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Litport provides the Best Services Of Game Change For Your Device

Litport provides the best services of mobile residential proxies that how you can use mobile proxies on your android devices, how you can use mobile proxies in the shared pool; how you organize proxy settings in Chrome, and tells you why you have need to use these proxies, and covers general knowledge of many other proxy server topics. Here in this article, we describe the use of a proxy server on your android device in a very simple or easy way. You should go till the end of this article to know about our Litport specialties and perfection of the offering services. Visit Our Website for more details

How You Can Use A Proxy Server On Your Specific Android Device?

The proxy you want to arrange may be used by Chrome or any other web browsers, possibly not be used by additional apps. Each app developer can decide whether it uses a proxy of Android or not.

  • First of all, go to the Settings of your device and select its Wi-Fi setting.
  • On the Wi-Fi screen choose the wireless network to which you have connected.
  • After that you will see all required information about the network; scroll down to the Proxy settings.
  • Proxy is typically off by default, so you have to manually on the proxy.
  • You need to get some credentials of the proxy from your dashboard to finish the setting up of the proxy. Here you will see the Hostname of 12 digits and another 4 digits Port after the colon. And you will also locate a specific username as well as password for your proxy.

Litport is developed to provide you the best and highest data quality of guaranteed and to sort out your unnecessary ambiguities. 

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: if you order any kind of package and take it on a test and it does not work properly then we will definitely make a hundred percent refund.
  • Fast IP Rotation: We provide one of the fastest IP rotations as it is included in our plans that proxies your IP will rotate immediately. In some circumstances, it may take up to 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Our Own Dedicated Team: We have a dedicated team and own our devices to manage 24 by 7. That’s why we assure you to provide the best quality on the market.
  • Firm And Strong Base: Proxy servers are the base of many business procedures. Litport supplies the top-quality services, so you can manufacture safely and fast to accomplishing your goals.
  • Anonymous Proxies: All proxies in our system are anonymous and we do not use any spare headers and keep your original IP and location private.
  • Sticky IP Address: Sticky session is essential for testing and several other reasons. Our rotation settings give the utmost flexibility to find a new IP address only the time you need it.

Custom Software: Our website and communications are managed by totally custom software made from scratch. As these are designed and engineered by top-class professionals in the world particularly for Litport and you.

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