Thunderstorms are the nightmare of every surfer. To pull suddenly dark clouds, the flashes of lightning through the water twitching, are the wave riders with their colorful Boards are the easiest target. For a hopeful surfer is a Bay in your home to Fortaleza on Wednesday, it was a death trap. As the newspaper “Newsweek” reported, riding Luzimara Souza at the Praia Leste Oeste in the North-East of Brazil on your surf Board on the waves, as the weather deteriorated in a matter of minutes. Shortly afterwards, the 23-year-old Suftalent was struck by lightning. According to witnesses, two men rushed into the water and pulled the unconscious young woman out of the sea. In a clinic In Fortaleza, Doctors fought for life, then to Souza’s, but the surfer died a few hours after the accident. A 17-Year-old was also caught by a flash of lightning, was also seriously injured to the hospital and hovering apparently in danger of their lives.

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eyewitness dragged two lightning victims in the country

“you surf in this Bay, this Time she was there – then it started to rain,” said Souza’s mother to local media. A total of six surfers were in the water, she continued. Another witness described that the young woman had been taken in the Moment by the lightning, as he arrived on the beach. According to his own statement, he had helped initially, Souza – and, later, the 17-year-old Teenager in the country dragged and the rescue forces.

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Souza of the Brazilian newspaper “O Dia”, according to one of the best female surfers in the Region. Already as a ten year old she had been on the Board. Prior to the tragic accident she was preparing for the national Championships. The find on 6. and 7. April in Ceará, so Souza’s training area in the state of Fortaleza. 2018, the 23-Year-old Brazilian champion, was riding in the wave.

15.000 lightning strikes within three months,

According to the local newspaper “Diario do Nordeste” are Thunderstorms in Ceará is not a rare phenomenon. Accordingly, data of the National Institute for space research show that there alone in the middle of December 2018 until the middle of March, 2019 and landed around 15,000 flashes.