again, when she saw a white paw. Obviously, Felix the cat had got lost in the washing machine.

The cat became blind during the Wash

The woman brought the cat to the vet immediately. During the Wash, the animal was blind in his lungs had collected water. Apart from this, Felix will recover, but whole again.

Stefanie Carroll-Kirchoff says she will not forget the shock of your life. The doctor’s bill, probably not – it amounts to $ 7000. This was but the least of what she had been her cat guilty, says Carroll-Kirchoff, has been since the age of 11 cats. So something had to happen to her, never.

source: , CNN