Actually, the 14-year-old Maarten van Duijn and his father on the beach of Noordwijk wanted to see the seals. What they discovered instead, the Dutch were able to puzzle over the turn of the year. In the Sand, a massive black Box. A mounted plaque was certainty about what it was – and the young Maarten is likely to be short of the fright in the limbs dangers. It was in fact an urn from the crematorium in the state of mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Greifswald. But how can the ashes of a deceased German at a Dutch North sea beach?

This question was even more pressing after father and son van Duijn had informed the news portal “Kustnieuws” about your Fund. “Kustnieuws” took up the subject and reported about it on his Facebook page. Other Dutch media reported about the “bizarre discovery”. The result: Rapidly, there were reports of two other urns-discoveries on the beach. All three came from the Greifswald crematorium. However, as the containers could go about 800 miles between the two places, has not been clarified during the holidays.

the Finder passes the ashes in the sea

While two of the urns, and the authorities were handed over, took one of the Finder, not to the General Rätselei. The man, according to a report of “Ostsee-Zeitung” to the fishermen, opened a short-hand, he discovered the urn and handed over the ashes of the deceased in the sea. The urns were reached through a glitch at the burial at sea to the North sea beach between Noordwijk and Katwijk, was quickly suspected. However, language, however, is that the containers were not suitable, according to German law for a burial at sea.

In Germany, burials at sea are only in bio-degradable urns removal allowed, explained Andreas Neumann of the shipping company Teßnow in Peenemünde, the German press Agency (DPA). These were made of a salt clay mixture, or made of a cardboard material that dissolves within a few days. Part of polls would be weighted, to ensure that you also go under. Some of the members try, however, the desire of their deceased to meet Love to give her ashes directly into the sea.

shipping the glitch is embarrassed

the German, however, is only via the detour abroad, often via the Netherlands, where it is allowed to scatter the ashes at sea. So also in this case. The company Trip Scheepvaart in Scheveningen, was charged with the so-called anonymous burial at sea, when the relatives are not present. And the shipping company admitted now, an embarrassing glitch. The box with the ballot box had become wet and an employee, therefore, from the Railing into the sea slipped, said Silvia Roos by the company of the DPA. “The incident is very embarrassing,” says Roos.

The company is currently considering intensively how to apologize to the members in an appropriate Form. The public Prosecutor’s office Stralsund checks whether the offence of disturbance of the peace of the Dead. So far, you can see for investigation, but no starting point, let the authority know. In the meantime, the ashes of a second deceased was handed over to the sea; a third burial at sea is planned. The riddle of the German urns on the Dutch beach has found a simple explanation.

sources: DPA / “Kustnieuws” / “Ostsee-Zeitung” / “RTLNieuwsNL”


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