Much too quickly, a man on a street in North Rhine-Westphalia, barreled, and another car was pushed along for speed demoed Porsche drivers of his insurance company wants to more than € 82,000.

Because they want to accuse the man, but participation in a car race and, therefore, do not pay, you must decide the Oberlandesgericht München (higher regional court) in an appeal. Today, Friday the judge to hear an expert, presenting his report to the accident.

The plaintiff was in March 2014 on a road in the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis at the wheel of his Porsche on the road. The then-43-Year-old wanted to settle according to justice, details of a behind him driving a sports car and drove to fast. In a curve, the man lost control of his car, went to the opposite lane and crashed into a car together. The driver and the Porsche driver were injured according to the police, hard.

The insurance company refuses to reimburse the man the cost of his destroyed car. The Porsche driver was supplied with the behind him, the vehicle in a race, and therefore, the accident caused intentionally the insurance. Therefore, there is no insurance protection.

The company went against a judgment of the district court of Munich I in the appeal. The judge had given to the drivers right. He had participated in a race and the accident only grossly negligent, but not intentionally brought about.