SPD members are trying to prevent with all means that the CDU-politician Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission is elected. According to information from the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the German group’s chief Jens Geier was before the Meeting of the Leyens with the group of the European socialists and Democrats on Wednesday, a paper, in which many of the current and previous accusations made against the current Federal Minister of defence are listed. It is overwritten with the words: “Why Ursula von der Leyen is an inadequate and unsuitable candidate”.

the two-page, English-language Text that you have written, among other things, the adviser affair to the use of external experts in the modernization of the Bundeswehr and the “cost explosion” in the redevelopment of the naval training ship “Gorch Fock”. In addition, the authors broach the issue once again after a long examination, cleared reproach, to lead according to von der Leyen, because of plagiarism in her doctoral thesis wrong a PhD.

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a candidate for the top EU post: So Ursula von der Leyen is the most important European topics

AFP Ursula von der Leyen as a candidate Orban

referred To by the Leyens current Job as a defence Minister it, the 60-Year-old had not managed to improve the equipment of the Bundeswehr significantly. This was in a poor state, and publicly announced, trend Marketing apply actions remained. In addition, a weak choice to be the last – and the survey results as a proof how very the star in the politician is the least faded.

At the end of the text is referred to von der Leyen as a candidate of the controversial Hungarian heads of government of Viktor Orban, though in the past week, with the exception of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) all the European heads of state and government for their nomination had voted. Merkel abstained from the decision because the SPD did not want to agree as a coalition partner.

what is Relevant is the Text of the SPD members of the European Parliament of vultures, because of the Leyen, according to the nomination by the heads of state and government even a for the next Tuesday’s planned vote in the European Parliament has to provide. There she is instructed in all likelihood, at least a part of the votes of the European social Democrats.

New European Commission

By the Leyens long way to the top of Europe

AFP Green don’t want to support against von der Leyen votes

Also, the Green you’ll be looking for information on the Wednesday evening definitely. “The decision of the Green group. We will be voting against the end of the world,” said German MEP Sven Giegold after a hearing, the CDU-politician in Brussels. On the issue of climate protection of the Leyen “without Ambition” and the rule of law in Poland, Hungary, Malta “unclear” was. “Vague answers instead of a European will to act. Europe needs a stronger, clearer-President of the Commission,” it said in the Text.

The Co-group leader of the Greens, Ska Keller, said the same. You wrote: “today We have heard no concrete proposals of Ursula von der Leyen, to the rule of law, and climate protection. As greens, we were selected for change in Europe and do not see that that would be possible with it. Therefore, we will not support your candidacy.” Shortly before, she had referred to the Statements of the current German defense Minister as “disappointing”.


EU top position

Von der Leyen, is a darling of Europe’s Right, but the cheer too early

Dieter Hoß SPD hoped for the nomination of Timmermans

The German SPD deputies want to prevent the end of the world also, although with her for the first Time in more than 50 years, again someone from Germany to the top of the EU Commission would come. They had hoped that the Dutch social-Democrat Frans Timmermans, could come into play.

The SPD, in particular, argued that the heads of state and government, the target of a majority in the EU passed the heads with the nomination of the Leyens Parliament to choose only one of the top candidates for the European elections at the head of the European Commission. According to this principle, the German CSU should have politician Manfred Weber or Timmermans Commission boss. Against Weber in the Council of the heads of state and government, among other things, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, Timmermans was missing the back cover, especially from countries such as Hungary and Poland, but also of some of the Christian-democratic governments.

“It is in nobody’s yet to explain that only top candidates will be drawn up for the election and then after the election, not a single one of them ever to the European Parliament, it is proposed,” said the Deputy Chairman of the SPD group in the Bundestag, Achim Post, the Newspapers of the editorial network in Germany. “The European Parliament should reject next week the proposal of the heads of government.”

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