are you young and willing to fight for their future. Even if their themes and goals are different: This Aktivistinen and activists from all over the world want to make the earth a better place.

Mylena, 13, Brazil

when was the activist, white Mylena, 13, exactly. It was three years ago. There are two light cursing-skinned girl in her school, she “Macaco” , monkey. And Strolling in the shopping center, she realized, as the security people were watching her and her black Girlfriends. “Since you cannot remain silent,” she says. Mylena is sitting on a staircase in her Favela in Rio de Janeiro, she paints a poster with the title “Não ao Racismo”.

Together with her mother, she goes to events of the Black Power movement “Consciencia Negra”. It makes the fight sport of Capoeira, she is a follower of Umbanda, the Afro-Brazilian Religion. “When I hear racist sayings, I defend myself.”

Also, compared to adults?

“of course. I would feel infinitely bad, to remain silent. Recently, someone has insulted my brother. I made it to the Sau.” More still takes you in the social media. For example, under the Hashtag #Somostodosiguais – we are all the same. “Demos are not so popular in my Generation, but also for Demos, it is the right time.” For example, now under the new President, Jair Bolsonaro, who spoke condescendingly to Blacks, Indigenous, Homosexuals, and women. “This has many alert. Bolsonaro is a hypocrite and an Idiot. Among friends, we often talk about: Is this the world we want?” For the next four years, she feared the worst. The last four were tough. The grandparents lost their Jobs. In the district there are constantly shootings. Her father lost his house because a new Drug moved into the Favela and it is graced simply confiscated. “The injustice makes you so angry. You’re either desperate or you fight back.”

against the Gangs fight back?

“no, that is dangerous to life.”

her interest in activism was sparked through the Internet or the school, but through my own Experience: A black girl from the Favela has little Chance of ever out. The issues that young people in Europe, are not strange to her, but far away: climate change, Trump, Migration. “For us, it goes here every day to everything,” she says. “We must fight, we have education, a safe home.” Your big dream? An Exchange Year. She has to know that young people go to other countries, their cultures. “A great idea. But this will cost you 10 000 dollars. This is just something for the Rich. Of the money we need to live here for a few years.”

Linus Steinmetz, 15, Germany Fullscreen

Linus Steinmetz (R) in January of 2019 at a “Fridays for future”-Demo in Berlin

©Philipp von Ditfurth star

“I demonstrate to the adults in terms of climate destruction finally come to their senses. We have no other choice than to be loud. Yes, many have fear of; but there is no way out. We are now in need of something Big. Also something that has the commitment of individual politicians, irrespective of the parties.

I am completely flabbergasted, what we have achieved so far, in so few weeks. Our ‘Fridays for Future groups there are now in over 100 cities, we organize ourselves via Whatsapp. Twice a week, we coordinate a phone conference, I’m learning a lot. How to conduct a plenary, or brings people together, for example. As long as we had the feeling to be powerless. But now something breaks, which is phenomenal. We have become absolutely relevant to the group.

It is ridiculous, if Germany claims a kind of role model to be for the salvation of the world. It is a mess, how Old the earth is broken and we are to watch only. We young people need to finally get the right to go in the Bundestag elections. And in political processes are involved. In the coal Commission, for example, no young person sits. But the people decide about our future.”

Isabel and Melati Wijsen, 16 and 18, Bali Fullscreen

Isabel (l.), 16, and Melati (R) Wijsen, 18, fight against plastic waste in the sea

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The idea to improve the world, came to them in the school: As you heard in the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, thought, the sisters Isabel and Melati Wijsen, then ten and twelve years old, as you might their home island of Bali, in front of the plastic garbage save. “Everywhere sponge plastic. Even at my age, it was clear to me how destructive our way of Life,” says the now 18-year-old Melati (in the picture to the right). In 2013 they founded their school, the Initiative “Bye Bye Plastic Bags” – freely translated: bye bye, plastic bags. Initially, the Governor of Bali didn’t take the campaign seriously. As the sisters entered into a hunger strike, he heard them.

Six years and countless beach cleansing later, the Environmental protection have reached their first milestone: in January 2019 on the use of plastic on the tourist island of bags and Bottles in shops and Restaurants is prohibited. Next, Wijsen sisters are now on a plastic bag ban throughout the 17,000-island-state.

have ignored While local politicians, the concern of the sisters for long, were the Activists, already a guest at the UN and the EU. Melati Wijsen are touring this January and again through Europe; her school-age sister, Isabel, is the largest cleansing action prepares at home, there have been in Bali ever, Several Thousand Volunteers are expected at the 16. February help rid the beaches of trash. Especially young people want the Teenage sisters reach: “The time to act is now,” says Melati Wijsen.

Muhammad Najm, 16, Syria Fullscreen

Muhammad Najm turns Videos about the situation in East Ghuta

©Muhammad Najm star

“it all Started with a gift. To my 15. Birthday I got from my brother Firas, a Smartphone. Our hometown of East Ghuta near Damascus at that time was surrounded for years by the troops of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Firas is eight years older than me. He cares for my mother, me and my siblings, since my father in 2014, has been killed in a rocket attack. A few months later, I began to turn the cell phone Videos. I wanted to report on the desperate situation of children in East Ghouta. The world has forgotten Syria, almost, I thought. But when it comes to children is bad, this is the people but no matter. As a child, I was able to in add ition,em my face in the Videos. An adult would be landed directly on the wanted lists of the regime. And someone who shows his face, I thought, seems to be trustworthy.

My disadvantage was my poor English. But my older sister helped Translate. In one of my first Clips I ask friends what they want for the new year. One of them says: ‘That Assad leave my father out of prison.’ Another: ‘That the air attacks stop.’ Shortly after I had put the Clip into the network, began an Offensive against East Ghouta. A month and a half my family lived in a cellar. Only sometimes I went out. Looking for something to eat. Or to turn a short Video.

In some of my Clips you can see how close to a bomb strikes. Many of the media showed my pictures, some of the Clips have been clicked 10,000 Times. People knew me all over the world. On Facebook 8000 people on Twitter follow me today even more than 25,000. At the end of March 2018, the rebels in East Ghouta. The fighters and tens of thousands of civilians were deported in the rebel province of Idlib. I had a great fear that someone from Assad’s could recognize people. That’s why I didn’t leave during the entire 32-hour journey on the Bus, not even during the breaks. In Idlib, I made more Videos. Three weeks ago, a Turkish aid organization has brought to me and my family from there to Istanbul. The rescue, we have to thank for my awareness. I would now like to make a journalistic training and my fight for the truth in the war in Syria to continue.”

Angelika Petrowskaja, 17, Russia Fullscreen

Angelika Petrowskaja wants to be in a liberal and democratic Russia

©Lika Petrovskaja star

life, “I would like to live in a different Russia – namely, in a democratic and liberal state. Therefore, I am committed for a year in my home town of St. Petersburg in the youth organisation ‘Vesna’, which is Russian for ‘spring’. Many Russians opposed to Vladimir Putin, saying Yes, that you can’t do anything. I don’t think so. I believe that every Individual can make a difference.

In the case of ‘Vesna’, let us think of political actions that we perform, such as tiny pieces of theatre in the city. The pictures we spread through social media because of demonstrations or protest actions that are prohibited. Are only allowed to poster the actions of Individuals, but must be at least 50 meters away from each other. During the soccer world Cup, we wanted to remind you before the Petersburg stadium to the political prisoners in the country. I was in a dress, we had painted the blood stains, before the world Cup mascot. It took only minutes until the police came over and took. I have been ill, under police supervision, I came to the emergency room. Then karrie me for hours through the city. Many of the other hundreds of activists of the ‘Vesna’ were already days or weeks in custody. Bogdan, the coordinator of our group, was accused, because he had posted an announcement for a Demo. Another had put in his rent, our big yellow plastic duck in the window. It is in Russia, a Symbol of the fight against corruption. He then spent 23 days in custody: Man accused him, he did not demonstrated.

I had always been lucky: My parents support me, my teachers have commented on my actions so far. Others had to in the school education talks, a student even had to write off laws and memorize them. Many students get problems in their Unis. Protest is dangerous in Russia. Afraid I don’t have anyway.”