A Couple from the district of Charlotte in the US state of Florida exploded on Sunday morning in the toilet. Then they disposed of the resulting debris in your apartment and still can not believe correctly, exactly what happened. The affected MaryLou Ward said the Portal WFLA, the first reported on the case, that you were her husband and their three dogs in the bed and a Thunderstorm, listened to, as they were suddenly ripped up.

“It was the loudest sound I’ve ever heard. All of a sudden it just made bum. We stood up, walked to the toilet and saw the full toilet in pieces on the floor,” said Ward. Their former porcelain toilet was the only scrap.

Klogänge during a Thunderstorm short

the local Plumber the company helped with the clean-up. An employee explained that a lightning hit in the side of the house septic tank. Together with the methane from the collected legacies was a bomb in the same mixture, this was due to the sewage pipe through his way into the bathroom of the ward, to explode finally in the toilet bowl.

GUARANTEED, YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD A STORY LIKE THIS. No more pooping while it’s storming outside. Lightening struck this…

Posted by A-1 Affordable Plumbing inc. on Sunday, may 4. August 2019

“Never go to the Loo when outside the door there is a Thunderstorm reigns”, exceeding the plumbing company rubbed your Posting, even if such a process is unlikely as to be struck by lightning.

The temperature in a lightning-30,000 degrees Celsius reach. In a fraction of a second the heated air glows and lights up for miles. As a result of the extremely strong heating of the air blast expands like a, what you hear as Thunder. He rumbles because the sound waves are reflected by the clouds and the earth’s surface.

After the shock it was for the Wards but also good news: your insurance will cover the damage.

source: WFLA

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